PSO2: New Genesis Enters Its Second Era!


Creative Space

Construct whatever the mind can conceive and believe on your very own private island! The "Build Parts" you'll be using can be resized and recolored to create the ultimate showpiece. Even the terrain can be modified to your specifications. Parts can be linked together to perform certain functions, such as a pressure pad that opens a door, using the "Connect System." Blueprints of your creations can also be shared with other players.

Earn a new "Genesis Points" currency by completing certain tasks, or by harvesting a GP Tree in the Creative Space, to buy build parts. These points may also be exchanged for some combat items, such as capsules. Recreations of furnishings from PSO2 can be purchased with Star Gems.

Story Chapter 6-1

Crawford convenes with the region leaders to discuss countermeasures against the looming threat of the Starless. Meanwhile, Manon has vanished once again.

Story Adjustments

The experience payout for the following Guiden tasks have been adjusted:

  • Quest Counter Advice
  • Advisor in Trouble

Main Tasks will no longer have Battle Power requirements and will reward higher amounts of experience. Additionally, enemy levels have been reduced and damage attenuation eliminated for Story Quests.

New Class Skills

Each class will receive a new skill, along with a series of balance adjustments.

  • Crossing Feather
    • Unleashes a powerful forward slash by consuming a gauge built up via attacking.
  • Knuckles SC Alternation
    • Changes the sidestep counter to an attack that quickly rushes at the enemy.
  • Rifle Attack Impact
    • A set number of normal attacks will become more powerful when an enemy is hit with a Photon Art and the gauge is maxed out.
  • Hail of Bullets Amplify
    • Increases the gauge accumulation rate for [Hail of Bullets] for a set period of time after performing a [Chain Finish].
  • Rod Attack Impact
    • A set number of normal attacks will become more powerful when an enemy is hit with a Technique and the gauge is maxed out.
  • Wand Technique Skip Beat
    • Performing a Charged Technique will turn a normal attack into a powerful attack treated as the third step.
  • Bullet Bow Attack Impact
    • When an enemy is hit with a Photon Art and the gauge is maxed out, one normal attack will become more powerful. Afterwards, the first charged PA (excluding dimensional ray) will have increased power.
  • Boots Arts Skip Beat
    • Performing different Photon Arts successively will turn a normal attack into a powerful attack treated as the third step.
  • Familiar Unison Marmelo+
    • If Marmelo's gauge is at stage 1 or higher, Marmelo will perform an additional attack.
  • Gunslash Gear Quick Recharge
    • The Gunslash Gear accumulation rate will temporarily increase after the effects of [Gunslash Gear Overdrive] have ended.

Portable Holograms

Communicate in new ways using Portable Holograms that can be placed in the open field and cities. There are three types of holograms: Objects, Paint, and Effects.

Toon Display

A new graphics option allows players to give characters a sleek, cel-shaded look. Customize the effect on your character further at the salon with additional settings for outline thickness and shadow density. Some objects will not support cel-shading.

Additional Settings

Take high quality character selfies with ease using the new Easy Photo Mode.

Establish a photo room in each of the ARKS bases.

Adjust the spread of clothing around your character's waist.

Spend your earned skill points right away after completing a Cocoon or Tower.

The player shop search function has advanced to recognize typos and display items with similar spelling.

Designer Dreams Jun '23 (AC Scratch)

Another batch of winning 10th Anniversary contest player designs will be issued.


Starless Enemies

The Starless, mysterious adversaries from outer space, have descended upon Halpha. They boast exceptional strength and are capable of buffing themselves and nearby hostiles.

Level 70+ enemies in the Aelio region can drop the new ★9 "Tesua" weapon series. Their potential differs between weapon categories.

Hunt Lv. 79+ Gigantix and Recon Gigants for a chance of obtaining Giga Stragments. Exchange them for weapon camos, capsules, and more.

Class Level 75

Combat the Starless in new Aelio battle sector ranks with Lv. 70 foes and strive to hit the new level cap.

Aelio sectors have been updated to include Sky Lifters, a new device that launches players across the map for faster traversal. Hindras Lilies can be discovered in the Resol Forest that release a shockwave upon receiving enough damage.

Featured item drops will display on the world map and quest acceptance menu.

The level of Gigantix in the Aelio region has been raised to 79. Recon Gigants can appear in the region now, and Starless may appear among their ranks.

New "Mynin" devices can be found in the field that reward Photon Chunk IIA & B upon destruction.

New ranks are coming to Urgent Quests as well, alongside enemy level changes.

The following Urgent Quests have been discontinued and will only be available as Trigger Quests:

  • Subdue the Overseer-Type DOLL!
  • Nex Vera Subjugation
  • Mining Rig Defense: Aelio

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  1. Might want to add these:
    -Changed the specifications so that EXP earned by players from enemies of a higher level than the player will not be attenuated.
    -Removed the Damage Adj. for damage taken by the player when attacked by an enemy of a higher level than the player.

    These are pretty big. Or better yet just post the link to the patch notes.


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