PSO2 NGS Global Keywords

Foieside_Phritters (Until 7.13.2022)

  • Rappy-Shaped Fritters x2 (Boost Item)
  • SG 50 Ticket

Sonic_thanks_you (Until 7.1.2022)

  • E.G.G.M.A.N (Music Disc)
  • Reach for the Stars (Music Disc)
  • Wonder World (Music Disc)
  • Special Scratch Ticket

Sonic_turns_31 (Until 7.1.2022)

  • Sonic Shoes (Accessory)
  • Sonic Heroes (Music Disc)
  • It Doesn't Matter (Music Disc)
  • Special Scratch Ticket

Phinger_Phood [Expired]

  • Rappy-Shaped Fritters x2 (Boost Item)

Phried_Phritters [Expired]

  • Rappy-Shaped Fritters x2 (Boost Item)

Nuggie_Time [Expired]

  • Rappy-Shaped Fritters x2 (Boost Item)

Photo_Room [Expired]

  • 332: Photo Op (Lobby Action)

NGS_turns_1_in_June [Expired]

  • N-Ex-Cube (Exchange Item)

Gimme_loot [Expired]

  • Photon Scale x10 (Material)

Lets_go_Battledia [Expired]

  • Special Scratch Ticket x2 (Exchange Item)

Springtime [Expired]

  • Strugment A x2 (Material)
  • Strugment B x2 (Material)
  • Strugment C x2 (Material)

Boost_me_up [Expired]

  • Photon Scale x10 (Material)

PSO2_2nd_Anniversary [Expired]

  • C/Might III x2 (Support Item)
  • C/Precision III x2 (Support Item)
  • C/Technique III x2 (Support Item)
  • C/Deftness III x2 (Support Item)

2nd_anniv [Expired]

  • Ragol Memory x7 (Exchange Item)
  • Rappy-Shaped Fritters (Boost Item)

Come_on_Spring [Expired]

  • 220: Flower Petals (Emote)

Valentine's_Day [Expired]

  • 379: Make a Heart (Emote)

FromDavid [Expired]

  • Rappy Kite (Accessory)
  • Rappy-Shaped Fritters (Boost Item)

Merry_Christmas [Expired]

  • 159: Snowball Fight (Emote)

NGS Pose [Expired]

  • 774: NGS Pose (Emote)

NOBORDER [Expired]

  • 775: No Border (Emote)

ZUTOMAYO [Expired]

  • uNiGuRi-Kun Head-Mount (Accessory)
  • Nira-Chan Hair (Hairstyle)

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  1. is there a similar page with all the code words for jp? the redesign of the site from when ngs launched makes finding things like that a miserable experience now that i can't just control+f on the first few pages and have it scan all the posts.

    i THINK i've used all the codewords but a list like this to see them (with expiration dates) would make it easier to confirm.

  2. didnt even know about merry christmas, any chance theres a shortcut tab or something for an easy check for people who come to this site?


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