PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #2


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Early August Update

Side Story, Braver, SG Scratch

August 4th Update

  • Braver Class is now available.
  • Bravers can use Katanas and Bullet Bows
  • With the skill "Brave Combat" you can perform a powerful finishing attack.
  • NPC Dierde will become Braver's class instructor. She's 18 years old.

August 4th Update

  • Katana PA Combo has three levels of Action Changes when the same Photon Art is used multiple times in succession!
  • Bullet Bow normal attacks can be launched while moving around, and you can attack while charging.

Braver Skills

  • Brave Combat (Braver Weapon Only)
    • For a limited time, PP consumption is reduced and PP recovery is increased with attacks. Reusing the skill while it's active will unleash a finishing blow.
  • Brave Combat Short Cycle
    • Reduces the duration of Brave Combat, but in exchange, the cooldown time will be reduced.
  • Katana Guard Counter Advanced (Katana)
    • Adds a shockwave to Katana Guard Counter if you successfully perform a Just Guard using the weapon action.
  • Bow Elusion Plus
    • Using a Weapon Action while pressing the directional pad at just the right time after releasing a Photon Art will make you slide while attacking.
  • Resta Effect Amplifier
    • Increases HP recovery amount when you use Resta Signs.

Other Braver Skills

  • Brave Combat
    • Brave Combat Close Range | Brave Combat Arrow Mates
    • Brave Combat Short Cycle | Brave Combat Final Bonus
  • Resta Effect Amplifier | Breakfall HP Gain | Mighty Guard
  • Katana Guard Counter
    • Katana Guard Counter Advanced | Fearless Attitude
  • Katana PA Combo Retention
  • Bow Elusion Counter | Bow Elusion Plus | Tracer Arrow

New Special Ability Capsule

  • A new special ability was made especially for Bravers.
  • It's known as Dasha Diable or (Melra Dualble in the global version.)
    • This increases Striking / Range Power
    • Dasha Diable I = +0.75% Str/Rng Power

August 4th Update

  • Astute Braver: SG Scratch
  • Dress up in outfits and hairstyles based on the Braver Class
  • Lobby Action: Braver Pose

August 4th Update

  • AC Scratch: Sunshine Marine Stars
  • Lobby Action: Eat Ice Cream
  • Motion: Idle – Yummy Ice Cream
  • Motion: Glide Helicopter (Scratch Bonus)

August 11th Update

  • Oracle Renewal Collection II (AC Scratch)
  • N-Pure Maid Dress, N-Cursed Coat
  • Lobby Action: Heart Pose and Bang Bang Pose, Katana / Bow

August 11th Update

  • Side Story "A Melancholy Monument"
  • New Feature: Toggle the display of Mags

PSO2 > NGS Mag Evolution Device

  • Unfortunately the Mag Evo Device information from PSO2 to NGS has been postponed until October. They want to prioritize fixing bugs first and had to delay this feature.

Late August Update

Emergency Defense Quest

August 18th Update

  • New Emergency Quest "Mining Rig Defense"
  • Up to 8 players will join to protect the mining rigs from level 20 enemies.
  • Gather up "Collect Signs" to activate the mining rig's defenses or to use the mobile cannons!

August 18th Update

  • New self destructing enemies called "Boms" will spawn. In addition, aerial Dolls called "Destragras" will also spawn.
  • You'll need to be careful as they'll try to destroy the Mining Rigs with a number of stylish attacks.
  • Evolcoat weapons will be available as rewards. This series of weapons will be available in every category.
  • The rewards for this quest depend on the number of enemies defeated. You'll still receive rewards even if all the rigs are destroyed.

August 18th Update

  • Summer Sky Seaside (AC Scratch)
  • Lobby Action: Parasol, Muscle Pose, Enjoy Summer
  • Motion: Idle – Heat Fan, and the Scratch bonus: Swim – Butterfly

August 25th Update

  • Arks Conductor (SG Scratch)
  • Dress up like Mannon, Bruder/Dozer, and Ran
  • Bruzyne/Dozy Head
  • Stamp: Ran Shocked
  • Hand Pose: Pinch

Campaigns & Merch

Summer Arks, Luxurious AC, Deluxe Package

From August 4th Onward (Both JP and Global)

  • A login bonus will be held to celebrate the release of the new Braver Class and Defense Quest.
  • There will be a campaign where you can get new Special Ability capsules and the N-Color Change Pass.
  • Campaign List
    • Braver Commemorative Login Bonus
    • Defense Quest Commemorative Login Bonus
    • ARKS Training Program
    • New Arks Support Present Campaign

Luxurious AC Campaigns

  • AC Auto Charge & Quick Charge Campaign [JP]
    • Purchasing AC through Quick Charge and Auto Charge will net you a N-Color Change Pass
  • Play AC Scratch Tickets Campaign
    • Play an AC Scratch Ticket during the campaign to receive 10 N-Grinders.
  • AC Shop Bargains
    • Purchase the 90 day Premium Set to also receive a bonus Emilia – Praise stamp.

