NGS SG Scratch: Resolute Warrior

Resolute Warrior

プリマフェローシェ[Ba] | Prima Feroce [Ba]
プリマフェローシェ/2[Ba] | Prima Feroce/2 [Ba]

プリマスケルツァ[Ba] | Prima Scherza [Ba]
プリマスケルツァ/2[Ba] | Prima Scherza/2 [Ba]

リテムヴァルキス[Ou] | Retem Valkys [Ou]
リテムヴァルキス/2[Ou] | Retem Valkys/2 [Ou]

リテムヴァルキス[Ba] | Retem Valkys [Ba]
リテムヴァルキス/2[Ba] | Retem Valkys/2 [Ba]

リテムヴァルキス[In] | Retem Valkys [In]
リテムヴァルキス/2[In] | Retem Valkys/2 [In]

マールサージン[Ba] | Mahr Surgin [Ba]
マールサージン/2[Ba] | Mahr Surgin/2 [Ba]

マールサージェス[Ba] | Mahr Surges [Ba]
マールサージェス/2[Ba] | Mahr Surges/2 [Ba]

リテムウォルダ[Ou] | Retem Warda [Ou]
リテムウォルダ/2[Ou] | Retem Warda/2 [Ou]

リテムウォルダ[Ba] | Retem Warda [Ba]
リテムウォルダ/2[Ba] | Retem Warda/2 [Ba]

リテムウォルダ[In] | Retem Warda [In]
リテムウォルダ/2[In] | Retem Warda/2 [In]

デザンナ・ヘッド | Dezanna Head
デザンナ・ボディ | Dezanna Body
デザンナ・アーム | Dezanna Arms
デザンナ・レッグ | Dezanna Legs


  • T1ハーディボイス | T1 Hadi Voice
  • T2ナーデレフボイス | T2 Nadereh Voice

Scratch Bonus

Play this SG Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

First Lap
Frequency Rewards
5 times B Trigger / Retena Yellow (x5)
10 times N-Color Change Pass
20 times N-Ability Success Rate +20%
30 times Mo "Idle: Hand on Hip 2"
40 times R Warrior Ticket
Second Lap
Frequency Rewards
40 times R Warrior Ticket

※Collecting all items in the First Lap will enter you into the Second Lap.
※The Second Lap can be repeated ad infinitum.
※R Warrior Ticket allows you to choose 1 item from this SG Scratch.

4 thoughts on “NGS SG Scratch: Resolute Warrior”

    • Definitely. Better wait for another 7 months again lol. Then again i need to exchange 3 fkin tickets for Manon+Aina Hair and the floaty MO at the last day. Desire sensor a bitch.

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