PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #12


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June 8th Update

Kvaris Region

Kvaris Region

  • The Kvaris region is a frozen tundra covered in snow and ice. It is as beautiful as it is deadly.
  • There will be new gathering items and region mags to look out for.
  • Cocoons will focus on agility more than before.

Kvaris Region

  • The Belugana Ruins is an area where the buildings are covered deep snow.
  • The HOVAC acts somewhat like the "dromes" where they'll first come after you, but then join you alongside.

New Actions and Trials

  • Two new actions: Floating Boards and Throwing.
  • Floating Boards can participate in the Frost Zone Enemy Suppression and Dolls Transport Heist Trial.
  • The Throwing Action will be featured in the Cold Photon Excitation Trial. Here you can throw Crystalline Ice shards to the Cold Photons appearing in mid-air to trigger a huge explosion. This will damage enemies and even bring down bosses.
  • The Blizzard Zone Enemy Suppression Trial has an icy cold snow tornadoes. If you get caught by this, you'll get the frozen status effect.

Level Cap Up

  • The level cap will be raised to 60.
  • There will be new skills in all classes.
    • Hu: Sword Arts Over Charge
    • Fi: Saber Attack Extra
    • Ra: Wide Range Weak Bullet
    • Gu: Stylish Roll Counter Bullet
    • Fo: Foie Brand
    • Te: Wand Attack Extra
    • Br: Katana Pa Combo Finish
    • Bo: Blade Arts Parry Counter Edge
  • There will also be new Special Abilities
    • C/Tripible: Power +2.0%
    • C/Gigas Thali: HP +15 & Range/Tech WPN PWR +2.5%
    • C/Gigas Euphroy: HP+15 & Strike/Tech WPN PWR +2.5%
    • C/Gigas Aglai: HP+15 & & Strike/Range WPN PWR +2.5%
  • Even more ā˜…6 weapons that weren't featured in the previous broadcasts.

Chapter 3

  • Head to Kvaris where the capital once stood.
  • You'll be searching for Ilma, who lost contact with Crawford.
  • While there you'll meet Meri and Kukka.

Kvaris Camp

  • The Kvaris camp has little robots that manage the shops.
  • You'll also be able to find other characters who give you side tasks. One of them will be in a tank-top despite the cold.

Emergency Quest: Crocodylis Vera Suppression

  • Crocodylis Vera utilizes the huge turret on its back to attack players with a wide range of artillery fire.
  • Some cannonballs can be thrown back to Crocodylis before they explode.

New Battledia

  • Battledia Yellow and Battledia Purple will be available in the Kvaris Region.
  • Battledia Yellow in Aelio and Retem will have a new rank added.
  • The EXP penalty due to player/enemy level differences will be removed in all Battledia Yellow.

Field Races

  • Racing consoles will be available near certain Ryuker devices.
  • You must race against the clock with up to 32 players while collecting Score Symbols while passing the three checkpoints.

New Features

  • ARKS who are in a Team can receive Team Tasks from each region.
  • Completing these tasks earns some Alliance Badges.
  • You can exchange the Alliance Badges for Battle Triggers, Accessories, and other items.
    • Q-Trigger/ DF Interception
    • B-Trigger Ael Yellow or Purple
    • B-Trigger Kvar Yellow or Purple
    • B-Trigger Ret Yellow or Purple
    • Gold Prim Sword or Armor
    • Dolls Themed Lapel Pins
  • The Arks Chronicles allows you to replay story quests and cutscenes.
  • Treasure Shops will also be added where you can purchase B-Trggers, Photon Scales, and more.
    • Different items will be available in the Meseta Treasure Shop and SG Treasure Shop
    • The product lineup will be updated daily.
    • You can manually refresh the Treasure Shop stock list once a day or twice a day if you are Premium user. Additionally you can even spend SG to refresh it even more times.
    • In the preview video, it does say Refresh Product (Free 1x/day)

More New Features

  • There is now a new bearded face type called Imposing Face.
  • You will be able to change color settings for individual cast parts. You can specify color sync settings for each part to create your own colorful style.
  • After the implementation of this feature, color variants of cast parts will no longer be released.
  • You can now hide ornament display on layering wear in the Scratch Ticket prize preview window.
  • You can now listen to voice samples in Scratch Ticket prize list and Personal Shop.
  • You can magnify a portion of your screen.

