PSO2 NGS: Start Dash Rappy Pack [Expired]

The Start Dash! Rappy Pack is now available! Soar across Halpha as a beloved avian mascot with Rappy themed fullwear and motions.

AC Shop

  • 4,900 Arks Cash

Microsoft Store / Steam / Epic Games Store
(Global Only)

  • $48.99 USD
JP ENG Patch Global Amount
N-ラッピースーツ[Fu] N-Rappy Suit [Fu] N-Rappy Suit [Fu] 1
Mo「待機:ラッピー」 Mo "Idle: Rappy" MTN: Idle – Rappy 1
Mo「グライド:ラッピー」 Mo "Glide: Rappy" MTN: Glide – Rappy 1
St「ラッピー:好き」 St "Rappy: Love" STP: Rappy – Love 1
プレミアムセット15日 Premium Set 15 Days Premium Set (15 Days) 2
素材倉庫利用15日 Material Storage 15 Days Material Storage Use (15 Days) 2
N-レアドロップ倍率+50% N-Rare Drop Rate +50% N-Rare Drop Rate +50% 3
N-獲得経験値+10% N-EXP Earned +10% N-EXP Earned +10% 3

The following items will also be included as an added bonus:

  • Monotite (x30)
  • Dualomite (x30)
  • Trinite (x30)
  • Photon Chunk (x50)
  • Photon Quartz (x50)
  • Free Salon Pass (x1)
  • N-Half Scape Doll (x5)

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