PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #21


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March 1st Update

Giant Mutants Part Deux

Giant Mutants

  • Giant Mutants will appear in different sectors
  • Garango Geo will spawn in North Aelio and South Kvaris
  • Waulon Geo will appear in Central Retem and Dreisen Plant
  • Rank 2 added to Geometric Labyrinth
    • A Brand new enemy will appear that can clone itself.
    • Solo and Class-Specific ARKS Records for Rank 2

Revival Scratch

  • PSO2-Spec Scratch: Early Spring Memories
  • NGS-Spec Scratch: Rewind Collection 10
    • Items that haven't been re-released since Last March.

March 8th Update

Spring Event '23

Spring Event

  • Spring decor in Central City and Other Areas
  • Mischief symbols will also appear.
  • Hululu Rappy and Hululu EmpeRappy
  • New ★8 Trunkul series
    • Increases damage resistance each time a critical attack occurs.
    • Sezun Springfiv
      • Versus Spring '23 Enemies:
      • Power +5%
      • Critical Hit Rate +20%
      • Damage Resistance +25%
    • Get the Trunkul Armaty Camo from Title Rewards for collecting 300,000 Seasonal Points
  • Co-Op Trials with special characters.

Spring Event

  • Xiandy is the event navigator this time
  • Seasonal Point Exchange Shop
    • Gradient Heart Glasses Accessory
    • Motion Change: Idle Rappy Plush B
    • Ability IV (Mastery IV) & Gigas IV Capsules
  • Spring '23 Special Scratch Tickets
    • New Weapon Camos and Items released in the past that are hard to find.
    • Some of these items will be added to the regular Special Scratch in the future, but they'll be harder to obtain. So now's the time to get the items you want.
    • Spring '23 Special Scratches Tickets can be obtained from certain Tasks, the Seasonal Point exchange shop, and Limited Quests.

Limited Quest: Drill: Unidentified Region A16

  • Defeat hordes of enemies to earn Quest Points.
  • You will earn Seasonal Points based on how you've placed in the total rankings for Quest Points.
  • Gold & Silver Rare Enemies, Rappies, Equalizing Enemies, Hovacs will be worth more Quest Points when defeated. You'll also earn Quest Points based on the amount of damage inflicted on bosses.
  • Falling out of bounds will result in a time penalty
  • Mobile Cannons can only be used once during the quest.
  • When you complete the quest, the Trunkul weapon series and Spring '23 Special Scratch tickets may drop along with Seasonal Points.
  • The higher the quest rank, the more likely Spring '23 Special Scratch Tickets will drop.
  • Field Race: Mediola Outer Area 2 Board (Stage 1)

AC Scratch: Mystic Explorer

  • Dress up in Samurai-themed kimono and Sci-fi sorcerer outfits.
  • Lobby Actions: Buddy Pose
  • Motion Changes: Motion Glide – Bat & Motion Idle – Wulfen
  • Scratch Count Bonus: Motion Glide – Bat EX

March 15th Update

SG Scratch Refined Form Reival

SG Scratch: Refined Form Revival

  • Revival for Refined Form Scratches.
  • There will be no once a day free ticket for this Scratch.

Mission Pass Season 18

  • Mag Form Owl / Machina
  • Dragon Ring
  • Lux Ende
  • Lux Nero

ARKS Record: 3 Field Race Courses

March 22nd Update

Spring '23 Part 2

Limited Event: Spring '23 Part 2

  • Drill: Unidentified Region X1024
    • Compete for the most quest points.
    • Single User Mobile Cannon
    • Blastisignes will appear.
  • New Items Added to Seasonal Shop
    • Rappy Pouch Accessory
    • Glide – R Mag Minimo B
    • Spring '23 SP Scratch Tickets

AC Scratch: Vigilant Recruit

  • Tactical sytle uniforms and Sci-fi Dresses
  • Lobby Actions: Floatin Leg Crossing
  • Motions: Idle – Marmelo
  • Scratch Bonus: Air Fighter EX

Field Races & ARKS Record

  • Field Race: Halphiria Lake Board (Stage 1)
  • ARKS Record for Geometric Labyrinth Rank (3/29 ~ 4/5)

New Class: Slayer

Gunslash Weapon Class

Coming Mid April

Arks Operation Report

Question and Answer Session

When taking a screenshot, the character fades out if you move the camera too close to the character. Can you make it so we can take close-up shots?

