PSO2 NGS JP: Maintenance (06/12/2024)

June 12th Maintenance

NGS Maintenance

What We Getting Tonight?

Special Training: Sand Road Sprint

Sonic Birthday Campaign

ARKS Records – Trania Narrow Cage (Rank 2)

AC Scratch: Stylish Avenue

Sonic's Birthday 2024

6.12.2024 ~ 6.26.2024

Gear up for Sonic's Birthday with awesome Sonic-themed prizes! These items can be unlocked by uttering the secret phrase via the in-game chat. The phrase will be revealed approximately. June 16th at the official PSO2 (X) account.



Say the Secret Phrase to win 50 Star Gems and the following items below:

The phrase is valid until June 26th's maintenance.
Items can be collected from the [Collect Campaign Reward(s)] within NGS' System Menu.

Head to Nameless City Campaign

Eredim Series Enhancement Campaign

6.12.2024 ~ 6.19.2024

Enhance your ★11 Eredim series weapons with a boost to success rates and reduced enhancement costs. These weapons can be obtained from the newly released Nameless City exploration.

Qualifying Item

  • Eredim Series

Boost Content

  • Grind Great Success 100%(A +90% Increase From the Campaign)
  • Preset Ability Success +10%
  • Special Ability Success +10%
  • 75% OFF Grind N-Meseta Costs
  • 75% OFF Limit Break N-Meseta Costs
  • 75% OFF Potential Unlocking N-Meseta Costs
  • 75% OFF Multi-Weaponizing N-Meseta Costs

Nameless City Boost Campaign

6.19.2024 ~ 7.03.2024

Hop on NGS for a Nameless City Exploration Boost campaign.

Qualifying Content

  • Nameless City

Boost Effect

  • +150% Rare Drop Rate
  • +150% Preset Ability Attachment Rate

Item Enhancement Boost Campaign

6.19.2024 ~ 7.03.2024

This time, all equipment will receive an item enhancement boost.

Qualifying Item

  • All Equipment

Boost Content

  • Grind Great Success 100%(A +90% Increase From the Campaign)
  • Preset Ability Success +5%
  • Special Ability Success +5%
  • 50% OFF Limit Break N-Meseta Costs
  • 50% OFF Potential Unlocking N-Meseta Costs
  • 50% OFF Multi-Weaponizing N-Meseta Costs

Special Class Training Program

6.05.2024 ~ 7.03.2024

Train up the targeted classes to get special rewards. This time we focus on [Fighter] and [Gunner].

During the campaign period, raising the Fighter or Gunner class can net you their respective rewards. If you reach level 80 in a targeted class, you'll receive the SG Legacy Fashion Badge (Pose).

50% Off! N-Excube Recycle Campaign

6.05.2024 ~ 7.03.2024

Trade in N-EXCubes for items such as Alpha Reactors and Star Gems at the Item Recycle. During the campaign period, the lineup will be half the normal cost so use this opportunity to get the items you want.

Exchange ItemRequired ItemExchange Limit
Alpha ReactorN-EXCube ×150 / week
10 Star GemsN-EXCube ×55 / week
1000 Genesis PointsN-EXCube ×55 / week

Item Recycle is available from the Item Trader NPCs in the main base at each region.

Premium Set Sale

6.01.2024 ~ 7.03.2024

[+ Bonus]
Premium Set 90 Days
「Premium Set 90 Days」×1
≪Bonus≫「SG Legacy Fashion Badge (Hair)」×1
≪Bonus≫「C/Hikvar Domina S」×1

Bonus items will be sent to the Item Pack of the character that purchased the set.

All Special Ability Transfer

With this feature, the [N-Special Ability Transfer Pass] will allow you to transfer ALL special abilities of an item (including empty slots and EX Special Abilities) to another item. You can transfer from weapon to weapon or armor to armor regardless of the series and weapon type.

The item selected as the source material must have the same number of slots or less than the base item chosen as the destination.

Please note that once the process is done, all special abilities on the source material item will be lost, but the item itself will remain.

N-特殊能力移植パス = N-Special Ability Transfer Pass
N-特殊能力移植パス補助券 = N-Ability Transfer Pass Voucher

How do you get the [N-Special Ability Transfer Pass]?

You can obtain it by collecting 100 [N-Ability Transfer Pass Vouchers] and trading them in for an [N-Special Ability Transfer Pass] which can be used for [Special Ability Transfers] at the Item Recycle.

How do you get the [N-Ability Transfer Pass Vouchers]?

The N-Ability Transfer Pass Vouchers can be obtained through Title Rewards or by campaigns/events.

EX Special Ability Transfer

EX Special Abilities are special abilities with unique effects dropped by items such as the Eredim series.

Under this feature, the [N-Special Ability Transfer Pass] will allow you to transfer only EX Special Abilities. This can be done only if the base item and material item have the same number of EX Special Ability Slots.

Please note that the EX Special Abilities of the Material item will disappear, but its normal special abilities will remain on that item.

Both [All Special Ability Transfer] and [EX Special Ability Transfer] require N-Meseta. However, some items such as the Eredim series can perform transfers without consuming the [N-Special Ability Transfer Pass].

Wellbia XIGNCODE3 Reminder

Wellbia Anti-Cheat software was implemented into the Japanese version on November 8th.

Please note that you have the option to deactivate the new program by applying "Compatibility Mode" through the game launcher:

  • Click: 「環境設定」⇒「機能」Tab ⇒「ゲーム起動」 and check 「互換性モード」
  • Click: [Preferences] → [Features] Tab → [Game Launch] and check "Compatibility Mode"

If you accidentally launch the game without checking "Compatibility Mode," you can use Wellbia's official uninstaller as noted from their FAQ.

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