PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes (9/1/2021)

Patch Notes

Seasonal Event (Until September 29th, 2021)

  • Central City has be redecorated in an Autumn-style
  • Xiandy will appear in Central City with new Limited-time Tasks and an Exchange Shop
  • New Daily and Weekly Tasks will appear
  • Seasonal Enemies with an emblem above their head will appear in the following regions
    • Central Aerio
    • North Aerio
    • West Aerio
    • South Aerio
    • Mt Magnus
  • Weekly Seasonal Points will reset on Wednesday @ 11:00 JST this time around

New Enemy

  • Tsukimi Rappies have been added.

New Items

  • The Frostel Weapon Series has been added.

New Special Abilities

  • Added new Special Abilities

PSO2 Change

  • The Daily Mission [Daily Order Clears] will have it's reward changed:
    • 1 Photon Sphere -> 5 Casino Passes

9 thoughts on “PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes (9/1/2021)”

  1. After this maintenance I get 630'd immediately after changing rooms or blocks extremely frequently. this was not an issue before. Anyone else?

    • nope, been pretty smooth gaming for me. Of course with Tweaker, that is. You probably are using tweaker as well, but it probably just on your end… or more has yet to be reported.

    • Is random for me, before and after maintenance. Some days are lucky, some days I get disconnected from server or sent to halphia lake in the white void beneath the floor.

    • I just hope it's not related to them expanding the IP block range or them taking further measures to prevent play (playing on JP server, VPN required); after testing it only seems to happen when routing internet through my phone, although I remember that working just fine in the past. If this ever affects my normal means of connection then that's RIP since the whole gameplay at this point requires constantly changing rooms for gigantix… And it 630'd immediately after changing rooms almost every time so there's no way it was just normal lag.

  2. I had issues staying connected with a cheap VPN. Once a friend shared his Windscribe acct with me, I was connected well enough to afk overnight. Btw chilidogs

    • *previous VPN was free, not cheap. The Windscribe is only 2$/year (says friend) and I think that's nicely cheap.

  3. I live in Japan play PSO2 NGS JP it's not a op block it's probably something on Sega end because I got 630 error three times today.


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