PSO2 NGS JP: Maintenance & Campaigns (1/26/2022)



January 19th Update

  • Launcher: Version 07.00.11
  • Client: Ver.7.0301.4
  • Patch Size: 65 MB

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 1/26/2022 @ 10:55 ~ 19:30

Roadmap & Upcoming Contents

There have been some changes to the roadmap, and some slight tidbits revealed for future content.

  • Nadereh's in-game Concert has been added to the Roadmap.
  • The Limited EQ in May was changed to a "Limited Quest."

Upcoming Content Tidbits

  • Summoner is now planned for the 2nd half of 2022.
  • Summoner will be somewhat different from its PSO2 version.
  • So far the class will not have the pet raising aspect like in PSO2.
  • They are still deciding on a name for the gunslash class.
  • They want to focus on adding Summoner and the gunslash class before thinking about adding other classes.
  • The Spring Emergency Quest can be played after the event is over through the use of Triggers.
  • The Triggers, however, will only be obtained during the event period.
  • You can obtain it by exchanging Seasonal Points.
  • The new region in June will have its own actions and gimmicks exclusive to that region.
  • The region will have a harsher environment than Retem and won't have as many inhabitants.
  • The My Room feature will have more functions than what it was like in PSO2.
  • They want to update it so that it fits with the current game.
  • More balance adjustments will be coming in April.

Winter Login Bonus

January 26th ~ February 9th

During the Winter Login Bonus, you'll receive items such as [Star Gems] and [Special Scratch Tickets], based on the number of days you log in during the period.

Add A Friend Campaign

January 26th ~ February 9th

Complete the following Limited Tasks to receive Battledia Triggers.

Register 3 or More Players in your Friends List. B. Trigger/Retem Yellow ×5
Clear an EQ with one or more friends in the party.B. Trigger/Retem Purple ×5

Winter Event Enemy Swap

1.26.22 ~ 2.09.22

The following Dread Enemies will be swapped in these locations.

South Aelio

  • Battle Hardened: Daedal Axe will be replaced with Battle Hardened: El Discythe

West Retem

  • Battle Hardened: Fortes Laser will be replaced with Battle Hardened: Sand Nagrus

The following Gigantix will be swapped in these locations:

South Aelio

  • Despaired: Oruq will be replaced with Despaired: Nex Aelio

North Retem

  • Despaired: Sand Nagrus will be replaced with Despaired: Fortes Laser

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