PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #17


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October 26th Update

AC Support and Free Salon

AC Scratch: AC Select Support Items 4

  • Includes Addi series Special Abilities which boost two attack stats and a power floor increase.

Two Revival Scratches

  • Rewind Collection 5: NGS-Spec Items that haven't been re-released since last October.
  • Halloween Memories: PSO2-Spec Halloween-themed items.

November 2nd Update

Limited-Time Event

Limited Event Autumn '22

  • Central City and Region Mags will have colorful fall foilage.
  • A new NPC, Xiemi, will be hosting the event.
    • Has tasks where you bring her minerals and other items.
    • Completing all the tasks will net you *Digital Launcher
    • Collect Seasonal Points to exchange for a variety of items.
      • Autumn '22 SP Scratch Ticket
      • Head-Mounted Ryuker Device
      • Motion Dash – Sledding /B
      • 7 Crystia Weapons
      • Relik Weapon Camos CV (Requires Greenilcite)
      • Vios Armor
      • Sestato Armor
      • And More!
  • Yaolo Rappy: Rappies wearing adorable fox masks.
  • Limited-time Gathering Item: Greenilcite
    • Can spawn on the field during the event.
    • Can also drop from Seasonal enemies.
      • Sega has stated this is not the case, see notice.
    • Trade in Greenilcite for Relik Color Variation Weapon Camos!
  • New Special Abilities
    • Sezun Autumnfevre:
      • Versus Autumn '22 Seasonal Enemies:
        • PWR +5%
        • Critical Hit Rate +20%
        • Damage Resistance +25%

Limited-Time Quest: Practice Drill: Crisp Autumn Aelio Defense

  • You can play as many times as you like from the quest counter. The goal is to earn as many quest points as you can by defeating a series of enemies. You can play with up to 8 players.
  • The number of seasonal points awarded will depend on player rankings. The higher you rank, the more points you earn!
  • You can earn quest points by delivering the final blow to an enemy. You can also earn more points by defeating gold or silver rare enemies, equalizing enemies, and rappies.
  • You can also earn points by the number of attacks dodged, and average damage.
  • For boss enemies specifically, players will earn points based on the amount of damage they inflicted.
  • Mobile cannons can be used only once from the delivery device.
  • Playing on the highest rank, Rank 5, requires 2647 BP.

Autumn '22 Special Scratch

  • You can get Autumn '22 Special Scratch tickets from the Seasonal Point Exchange Shop or from drops in the Limited Quest.
  • This scratch contains camos for *Util Sword, *Relik Series, *Cyd Rygid, and more!
  • Also contains other items from the Mission Pass, Full Face Helmet, Paper Airplane LA, Mag Form/ Calamar and more!

AC Scratch: Celestial Saint

  • Harvest-Deity themed outfits and Cyber-Ninja wear.
  • The 3 winners of the Retem Release Celebration Video Contest will now be available as:
    • Lobby Action: Peering Through Blinds
    • Motion Idle – Propeller Engine
    • Motion Idle – Propeller Engine EX (Scratch Bonus)

November 9th Update

Refined Form

AC Scratch: Refined Form 8

  • Top ranking outfits from the remake survey will be remade into NGS-specs.

Arks Record: Ordinal Tower

  • Period: November 9th ~ November 16th
  • The Arks Record will specifically target Rank 7 Ordinal Tower.
  • Both Solo and Party Categories will be available.

Mission Pass: Season 14

  • Mag Form / Arm Machina
  • Refined Form 8 Ticket
  • Color variant of Animal Dash
  • Bravy Outfits

November 16th Update

Overload Collab

AC Scratch: Overlord Style

  • Obtain outfits from Ainz and Alebedo, as well as Lobby Actions, Camos, Stamps, and Voice Tickets.
  • Please note, these outfits will not support color changes.
  • There will also be other non-collaboration items from previous AC Scratches

Autumn '22 Second Half

  • New Field Races: South Retem Dash (Stage 1) and West Kvaris Dash (Stage 1).
  • New Limited-time Tasks will net you EXP and Seasonal Points if you participate in the new courses.
  • A Color variation of MTN Landing – Frozen will be added to Seasonal Point Exchange Shop.
  • New Weekly Limited-Time Tasks will be added that targets the Yaolo Rappy. Complete them for EXP and Seasonal Points.

Limited-time Quest: Practice Drill: Autumn Night Aelio Defense

  • Different enemies will appear in this quest.

November 22nd Update

Small things

Maintenance 1 Day Early

  • November 23rd's Maintenance will be moved one day earlier to November 22nd.

ARKS Record: Cannonball Strike Solo

  • Period: November 23rd ~ 30th
  • This will target Cannonball Strike Solo, separated by class.

More Limited Tasks

  • Starting November 22nd, new limited tasks will target completing Emergency Quests and Daily Tasks. Complete these for EXP and Seasonal Points.

