Kvaris Release Date and DLC Packs Preview


The second major update for PSO2 New Genesis is slated to launch on June 8th! Two DLC packs will be released that very same day.

Hit the frigid slopes of Kvaris in fur-lined costumes and "Short Skis" dash and glide motions. Catch our coverage of the next NGS Headline broadcast on May 31st for more information regarding the update.

13 thoughts on “Kvaris Release Date and DLC Packs Preview”

    • It was expected from the beginning: like all modern Free to Play games it's just a money sucking tool with as much as can less efforts put in.

    • You are complaining about clothing and no content about a post on clothing that is coming alongside a heap of content.

      Not sure you are arguing against the game in the way that portrays you in the best light ^^;

  1. I agree no content just scratches and cosmetics so far.

    One year, two regions, still the main meta is.. abuse room search, abuse room mechanics.

    The game is OPEN WORLD, and yet feel more suffocating than any game I ever played even on super old consoles.

    Room/block is an HORRIBLE gamedesign

    Tied with the fomo ABUSE (Limited scratches, limited gear, limited battlepasses, limited dailies, limited quests, limited region/quest boosts, limited weeklies, limited time to dig, limited shops, limited recycle, limited storms, limited emergencies, limited points, limited events, limited augments, limited concert, limited duration of buffs like food/mag/rdr+, limited titles…)

    All of this for things that nobody cares.

    All the economy is based on haircuts and boobs.

  2. Look I'm not pleased with many things NGS is doing, but how are all of you dumb enough to walk into a post specifically about costumes and stuff and complain about costumes when this has been the case for years?

    Yeah no shit the DLC costume preview is going to be about a costume! I don't go to the meat part of a store and bitch about how there's no soup there! Save for unhinged whining for the broadcast or something!


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