PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes: July 2022

July 06 2022 | Patch Notes

Anniversary Event

Seasonal Event: PSO2 10th Anniversary

  • Duration: July 7th ~ August 3rd
  • Region Mags will be decorated with a ceremonial appearance.
  • Mischief Symbols will appear in each region.

Field Update

Field Race

  • South Aelio Dash

Ryuker Device

  • Added a Ryuker Device to Central Kvaris and North Kvaris.


  • Changed the location of the Purple Portal in North Kvaris.

System Update

Special Ability

  • Added new Special Abilities

New Weapons

The Evolova (Evolorbit) Series


New Potential Abilities

  • Evolova Series: Power +18% / +100% Nat. PP Recovery Speed for 20s following successful step evasion, Recast Time is 10s.

This is just a sample of the Potential Abilities added.

New Tasks

  • Added Limited, Daily, Weekly tasks.

Seasonal Enemies

  • Enemies with "Seasonal Emblems" will spawn.
    • This time they will keep their original elemental weakness.
  • Added a seasonal exclusive Rappy and added the Ceremo EmpeRappy.
    • Rappies from past events will also appear.

Exchange Shop

  • Added Peppy Rappy's Seasonal Point Exchange Shop.
    • You can obtain items such as a new Mag Form, Special Scratch Tickets, Stamps, Rappy-themed Items, and Evolova Series.
  • Added the Manga Memory Exchange Shop
    • You can get Manga Memory from Campaigns or by purchasing the PusoNi Comic or Mani Mani ARKS Comic.

Other Adjustments

Balance Adjustments

  • Reduced the number of [Zamus Gun] spawns in the battle with [Ancient Raedal Sword].
  • Dread Enemy spawns have been reduced from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.

July 13 2022 | Patch Notes

Field Update

Seasonal Limited Quest

  • Drill: A Trap In The Forest
  • Can be accepted from the Quest Counter

System Update

Mission Pass

  • Mission Pass: Season 10
    • New Mag Form: Madillo Machina
    • PSO2 Units as Accessories

Scratch Update

Revival AC Scratch: 10th Anniversary Oracle Memories

  • PSO2-Spec Accessories, Lobby Actions, Hairstyle

Special Scratch: Oracle Memories SP Scratch

  • Same as above but without Scratch Bonus items.

SG Scratch: Polar Raiment

  • Aina's winter outfit and Kvaris NPC outfits.

July 20 2022 | Patch Notes

Anniversary Event

  • Added new Tasks.
  • Updated the Exchange Shop Product Listing.

Field Update

Field Race

  • South Kvaris Dash (Stage 1)

Scratch Update

AC Scratch: Original Creations C

  • Contains Item Design Contest creations

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