PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes (6/9/2021)

Patch Notes

New Genesis

NGS Starts!

  • PSO2 New Genesis officially starts today!

System Updates

Ship Transfer

  • NGS-related items will be included in future Ship Transfers.


  • There will now be items labelled with PSO2 or NGS labels. You will only be able to Trade that item in it's respective game.
  • NGS Items will have a Blue Marker at the bottom right of the item's icon.


  • Changed the Icon for [Teeth / Tongue] in the Salon
  • Changed the decoration display settings to only allow the option to be checked if the costume has decorations that can be hidden.
  • NGS-specify accessories will have a default color added. You may have to redo your accessory colors.


  • Voice Chat has been added to the Japanese Ver. of PSO2. You can change the setting in the NGS and PSO2 options.

Other Changes

  • The Blacklist has been renamed to Blocklist
  • Added Trophies to the PS4 Ver.

PSO2 Updates

  • Tier Missions have been removed due to the end of the Mission Pass system.
  • Increased the reward of some Daily and Weekly Missions.
  • The Emergency Quest [Darkness Twisted by Hatred] will now occur randomly.
  • Updated the Bonus Key rewards from Featured Quests.
  • PSO2's Story will now support NGS outfits and CAST parts.


25 thoughts on “PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes (6/9/2021)”

  1. This is so cool. Something I noticed from using the menus offline is that they changed the confirm button from O to X in the PS4 version. I hope we are able to change that.

    • This is something they did with the ps5 so they're making it uniform idk if it'll really affect pc

  2. Hey guys, good looking site, albeit that sidebar is still useless. The Skill Tree section's Hunter button is dummied out, you might forgot to link it, because the page exists.


  3. First, I used VPN and its still shown offline at the Ship Selection. Then, theres people who admittedly got 249 error code even after the Server was already back online. Now, Its getting weird that many people who prefer to stayed in JP had an unusual problem tried to get in to JP NGS even after tried VPN and then still can't get it anyway

    • Even more while they call it Global it's very much still the NA version (not even talking about the folder name they didn't change).
      I don't know about NGS but normal PSO2 was censored so much. And the Americans events…

  4. I really want to know if for PS4 version still needs VPN to play it. Because I have been trying to enter the JP server and all of them says "maintenance". Is the JP server in extended maintenance or they region locked the game.

  5. This means that SEGA no longer wants Gaijin on the JP Server, I would like to know how many players have not entered the Japanese server, is it possible that they did it to avoid the attack that they suffered the first time they launched the PSO2? I will have to wait for the Professionals of the Tweaker Team, I am afraid to use a VPN and then they will ban my account. Ok to wait a few weeks. Enter the Globar Server but it is very toxic.

  6. I hope the block is temporary, just so that the Japanese player can have a nice release?. The NA version is still quite horrible. NSFW spam the very 1st day… And that's without even the other toxic behavior.
    No idea of how NA will be censored too but "normal" PSO2 was quite heavily censored…
    All that and still no other platforms than MS ones. They did bought the localisation but still.
    Hoped to play NGS JP on PS4.

  7. I really dislike that they don't seem to show any signs of supporting normal pso2, especially after the engine downgrade made the entire game ugly as heck.
    Why not at least put a small team on it? It could've been great to jump between the games, having stuff to do in both, but there is so little reason to do anything in pso2 it might as well not even exist anymore. Did they not say they had plans for supporting it "at least another 5 years", 3 years ago?

    Anyway, could you add buttons for the other skill trees on each skill tree page to make switching between them more convenient?


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