New Feature

  • You can Filter your search for players looking for party members in the same room.
    • (In the future, they are discussing plans to expand the search range to rooms, blocks, and ships.)
  • The Auto-Sell feature can be activated by Premium Users to automatically sell enemy drops.
    • Regular users can also use the Auto-Sell feature through SG.
    • Auto-Sell has filters such as which weapon or armor star rarities you want to sell.
    • You can choose whether or not you want to auto-sell items with preset skills or color variants.
  • In the Mission Pass you can collect all rewards for completed tiers in bulk.
    • This won't apply to tiers where you must choose the prize you want.
  • You can add your character's picture to your ARKS ID.
  • Some Spring '22 Special Scratch items will be added to the regular Special Scratch lineup.
  • You can move around during the Region Mag animation.
  • You can insert gathering items to the Region Mag while its boost is already in effect.

AC Scratch: Galactic Divinity

  • Sci-fi clergy combat outfits.
  • Lobby Action: Makeup | Motion: Idle- Balance on One Leg
  • Scratch Bonus: Motion: Dash – Snow Dust.

June 15th Update

Rayjord Gorge

Rayjord Gorge

  • Rayjord Gorge is a tough exploration sector that's available from June 8th.
  • This area features low temperature damage which can be mitigated with boosts from Quick Food and Region Mags, or special abilities, or other items you can get by trading in gathering materials.
  • Ancient Enemies will be added June 15th.
    • They are covered in frost and are extremely strong.

SG Scratch

  • Refined 4 will feature remakes of PSO2 outfits in NGS specs.
  • Scratch Bonus: Bridal Carry
  • Mission Pass 9
    • Mag Form /Icicle Drana

Drill: Dark Falz Interception R.2

  • It plays just like the original DF Emergency quest, except this time the enemy levels are 60 and you can play with up to 4 players. The quest fails when party members become incapacitated 5 times or more or 20 minutes have elapsed.

AC Scratch: Original Creations B

  • The big booty outfit is coming along with other designs.
  • Lobby Action: Leaf Umbrella and Motion: Dash – Umbrella
  • Scratch Bonus: Motion: Glide – Umbrella.

Satellite Information

Kvaris Campaigns


  • Twitter Follow and Retweet Campaign
    • Starts after June 8th Maintenance ~
  • Limited Time Login Bonus
    • Starts after June 15th Maintenance ~
  • Pre-Scheduled Emergency Quests
    • Starts after June 22nd Maintenance ~

Renaissa Weapon Campaign

  • Liu Lin is distributing ā˜…3 Renaissa weapon and armor.
  • The Renaissa series is top of the line among 3 star equipment.
  • You'll be able to equip this series starting from level 1.

Limited Time Tasks

  • Limited Task will be available in Chp1 and Chp2 of the story where players can get massive EXP.
  • Starts after June 8th Maintenance

Kvaris Outfit Pack

  • Silver Peaks Kvaris Pack Type 1 = 19.99 USD(1,980 AC)
  • Silver Peaks Kvaris Pack Type 2 = 19.99 USD(1,980 AC)
  • Aelio Nadar Renewal Pack = 14.99 USD (1,480 AC)
  • Aelio Nager Renewal Pack = 14.99 USD (1,480 AC)

AC Purchase Campaign

  • Purchase a certain amount of AC to get a Rappy Pendent, Rappy Ring, EX-EXP +50%, and more.
  • Starts after June 8th Maintenance

Deals in the SG Shop

  • Bundle set includes items such as EXP +50% [24hr] Booster.

