PSO2 NGS JP: Maintenance & Campaigns (3/9/2022)



PSO2es Maintenance

  • 3/9/2022 @ 10:55 ~ 17:30

Rappy Design Contest

Enhance Your New Equipment Campaign

03.09.2022 ~ 03.23.2022

A boost effect will apply with the following effects.

Special Ability Affix Rate+5%
Grind Great Success+40%
Limit Break Meseta Discount(50%OFF)
Potential Unlocking Meseta Discount(50%OFF)

In addition, you can receive the Spring '22 Special Scratch Ticket by strengthening ★5 weapons through a Limited Task.

Let's Join A Team Campaign

03.09.2022 ~ 03.23.2022

Participate in a Limited Task related to Teams where you'll receive a [50 SG Ticket] and [N-Ability Success+10%]

Spring Login Bonus

03.23.2022 ~ 04.06.2022

Day 1「10 Star Gems」×1
Day 2「N-Grind Great Success +20%」×1
Day 3「20 Star Gems」×1
Day 4「 Spring '22 Special Scratch Ticket」×1
Day 5「20 Star Gems」×1
Day 6「N-Ability Success+10%」×1
Day 7「 Spring '22 Special Scratch Ticket」×1

Pre-Scheduled Emergency Quests

03.30.2022 ~ 04.06.2022

An emergency quest schedule will be available during this time-frame. There will also be limited tasks available where you must clear certain EQs.

The schedule will become available on March 30th.

Battledia Play Support

03.30.2022 ~ 04.06.2022

During the campaign period, Battledia: Purple will be discounted to 3 triggers! Furthermore, you can receive [B Trigger / Aelio Purple] from Limited Tasks and Login Presents.

Stellar Grace Stellar Style

03.31.2022 ~ 04.05.2021

World Trials will occur during the campaign period where you can collect up to 30 Stellar Grace spawning in Exploration Sections. You can receive an [Individual] Rare Drop Boost up to 10% MAX until the boost event is over.

In addition, during the Boost Period, You can receive an S Grace Boost [All] effect which can raise the Rare Drop Rate up to 20% and your Seasonal Point Acquisition Rate up to 20% when you complete all the objectives.

Screenshot Submission Campaign

A screenshot campaign will be held until March 23rd where 40 lucky winners will receive [SG 200 Ticket] x5 and [N-Color Change Pass] x3.

Japanese players can participate by following Rappy.commu and tweeting a screenshot from an NGS block with the hashtag #PSO2NGS投稿キャンペーン

Global players can participate by following @play_pso2 and tweeting a screenshot from an NGS Block with the hashtag #NGS_ScreenshotCampaign

Rappy Design Contest

Now's your chance to be a big shot and design your own Rappy. The winning entries will be implemented as an in-game enemy. Winners will also receive a year's worth of Premium Set tickets!

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