PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes (03/09/2022)

Patch Notes

Central City Event

Central City Spring Event

  • March 9th ~ April 6th

Field Update

New Quest

Type Title Requirements Rank Battle Power
Emergency Quest Horde Eradication Rank.1 1184
Rank.2 1898
Limited Quest Simulation: Horde Eradication [B. Trigger/Spring '22] (x5) Rank.1 1184
Rank.2 1898

Limited Task

  • Added limited tasks will be available from Xitre until April 6th.
  • Limited daily and weekly tasks will be available until April 6th.

Seasonal Enemy

  • Seasonal enemies will be added to each region until April 6th.
  • Enemies attached with the [Seasonal Symbol] will have a different elemental weakness than normal.

New Enemy

  • Fleur Rappy.

New Item

  • Lumeira Series

System Update

Special Abilities

  • Added new Special Ability Capsules.

Potential Abilities

  • Added new Potential Abilities


  • Enhanced enemies will be more likely to appear until April 6th.
  • Added Dread enemies until March 23rd.
    • Central Aelio
      • Battle-Hardened Ciacurio
      • Battle-Hardened Big Frogga
      • Battle-Hardened Ard Banther
    • Central Retem
      • Battle-Hardened Kelkund
      • Battle-Hardened Sava Discythe

Exchange Shop

  • Seasonal Point Shop will be available from Xitre until April 6th.

Item Recycling

  • Added items to the product listing for [Item Recycle] from the Item Trader or the Shop Menu.

Seasonal Points

  • Removed the [Weekly Earned Points] limit.
  • Due to this change, the [Weekly Earned Points] information will no longer be displayed within the [Basic Status] area.


  • The Seasonal Point Exchange Shop will be changed as follows:
    • Once all the [Limited Quantity Items] are exchanged, an "Out Of Stock" message will display.
    • Exchange Items that are "Out Of Stock" will be displayed at the bottom of the list when you re-open the Seasonal Point Exchange Shop.

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