Phantasy Star Music at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

The Guardians theme from Phantasy Star Universe was one of the various video game tracks played during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics today!

13 thoughts on “Phantasy Star Music at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games”

    • I doubt they paid to get featured. I like to think it's just someone who has a godly taste in games. Lack of Nintendo gotta make you think though.
      Besides, if they paid, they would've had an instrumental version of The World Beyond The Sky playing anyway.

    • Tell that to the countless circus artists from around the world. Just because it's not a way to make money, doesn't mean you shouldn't be proud of what the human body can achieve. Shame.

    • Olympics has nothing to do with what human body can achieve.
      It's all paid and sold. There is no competition, it's basically wrestling at this point.
      Scripted and choreographed performance from beginning to end.
      A circus.

    • You probably never met people who do sports seriously, Max. Unlike you shitting on sport from behind a display they work super hard at getting good at their sport, so hard that it actually damages their bodies in long term.

    • FFS Max. Get down on the floor like the maggot you are and give me 20. It might take too long for you to do that much, so I will come back after a week to check on you.

    • Look.. We get it. The usual nerd versus jocks thing. Personally not a sports fan either, but they earn a TON more respect points from me for competing on a worldwide scale mainly for their country reputation and honor, versus for the money they might earn.

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