Sonic's Birthday: June 16th

  • Celebrate Sonic's birthday with the Sonic Lobby and Sonic Nyau on PSO2 Blocks.
  • NGS Blocks will get Sonic related accessories and Music discs if you say the special phrase which will be announced on Twitter.

Japan Only Satellite Information


NGS Original Soundtrack Volume 1 and Volume 2

  • These two volumes will go on sale on July 20th, 2022!
  • Pre-sales will be available June 17th at the ARKS EXPO 2022.

PSO2 10th Anniversary Lawson Campaign

  • Mileage Campaign
    • Receive in-game gifts by purchasing qualifying products.
  • Novelty Present Campaign
    • Get a mini-note by purchasing qualifying products.
  • Storefront Goods Sale
    • Selling original merchandise and Lawson Prints.

Mileage Campaign

  • Purchase the qualifying Lotte sweets to receive Stamps.
  • You can trade in these stamps for in-game items like the Striped Uniforms.

Novelty Present Campaign

  • Bring any three sweets and a notebook to the register to receive an original NGS A5 Size Notebook.

10th Anniversary Project: Web Radio

  • Lenovo presents Yui and Popona ARKS RADIO!
  • It will be streaming on the Youtube channel on Wednesdays (4 Shows)


  • ARKS EXPO attendees can receive an item code for in-game EXPO shirts, lobby action, and Halpha Rappy mag form.

NGS and Japanese Traditional Nebuta

  • The Dark Falz Original Nebuta will be on display at the ARKS EXPO 2022.

Other Expo Contents

  • Exhibition Corner for PSO2's 10 Anniversary.
  • First public debut of concept materials.
  • Japanese style Mother Doll.
  • Various cosplay.

30 thoughts on “PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #12”

  1. No content, dead game. Why would anyone want fashion in this game that has a huge amount of customization?

    Sega is going to go bankrupt tomorrow. All the bugs are crawling all over my screen, game is impossible to play. Director took my lunch money to pay for NFTs.

    Did I get all the usual complaints that never go into detail and make you wonder why people don't just move on? If not, feel free to add.

    • complain all you want, this game is going to continue to make money and exist. Either move on to another game or get on with your life. I have the same complaints as everyone else and yet nothing's changing for the better with the current director who nearly killed the game during Ep5.

      If you guys don't want YSOK back then who, the Ep4 director? Ep2 director????? Chance it on a new director who might screw the game up for a year or so?

    • There is also the classic "WhO waNts tHiS? nO oNE cAreS!!!" This one reminds me of that kid who invents a game to play but changes the rules when they r losing. No one is allowed to have fun except for them, so they act like they speak for everybody about true quality cOnTeNT.

    • I knew [deleted] would fall right into this cockroach trap with his usual complaints. Right on cue, thanks for this comment OP.

  2. Jokes aside, I do have some general concern about the amount of content. They are definitely considering what they can do to add general extra stuff to do in the big world they have, but the core still lacks a lot of strength. Need more discoveries, for one. I get that everyone can get spoiled in a second here, but finding small caves to explore, maybe one's that lead to bonus trinia, "trigger portals" or big deposits that only refresh every week, might aid the exploration. As for combat, we really just need more things like Geo, tbh. Fighting during exploration and similar is fine, but the usual run around in a circle killing things was old even before PSO2's second episode.

    It's not like they don't have ideas either, we do get seasonal triggers to go through, and if they expanded on it, they could probably make people a bit more happy.

    I think above all, they really need more tasks, especially ones that actually leave marks on the world. Not everything needs to be voice acted, have big cutscenes, just some simple stuff, maybe even dialogue choices and gathering, what have you. Just something to make the world have a tad more adventure. Probably also don't pin point the exact areas to go to though. Would go a long way.

