PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes (8/4/2021)

Patch Notes

New Class

  • Braver has been added to NGS
  • Stylishly take down enemies with Katana and Bullet Bow

New Tasks

  • New Daily and Weekly Tasks have been added.
  • The new Weekly Tasks will net an additional 200,000 Meseta

New Items

  • Added Weapons of previous series for Katana and Bullet Bow

New Side Story

  • Added a Side Story.

System Updates


  • Adjusted the description of the potential [勇猛の型]

Special Ability

  • Added new Special Abilities


  • Add a option in the Equipment Menu to turn the Mag Display ON / OFF

Action Skills

  • The following skills will receive an effect that'll appear when the Cooldown is over:
    • Launcher Weapon Action
    • Hunter's Skill: Volgraptor
    • Ranger's Skill: Rifle Grenadier


  • Added new item drops to enemies
  • The reduced damage when fighting an enemy based on the level difference will be ignored if the Battle Power is high enough.
  • When fighting an enemy based on the level difference players will no longer accumulate Down Value.
  • Some Weapon Actions will start the Cooldown even in the waiting area.
  • Extended the invulnerability after teleporting.
  • Added new items to Gigantix enemies
  • Weather will once again be adjusted, but the occurrence rates will stay the same.


  • No information will be displayed in the task screen when there is no task selected.


  • The sub-leader will not be able to disband the party.


  • For certain hairstyles, added a [Show / Hide Decorative Parts] option


  • Changed so some values are showed after the decimal on equipment.
  • Changed the weapon sort category to show only weapons that appear in NGS.
  • In the item menu, the game will now tell you why you can't redeem an item.
  • Costumes worn will no longer count as an item in the Item Pack.
  • If the Item Pack is full when trying to remove the Costume, you won't be able to change until space is made available.
  • N-Half Doll can now be stored in the Material Storage. (You'll still need 1 on you to use it.)

My Shop

  • My Shop will not be usable until the player progresses through the Main Story some.


  • In [Graphics], added the option [Effect Opacity of other Players].
  • In [Gameplay], added the option to turn off [Screen Vibration]
  • Removed the option Surround Settings


  • Adjusted the layout

Other Changes

  • Added an icon on the main menu if you haven't pulled your Free SG Scratch yet

Balance Adjustments


  • In the Class Skill [Volgraptor]
    • Increased the damage cap


  • In the Class Skill [Weak Bullet]
    • Adjust the glide cancel timing.
    • Add Step Cancel timing.
    • Eased the fall timing when attacking in the air.

Talis Adjustments

  • Normal Attack, Step Attack, and Step Counter
    • Increased the Vertical Firing Angle.
  • In the Photon Art [Perforated Shoot]
    • Increased the Vertical Firing Angle.

Ice Technic

  • Barta
    • Increased the Vertical Firing Angle

Lightning Technic

  • Zonde
    • Adjusted the position of the 2nd and 3rd stages of the charge so they can more easily hit moving targets.


  • In the Emergency Quests, increased the Meseta reward.
  • Increased the EXP reward for some Main Tasks.


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    • Actually you do need to upgrade your pc's components which is actually not very easy these days. Just because you run your precious GTA5 doesn't mean it compares to pso2 ngs's higher data assets that clearly need an nvme or ssd to play almost seamlessly. There was and is still many unoptimized aspects of old pso2.

    • If you're launching it through the Desktop or Microsoft store, uninstall it and reinstall it on Steam. No stutter. Or at least the stutter you get really will be caused by your rig and not by Microsoft's shitty coding team.

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