PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes: October 2022

October 26 2022 | Patch Notes

Quest & Field Update

  • Relaxed the acceptance requirements for some tasks for Daily Task [Enemy Subjugation at XX]
  • Set a maximum score that the Team can earn with Team Task Records
    • The maximum score will be 900.
    • You can still meet the requirements for individual rewards even if the Team reached the max score.

Quest & Field Update

  • In the PlayStation 4 version, the default setting for "Free Message Display" will be set to "Do Not Display."

October 05 2022 | Patch Notes

Quest & Field Update

  • Changed Gigantix to level 69 in All Regions.
  • Added [PSE Burst Forte] and [PSE Burst Forte Encore] to the new Ranks in Combat Sectors.
  • For all Combat Sectors, PSE levels will no longer drop below level 2, if the PSE level is 2 or higher.
  • PSE Burst Encores will now occur in All Ranks in the following sectors:
    • Aelio Region: Mt. Magnus / Vanford Lab / Resol Forest
    • Retem Region: Retem El-Nossa / Lower Maqead
  • Support NPCs can now participate in Emergency Quests.
  • Added a Ryuker Device in Aelio Region's Mt. Magnus.
  • For Field Races, added a feature that notifies players near the Racing Console that the registration has started.
  • In Geometric Labyrinth, [Chat] will now display in the menu when the leader is incapacitated.
  • Added Updrafters to Lower Maqead in the Retem Region.
  • Chairs and some tables will no longer become transparent when the camera is close range.

Interface Update

  • You can now teleport to the Region Mag from the World Map.
  • Added a Racing Console icon to each map.
  • You can now check quest information for Emergency Quests before accepting them.
  • For the Player Shop search function, you can now specify a grind value up to +60 for Weapons and Armor.
  • For the Player Shop search function, you can now specify a Potential Level of Lv. 5 for Weapons.
  • When customizing the Quick Menu, you can now save it without having to set "Categories" to the menu.
  • You can now use the [Gather Party Members] feature that was disabled since June 16th's Maintenance.
  • When searching for [Parties That Are Recruiting Members], you now have the expanded scope of searching for all sections within the same block.
  • Magnification Mode, which was temporarily disabled, has now been re-activated. The following specifications will occur along with this change:
    • Magnification Mode can be turned on or off in Options.
    • Magnification Mode can be Started and Ended in the following ways:
      • Gamepad: Simultaneously press [Toggle Back Palette] and [Main Menu] buttons.
      • Keyboard: Simultaneously press [Toggle Back Palette] and [Esc] key.
    • Movement and Actions will be disabled during Magnification Mode.
  • You can now rotate vertically when setting up the Camera Angle in your Arks Card.
  • You can now select an item to register in the Storage Box for [Mag Form Settings] and [Mag Jukebox].
  • Added a preview button to the Item Details for [Music Discs] and [Voice Tickets].
  • The [Current Party Settings] window will no longer display when editing the [Recruit Party Members] options.
  • Added a [Transfer to This Location] when selecting a member within the Party Command's [Party Member] section.
  • Added a [Last Login Info Display Setting] in the [Team Settings] area.
  • When transferring to a sector, you will now be transferred to a Room with lots of players and party members.
  • The [Limit Break] feature in the Item Lab will open the [All Items] tab when switching Storages.
  • Changed the text when [Affixing a Special Ability] fails when using the [N-Ability Protection] item.
  • For Exchange Shops, including the [Item Recycle] menu, equipped items and locked items will no longer be displayed when selecting items to exchange.
  • For Team Task Records, the [Current Record] will be changed from displaying your character's name to the Team's name.
  • Added a [Check Team Task Records] menu to NPC [Tim].
  • Added a [Character Direction 2] option when setting the [Lock-On Priority Target] in Options.
  • Added a [Character Motion Correction] setting in Options.
  • Added a [Symbol Art Display: My Shop] setting in Options.
  • Added a [Simple Model Display Type] setting in Options.
  • Added 4 items related to [HDR Settings] in Options
    • ※If you feel the screen is too bright after this, try disabling the HDR Settings.
  • In the PC version, added a [Play Character Movie] in the Character Selection Menu.
    • ※This feature requires that you clear the Prologue.
  • In the PS4 version of the Quick Menu, made it easier to switch between displaying the [Character Name] and the [PSN Online ID]
  • Added [Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act] on the screen consuming AC / SG.

Item Update

  • Added drops to Megalotix, Enhanced Enemies, and Equalizing enemies.
  • Added drops to Trigger Quest Dark Falz Interception Battle R.2.
  • Added the following items as rewards for Field Races:
    • C/Power IV
    • C/Shoot IV
    • C/Technic IV
    • C/Arm IV
  • Added items that can be obtained in "Stellar Gift Recovery] in Aelio and Retem Regions.
  • Added items to the product list for the Item Recycle.
  • A portion of the PSO2 10th Anniv Special Scratch will be added to the regular Special Scratch lineup.

Balance Adjustments

  • Increased the EXP earned from Megalotix
  • Increased the Rare Drop Rate of Enhanced Enemies.
  • Reduced the ATK PWR of the following enemies:
    • Gigantix
    • Megalotix
    • Ancient Enemies
  • Reduced the glare of the effects when some attacks hit.
  • Balance Adjustments for each class.

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