PSO2 NGS JP: Maintenance & Campaigns (9/8/2021)

Maintenance Notice

PSO2 Maintenance

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 9/8/2021 @ 10:55 ~ 17:30 JST


Current Campaigns

AC Shop Bargains

During the sales period, the AC Shop will sell items with bonuses attached.

Until September 29th

Item List

  • Premium Set 30 Days (1200AC) (Purchase Limit: 1)
    • + N-Ability Success +5%
  • Premium Set 90 Days (3300AC) (Purchase Limit 1)
    • + St [Emilia: Praise]
    • + N-Ability Success +5%


Twitter RT Campaign

In celebration of the release of Sonic Colors Ultimate, Sega will be holding a Retweet Campaign. If we can reach 30,000 RTs, we'll get the 「Mag Form / Tails Doll」as a reward!

Until Sept 29th @ 12:00 JST

Task Prize
Reach 30,000 ReTweets for Tweets with #NGSxSonicCollab. The goal will be tallied with both Global and Japan tweets. Prizes will be distributed Late October if the goal is met.
「Mag Form / Tails Doll」 ×1
5 People from Global and 5 People from Japan will get selected to win the Sonic The Hedgehog movie Blu-Ray disc. You must follow the respective account and retweet for the region you qualify for: Global or Japan. Sonic the Hedgehog Movie
(5 Winners JP + 5 Winners GB)


Add a Friend Campaign

Have 3 or more players in your friends list to receive these items!

Until Sept 15th

Task Prize
Have 3 or More Players in your Friends List 「N-強化大成功率+10%」
「N-Grind Great Success+10%」 ×1
Clear an Emergency Quest with 1 or more friends in your party
St「Tails: OK」 ×1

This campaign will be presented as a Limited-Task.


Sonic Colors Comm: Login Bonus

Login each day to receive various items!

Until Sept 29th

Login Bonus プレゼントアイテム
1 Day
St「Sonic: Good!」×1
2nd Day
St「Dr. Eggman: Perfect!」×1
3rd Day 「エステ無料パス」×1個
「Free Salon Pass」×1
4th Day
St「Amy: Hello」×1
5th Day 「SG30獲得チケット」×1個
「SG 30 Ticket」×1
6th Day アクセサリー「ソニックピアス」×1個
「Sonic Earrings」×1
7th Day アクセサリー「ソニックシューズ」×1個
「Sonic Shoes」×1


Spend AC and Get Items Campaign

Spend various amounts of AC to receive exclusive items!

Until Sept 29th

Task Rewards
Spend 2,000+ AC during the campaign:
「Tails Tail」×1
Spend 5,000+ AC during the campaign:
Mo「Glide: Tails」×1
Spend 10,000+ AC during the campaign:
Mo「Dash: Sonic」×1

Items are distributed when the conditions are met. However, the Global version is releasing the rewards in mid-November, so there might be a discrepancy here.


Premium Set Campaign

Using a Premium Set Ticket of 30 days or more will net you an exclusive lobby action!

Until Sept 29th

Task Rewards
Use a 30 day, 60 day, or 90 day Premium Set during the campaign:

「761「Sonic / Tails 3」」×1

Using the 1 day or 15 day Premium Set does not qualify for this campaign.

Prizes will be distributed Late October.


Play with a Party Campaign

Play in a party to receive some items.

Sept 8th ~ Sept 22nd

Task Rewards
Use Party Chat atleast once. 「N-特殊能力追加成功率+5%」
「N-Ability Success+5%」 (x1)
Clear an EQ with two or more players in your party.
St「Sonic & Amy: Congrats」(x1)

This will be presented as a Limited Task.


Let's Join a Team Campaign

Join a team during the campaign period to receive prizes!

Sept 15th ~ Sept 29th

Task Rewards
Join a Team 「N-強化大成功率+20%」
「N-Grind Great Success+20%」
Clear an Emergency Quest with one or more Team Members in your party.
St「Sonic & Tails : Yay!」(x1)

This campaign will be presented as Limited-Task.



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  1. For Sept 8th ~ Sept 22nd it's N-Ability Success+5% for speaking in Party chat (don't need to be in a party) and stamp for clearing UQ in a party.


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