Aelio Deluxe Packages – August 18th

  • Aelio Nadar Deluxe Pack (4,300 AC)
    • Japan: PS Store, Nintendo eShop, AC Shop
    • Global: Microsoft Store, Epic Games Store, Steam, and the in-game AC Shop.
  • Aelio Nager Deluxe Pack (4,500 AC)
    • Japan: PS Store, Nintendo eShop, AC Shop
    • Global: Microsoft Store, Epic Games Store, Steam, and the in-game AC Shop.
  • Can only be purchased once per store.
Aelio Nadar Items#
Aelio Nadar[Ba]1
Azmito Hair1
Levaia Sunglasses1
Levaia Tattoo1
Estive Tattoo1
Estive Tattoo/B1
Mo [Swim – Crawl]1
St [Aina – Ride the Wave!]1
Premium Set 15 Days2
Material Storage 15 Days2
N-Rare Drop Rate+50%3
N-EXP Earned+10%3
Free Salon Pass1
N-Half Doll5
Aelio Nager Items#
Aelio Nager[Ba]1
Azmina Hair1
Estive Corsage1
Estive Pareo1
Nagerin Sleeves1
Estive Tattoo1
Estive Tattoo/B1
Mo [Swim – Crawl]1
St [Aina – Ride the Wave!]1
Premium Set 15 Days2
Material Storage 15 Days2
N-Rare Drop Rate+50%3
N-EXP Earned+10%3
Free Salon Pass1
N-Half Doll5

Intel × PSO2 New Genesis Campaign [Global]

  • Purchase qualifying Intel Processor-based devices to receive the "746: Intel" lobby action.
  • The Japanese version is also receiving this campaign but details are not yet ready.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Fashion Catalog [Japan]

  • Sales Date: July 30th
  • Price: 4,000 Yen
  • More details in our next post.

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August 24, 2021

20 thoughts on “PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #2”

    • at timestamp 8:44 of their headline (GL) they showed skill tree for braver:
      there's a skill called "Katana Guard Counter" (KGC for short) which in it's turn has 2 sub-skills :
      – KGC Advance (skill description: Adds a shockwave to KGC) (time stamp: 8:47)
      – Fearless Attitude
      Unfortunately they didn't move cursor on KGC or Fearless attitude, so i can't provide you with their descriptions. But it's 100% safe to guess that KGC is our old friend Katana Counter (just no gear to accumulate and gain atk % it seems)

    • They give U quest for each of currently available class:
      – talk to class change npc as specific class
      – defeat 20 *mob type* in *area*
      – don't remember what is the 3rd requirement in those quests

      in cbt they had 6 npcs total, now they combined them into 3 (I think)
      making braver npc 4th one (which probably will include braver/bouncer/summoner eventually)

    • Game is already dying out with this pathetic updates.
      this is becoming a cash grab game at this point.

  1. Seriously, who was waiting for mining base to be ported to NGS? I The only one I could tolerate was mining base 4 because it was short. And only one run.

    • Honestly I used to like TD3, TD4 (Before successor classes) and EBQ II, because they were the longest tower defense EQs. As for TD on NGS, I feel like it's a desperate move to try to bring people back into the game.

    • SEGA planned for this TD long ago so it's not really a desperate move, just the usual them not giving a shit about crumbling game and releasing roadmap no content at planned snail pace. Seeing the preview, TD was probably the easiest thing for SEGA to make after gigani – use existing part of world, just make one tower model and slap respawns at intervals, UQ done!

  2. The only thing that catches my attention in these future "updates" (if they can even be called updates) is the red swimwear because it has "Angelina" vibes all over it.

    I wouldn't say it's much of a cashgrab as PSO2 was, afterall PSO2 had new scratches every 15 days, not that doing the same for NGS would be any different, NGS would be just as bad as it currently is

  3. I got the 90 day premium set within the dates mentioned and no Emilia – Praise stamp. If it's something they'll give out later I fail to see why we would have to wait for something so simple.

    • I don't think that campaign is active yet (even though the slide says it starts today). I'm not sure if they'll give a compensation for that, but you should wait until they actually appear in Campaign posts.

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