    And I get they don't want people to focus on PSO2, but my god they are wasting so much potential to not actually, ya know, use it during downtime between updates. I can't say for sure, but I would be honestly surprised if updating PSO2 with different bosses and quests, bonus stuff really, would cause problems for NGS, which means they could probably get some B team on there to make new content on occasion. Add in small tiny bonuses for the NGS side, maybe like a "Remanent bonus". Nothing to great, like completing a certain set of quests and challenges would get you a permanent 1 PP in NGS and would stack with others for a total of 5. Good enough to bother with, not suffering if you don't get it.

    As for the update its self, IDK how to feel. It's definitely going to be big and take up some time but some of the classes get some mixed amount of fun. I assume this won't be all of what we will be getting, but Fo getting a fire "mastery" is both necessary but underwhelming. Meanwhile Br gets a much needed skill to improve Katana.

    Though I am hopeful, if they make Mr Angry Eyes face, hopefully we'll get a more mature female face in the future. I guess it won't kill me if they don't but I feel so limited with what's on offer.

    Also hoping racing with the snow boards can allow for some challenges. I know some people grown at gimmicks like these but they can be nice diversions.

    • I heard that the reason why retem have its stellar seeds all in one place is because people were too lazy to go around the place looking for the alphas, so, as much as more tasks and more gathering would sound nice, people r still going to complain about it. To me, the biggest mistake that sega has ever done, maybe even before pso2 came to exists, was trying to please everybody, which end up pleasing nobody.
      Doing something on base pso2 was something i commented on with a friend months ago, but guess what, there will still be people complaining about it. Since they try to consider every player, there will be people who never played based game before missing out on content because they dont have gear for it, and if the reward isnt worth it, then most people wont even bother with it.
      One thing that i observed with hero release years ago is that it feels like a marketing strategy to make the classes unbalanced on purpose, since pso2 is and has always been a big open beta game instead of the "fully released game" that people treat it as such ("release all areas and all classes already" "what? i have to grind for more gear? this is becoming pointless, i bought a relik for 69.420.000 meseta and now i have to invest in more gear?!?! nani?!?") by making them unbalanced, 1: u have room for improvements, 2: u give people reason to come back if they left, or for the people who stayed to try out new things, for example, on this dark weak seasonal event, i found it hard to use both of the dark techs on multiple enemies, but when i used that talis PA that creates a circle, but on its 1st stage, i found myself dealing way too much damage.
      By the end of the day, people will only fully enjoy this game (or anything else in life) when they come to realize that life doesnt always give us everything we want, but we can still find ways to enjoy it, if u r open minded enough for it… (which feels like no one is these days)

  3. Open world is a meme.
    It's not something you can update fast enough for an online-game.
    They couldn't even keep up with new dungeons in classic PSO2.
    It's one bad decision after another.
    Make Ysok director again. Though at this point you gotta be a genius to salvage this mess.

    • there it is. someone whos bitching about ysok not being the director since miobunny left it out of his comment

    • I disagree, it can be updated at a reasonable pace with a proper backlog and intelligent use of what you have.

      The problem is they're not exactly doing the latter. And it doesn't feel like they're funding enough or they just released this a bit too early. It was clear something wrong happened, because really, games like WoW and ESO are technically massive open worlds. It's just, ya know, they gave those games time to be made before throwing them out there.

      The whole product just screams mismanagement.

      JFC, learn from Random here to at least try to not be hostile 24/7. We don't need another locked comment section

  4. Both happy and sad. Happy we are all getting a decent amount of content, but sad nothing to scratch my summoner itch.

    I miss my pet's šŸ™

  5. Yeah more combat zone, more annoying T, more storm rush, more bad room system

    Base was far from perfect, but yet was a good game to spend a lot of time,

    I loved FARM in base, you selected a quest on counter, you played with random people and/or friends, you just needed to run over and over the quest until you had enough, and you was able to actually talk to others because ship/pool and waiting a bit for 12/12 offered a window for it.