AC Scratch: Snug Style

  • Rappies in power suit, baggy overalls, and new cast parts.
  • The 3 Winners from the Retem Release Video Contest will include
    • Lobby Action: Self-Maintenance
    • Motion Landing – Sigil
    • Motion Dash – Wheel EX (Scratch Bonus)

December Update

Stia Region, Story Chapter 4

Hellfire: Vanguard is the title of the new update!

The fourth region, is a volcanic area where ember flies and lava flows.

Story Chapter 4

  • The player will work together with an Advance Team in the stia Region.
  • Crawford believes Dark Falz is lurking somewhere in the region.
  • Will we discover the secret of Halpha?

New Characters

  • Guren/Glen (VA: Kenjiro Tsuda / Keven K Gomez)
  • A silent but courageous Deuman, who is the leader of the Advance Team.
  • Apparently something happened between him and Crawford….
  • Kanui (VA: Akari Kito / Laura Post)
  • The calm and brilliant adjutant who supports Guren.

New Skills For All Classes

The new skills will enhance the traits of existing skills or compensate for their weaknesses.

  • Hu: Partisan Quick Assault
  • Fi: Twin Daggers Quick Attack
    • After certain attacks, your normal attack will turn into a ranged attack in the direction you're aiming.
  • Ra: Launcher Attack Reinforce
    • Greatly boosts speed of Launcher normal attacks while active.
  • Gu: Hail of Bullets
    • Rapidly build up Chains to perform a powerful continuous-fire attack!
  • Fo: Rod Charge Quick Move
  • Te: Wand Element Pursuit
    • Adds an additional attack to Wand Element Revoke.
  • Br: Bow Elusion EX Counter
  • Bo: Pinion Blade
  • Wa: Familiar Harmony Marking Clef

New ★8 Rarity Weapons: Seigayou / Effulgent

  • Seigayou (Effulgent) have a fire element that provides a powerful advantage against certain enemies.
  • Unlike previous rarity level releases for weapons, the difference in ATK between the new weapons and ★7 weapons is smaller. You can go into the Stia region with your already enhanced weapons.
  • Also, unlike the last time with Kvaris, there will be no ★9 rarity weapon releasing simultaneously with the launch of Stia.

Spring Update

Creative Space

Creative Space

  • This feature is scheduled to be release in Spring 2023!
  • You can have 1 personal Creative Space per account per ship and another one with your Team.
  • Please note, room items obtained from PSO2 Classic can not be used.

Satellite Information

Merch, Campaigns, and Boost Events

Stia Expedition Prep Campaign (10/26~)

  • Complete Tasks to receive Stia Expedition Prep Tickets. These tickets can be exchanged for 8 star rarity equipment after the region launches.

Crystia Series Boost (11/2~)

  • The Crystia Series, available from the Limited event, will experience a boosted Great Success Rates & Special Ability Affix Success Rates, in addition, there will be 50% Off N-Meseta required for grinding the Crystia series.

Pre-Scheduled Emergency Quest (11/9~)

  • Emergency Quests and Live Events will occur at specific dates.

Limited-Time Login Bonus & Tasks (11/16~)

  • Log into the game to get Autumn '22 SP Scratch Tickets and Star Gems.
  • Complete the Limited-Time Tasks and get the Login bonuses to receive up to 1,000 Star Gems total.

Campaign Boost! Pre Scheduled Emergency Quest (11/30~)

  • Emergency Quests can be completed twice during this period.
  • Other boosts will provide additional rewards and reduced enemy HP.

Boost Event 1 (11/16~)

  • EXP +50%

Boost Event 2 (11/22~)

  • Rare Drop Rate & Seasonal Points Earned + 50%

Boost Event 3 (11/30~)

  • Preset Rate +150% & Seasonal Points Earned +50%

During Boost Events 1~3, the beginner Combat Sectors of Aelio and Retem will have +100% EXP Boost.

Sonic Frontiers (11/9 ~ 1/11/23)

  • Available starting 11/9/2022 [16:00 JST] or [4:00 PM PT]
  • With the release of Sonic Frontiers on November 8th, a special keyword will be announced that rewards Sonic collaboration items and 5 Special Scratch Tickets.

Lenovo Japan Collaboration (10/25 ~ 12/27)

  • Lenovo Japan is handing out a Lobby Action where you can literally turn into a Lenovo Legion laptop!

Say the secret phrase below for the Japanese version of PSO2 NGS

  • レノボレギオン

Say the keyword below for the Global version of PSO2 NGS

  • Lenovo_Legion

Global Only: Use AC, Get Items! Special Campaign (11/2~)

  • Get Stamp R-Mag Thrilled, Motion Idle – Rappy Plush and more based on the amount of AC you purchase.

Buy AC Campaign (11/16~)

  • Receive Solid Visor and Shoulder Patt based on the amount of AC you purchase.

AC Shop and SG Shop Bargains (11/22~)

  • Includes a special set to get PSO2 10th Anniversary Exchange Tickets and a set that contains Rare Drop Rate and EXP boosters, plus [C/Ability IV S] as a bonus.

