PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes (11/10/2021)

Patch Notes

Limited-Time Tasks

  • Limited-Time Weekly and Daily tasks will be available until November 24th, 2021.

Seasonal Enemies

  • Halloween Event Seasonal Enemies will appear on certain days in the following Sections:
    • Mt Magnus
      • Thursday (November 11th)
      • Sunday (November 21st)
    • Vanford Lab
      • Sunday (November 14th)
      • Thursday (November 18th)

Mission Pass

  • Mission Pass Season 2 will be distributed until December 15th, 2021.


The following Veteran (Battle Hardened) Enemies will be swapped until November 24th, 2021:

  • Central Aerio: Eldi Scythe -> Nagrus
  • West Aerio: Nex Aerio -> Daidal Axe
  • South Aerio: Ard Banther -> Oluq

The following Gigantix Enemies will be swapped until November 24th, 2021:

  • Central Aerio: Nagrus -> Eldi Scythe
  • South Aerio: Daidal Axe -> Nex Aerio
  • North Aerio: Oluq -> Ard Banther

Bouncer Balance Adjustment

  • Dual Blade Weapon Action
    • Increased Power
    • Reduced Power when using a non-Dual Blade with Multiweapon.
    • If an attack action (such as a normal attack, photon art, dive attack, etc) is used during the cooldown, then the cooldown will be extended by 2 seconds, once per cooldown period.? ?????No fun allowed
  • Class Skill: Fanatic Blades
    • Reduced Power (The power will be the same as before due to the increase in power to the weapon action.)

13 thoughts on “PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes (11/10/2021)”

  1. RIP
    Sega are so dumb, they increased the irrelevant photon blade power when no one ever uses them for damage outside fever and no one ever expected or intended to. But they did not fix the GLARING issue of db pas costing a ton of pp and blades NOT REFILLING PP.

    How can Sega be so tone deaf and stupid?
    Db would be so good IF pp wasn't such a massive issue but instead of fixing this, Sega fix something 100% irrelevant. We can only hope Sega is fixing the pp issue without mentioning it or db will remain as dumb as they are now with a useless buff no one will ever use.

    • If I recall correctly, the changes were done to Photon Blades as they were being used in conjunction with a multiweapon to deal more damage than what was intended.

  2. That's the real problem PSO2 has had since day 1, the people in charge don't play the game and only occasionally listen to those people who do.

    Boku Tachi no remake perfectly showcased this kind of corporate idiot. Extremely tone deaf, only thinking about their one bonus and business deals and just telling everyone below them to shut the hell up and do as they are told, caring about virtually nothing but players not getting any kind of advantage over the intended values and honestly believing players will always just shut up and swallow it no matter what.

    What really stings is how well Sega had handled the 2nd part of ep 5 and pretty much all of ep 6, really caring about what players wanted.

    I mean the NGS survey was a goddamn INSULT, usually you got 300-400 characters per free text when they ask about your opinions. This time I thought, hey convenient that they ask for opinions on all classes in one screen and not separate ones.

    And why? BECAUSE THE 400 CHARACTER LIMIT APPLIED TO ALL 8 CLASSES! Of course the text did not tell you, it just said the same as always without pointing out that the character limit is for everything and not per text box.
    So you barely had any space whatsoever to talk about individual classes, especially after the definite necessity to tell them how NGS is only barely as stable as an alpha version and crashes or disconnects literally every 5-20 minutes.

    And how they done messed up the counter focus of the game when most of the time you are locked in PA animations so you can only use pas and take damage or instead waste time to wait for enemies and bosses to attack while twiddling your thumbs since all pas and even normals will take too long to finish before your counter window closes.

    • The fact that you are complaining about "being locked in normal or pa animation" shows that you don't know how to combat enough.

    • Knuckles is actually really good with windows of opportunity to dodge or sway especially if you don't get the extra normal attack in the skill tree, it can be quite challenging timing the swaying though since the games hitboxes can be really weird sometimes combined with the unintentional glitches like enemies initiating an attack earlier than normal or doing a repeating attack from server lag, and some of the longer enemy attacks will require you to sway multiple times in a row and sometimes dodge after a sway parry in order to avoid taking damage, and the other annoying thing about them is every time you use a normal attack you lose a little elevation so you'll have to reposition yourself sometimes even when the enemy isn't moving, for flying enemies and taller enemies i usually use wired lance as a multi in order to help reposition myself.

    • At this point literally all of PSO2 is for masos. There isn't a single good thing about the game anymore save for maybe fashion. Which thanks to NGS also has a knife in it's gut now and is bleeding out.

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