    Now you join a storm gig, a combat zone, you launch UQ from anywhere,
    There is no window for chilling, if someone talks IG during a quest it's for yelling "THIS GUY AFK REPORT" or "WHY DID YOU USED SHIELD" (yeah all in caps) it show how painfull is to play that game

    NGS: always in a rush, no fun, no rewarding content, no growth
    Gear gives you +x% dmg SO FUN, i can't wait to be lvl99999999999999 to farm combat zone nĀ°99999 and have +99999999%dmg on my character that have the exact same pool of movesets, skills, arts and whatever than a lvl1 one.

  6. Looking forward to farm at Rayjord Gorge for a few weeks, longer if this place means money
    Excited to finally progress the story, hopefully can see what this planet is about in 9 years
    Stylish Roll Counter Bullet adds more chain. More chain is nice….
    Foie Brand is more power to powerful Force, which is good
    Wide Range Weak Bullet is….. condolences to Rangers who want out from being WB slave
    Triplble is nice
    I have no interest in Field Races, but it certainly looks fun with a team
    Finally can auto-sell!***
    Team Tasks is great benefit to lure players into a team, assuming they are alive
    The new face can finally ease users trying hard to make NGS Heihachi
    Space nun's hair is insta buy
    May wanna watch out on that Wedding Dress quality spec
    All the QoL features are always welcome especially the ornament display and the annoying region mag animation
    Can finally create a not-so-bad NGS Raiden with Original Creations B
    Lastly, Rappy ring and Lawson cake LA

    It's more or less the usual NGS region update. New update is always welcome. šŸ™‚

  7. "Regular users can also use the Auto-Sell feature through SG"
    Does that mean a one-time or a regular payment? Because the latter will mean that it won't be worth it, so 6/8 players during a PSE burst will still be standing around, not fighting, because they're too busy sorting out their inventories.

    • If they make it otherwise who will ever buy their inventory slots then. Of cause it'll be regular.

  8. This game is clearly a beta for that new Sonic open world game. New area still seems lacking in content that people actually want to play. I'll be surprised if any of this stuff manages to stay fun for longer than a few minutes.

    The new skills look beyond lame. Extra attack for Sabers and Wands? Really? Thanks to all the mindless drones who told SEGA they think the combat is just fine as it is. "More left-click normal attacks plz! So fun!!!"

    99% of the fashion items continue to be uninteresting, too. Can't help but constantly feel that I really miss original PSO2. Yes, we can always go back to PSO2, but there's nobody there anymore.

  9. More rant about game mechanics and failled dev:

    -One of the 1st endgame meta was to stay AFK north aelio (for hours) until storm pops [I don't think they wanted the content beeing played like this]

    -With updated gig, the meta was rushing room after room to find gigas [I don't think they wanted the content beeing played like this]

    -The combat zone got many many updates, separating to cheese burst was meta for ages, now waiting for storm and spamming room in hope to enter [I don't think they wanted the content beeing played like this]

    -Deft farm/map farm : people stay separated to cheese mob spawn [I don't think they wanted the content beeing played like this]

    -Captan release, everyone create room for age to cheese it [I don't think they wanted the content beeing played like this]

    All the meta is abusing/cheesing room system or cheesing bad designed mechanics (mob respawn/PSE gauge) that's the main raison why the game sucks to me

    It's called OPEN WORLD, why the hell you are able to abuse the game so easily, and furthermore HAVE TO abuse the game because of the ridiculous RNG by restricting yourself to an IN/OUT mechanic (base was not OW and yet we had no need to do that), why everyone HAVE to cheese and aglutinate in the same suffocating spot, spamming "enter-enter-enter…" That room and do the thing again, again and again.

    Ridiculous, for me that block/room system should be their MAIN priority, they can't completly redisign the system I guess, but they need to do something to punish/cancel the cheesing/abuse of mechanics beeing the only endgame content/meta


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