PSO2 10th Anniversary Project

  • Event: Sympathy 2023 Concert
  • Schedule: January 23rd, 2023 @ 13:00 JST & 17:30 JST
  • Venue: Bunkamura Orchard Hall
  • Streaming: Evening Performance Only

Tickets will also be available for Global users to stream the concert.
※Please note that tickets will not be available for some regions and countries.

Sympathy 2023 – Performance Overview

Live performance of Unfathomable Darkness, and other songs from the PSO2 series.

  • Part 1: Orchestra Part 1 (Music from older titles and PSO2)
  • Part 2: Live Performance
  • Part 3: Orchestra Part 2 (Music from NGS)

Sympathy 2023: Ticket Info

  • Tickets will be on sale at e+ starting October 26th @ 14:00 JST
  • All tickets, including streaming tickets, will contain a bonus item code. More details about these items will be revealed in the next NGS Headline.
  • Streaming Ticket Price: 4,500 Yen (≈ $31 USD)

JAPAN: Satellite Information

Just Concert Stuff

Sympathy 2023 Ticket Info

  • In Person Tickets:
    • Ticket with Rappy Penlight: 12,000 Yen
    • Normal Ticket: 9,000 Yen
    • Streaming Ticket: 4,500 Yen
  • You can also buy the Rappy Penlight separately for 3,000 Yen.

Rappy Penlight

  • The penlight can change into different colors!

Lenovo Japan will host a Twitter Campaign where you can win wonderful rewards through a drawing.

  • NGS 10th Anniversary Model PC
  • NGS Starter Package Limited Edition (Windows)

Arks Operation Report

Question and Answer Session

When there are lots of side missions in the Geometric Labyrinth I sometimes can't see my party members' HP. Please make it easier to see.

A: We plan to make improvements in a future update so that party members HP bars and other display elements do not overlap. As a temporary workaround, changing the font size setting to large ensures at least a minimum level of visibility is maintained.

Sometimes when I'm enjoying music with my Mag, an Urgent Quest starts, and that music takes precedence no matter where I am. Please consider changing how this works.

We will take a look at music playback prioritization in a future update.

Sometimes the minimum price for a Featured Item is too high for it to sell. It sits there unsold, it's not possible to lower the price any further, and it takes up a slot in my Personal Shop. Can you please improve this?

In a December update we will add items to the item exchange that you can only recycle for using featured items. This will be a way to use unsold featured items. For example, you'd be able to exchange one featured item 2 N-EX rare drop rate 15 minutes +25%

When Kvaris was released, there were Tasks for users to earn high amounts of EXP. This made it easier for players who had been away from the game to return. Will there be similar content when Stia is released?

When we release Stia, we plan to also release side tasks that provide a lot of EXP as we did at the time of the Kvaris launch. It seems you can earn even more EXP than at the Kvaris launch, so you can explore Stia immediately after finishing the story in Kvaris

Balance adjustments were made to each class in the October update, but I felt that there were not enough improvements for Gunners. Do you have any plans for future adjustments to Chain Boost in particular?

We plan to extend the effect duration of chain boost to 120 seconds in a future update. We will also add a new passive class skill that will increase the maximum number of chains and maximize the attack speed increase from chain boost with a chain finisher boost once the number of chains exceeds 100. An active skill where an attack rapidly builds up the chain number was also shown earlier in the video for the December update.

Next NGS Headline

November 29th

Next NGS Headline is November 29th 2022

10 thoughts on “PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #17”

  1. Really sega? no new PA? we only get another moveset that is locked with cd and conditions? feels like an insult if u plan to play with more than 3 brain cells

  2. I'm excited with the "My Room" update which is coming on Spring 2023. But… Can we only create the house(?) with the view of Aelio Region only?
    If that's so, I hope there will be an update where we can choose region view for "My Room". I mean like we can choose Retem Region as the location/view of "My Room", or maybe Kvaris Region, or Stia Region as the location.

  3. actually good headline wtf

    addi and more limited boring season event is disappointing but outside that everything looks very promising and exciting

    new wep skills, new region, personal space, 8 star wep design, and most importantly the question and answer session is actually answering things people care about

    gj nice summary. looking forward to these updates

  4. I love the progress shown this time. The new region, the story.

    And for the first time something different than killing things or running around, optional side content to really pass the time when you're tired of killing things.

    This brings me to point number two, disappointment at the same point. I was hoping that after the obligatory fire region of every video game, there would be something more, something a little more "Spacey". I'm glad to know that I can have a personal space, I'm disappointed that it's on this Halpha planet that I hate. I don't know, expect to see a little more space in a space opera, or that at least it was before. Things like traveling to other planets, and seeing things differently than usual. Things like Amduskia with floating islands or Wopal which was a beach-only place where the day lasted 2 minutes, laces with unsolved mysteries such as Lillipa and its secret robot factory.

    Halpha has secrets and story , that's for sure, but I hope the whole game doesn't take place there. I want to be reminded that this is a space adventure and not just a Final Fantasy with laser swords and guns.


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