In a future update, we will make adjustments to allow you to get closer to the character when zooming in with the [Fixed Camera]. This will allow for close-ups without causing fade-outs.

During Mini Episodes, the button to skip dialogue doesn't skip the voice being played.

They plan to improve event scenes so that the voice playback is skipped when the dialogue is skipped by the player. Please note, for event scenes in which the dialogue progresses automatically, the specifications will remain the same as it is now.

Will a Premium Set be required to use the Creative Space?

Everyone will be able to use ONE free Creative Space per Account per Ship. Premium Set users will have access to one additional space. Each Space will be the same size and have the same functions available.

I would like to be able to repeatedly generate Add-On Skills.

In a future update, after Add-On skill generation, a confirmation screen with the same conditions will be displayed making it easier to generate add-on skills in succession.

Can you make photo rooms usable in cities and camps?

We are planning to expand functionality to allow usage of Photo Rooms in cities and camps in the future.

Satellite Information

Merch, Campaigns, Events

March Campaigns

  • Slayer Preparation Campaign: March 1st~
    • Earn [Slayer Operation Prep Tickets] by completing Limited-time Tasks.
    • You can earn up to 20 [Slayer Operation Prep Tickets]
    • Trade in the Tickets for Gunslash weapons and camos.

March Campaigns

  • Enhancement Boost Campaign: March 1st ~
    • Grind Great Success +40% and Special Ability Success Rate +5% for All Weapons and Units!
  • Global 3rd Anniversary: March 8th ~
    • Receive 10 [Special Scratch Tickets] and Grinding Support Items to commemorate the 3rd Anniversary of Global PSO2.Furthermore there will be a Salon Free-For-All campaign and more!
  • Boost Campaign: March 15th ~
    • Boost Event with Rare Drop Rate +25%, Seasonal Point Acquisition Rate +50% and Preset Skill Drop Rate +150% for Limited Quests

JAPAN: Satellite Information

100 Hours Curry

Phantasy Star Series 35th Anniversary Project


  • This is a collaboration with [ARCS Co. Ltd.] Get it?
  • Purchasing the qualifying Curry Sets will give you an Item Code that contains a set of items.
  • Participating Stores:
    • 100 HOURS CURRY Shop (April 6 ~ May 7th)
    • Official EC Shop (April 6 ~ May 31st)
  • Possible Item Rewards Based on Which Random Set You Get
    • 100 HOURS Curry (24hr: +10% Meseta / EXP / Rare Drop Boost)
      • Surprisingly they missed the opportunity to make it 100 hours.
    • 100 HOURS Curry Sticker
    • 100 HOURS Curry Stamps (Two)
    • 100 HOURS Curry Pot Accessory
    • 100 HOURS Curry Plate Accessory
    • 100 HOURS Curry Lobby Action

12 thoughts on “PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #21”

  1. Will already existing weapon series get a gunslash entry added and will that also apply to existing weapon camos that can be applied to every weapon except for gunslashes so far? You know, *シルヴァプリムアルマティ, *リサージュアルマティ, *ククロゼアトアルマティ and so on?

    • Assuming they treat it like they did with Tact, NGS-grade camos for the weapon series should support Gunslash if a Gunslash is made for that category.

  2. Yes! Cast representation for Slayer class!

    I am so happy and relieved that Sega is giving access to free players to the entire Creative Space. Given how stingy they were with Personal spaces on PSO2 with the free personal space, I was expecting to have only access to a small plot of land meanwhile Premium got what was shown on the previous headline. Getting that entire space while Premium users get an additional one is excellent. Premium players get added value to their set and free players aren't punished in any way.

  3. Slayer vs Luster…. I like the name Luster more. Slayer sounds too cringe…. that and the setup for innuendos.

    I'm not expecting Slayer to be a good class. Video is just hyping the class up like they did before. Some people will like it, some people will not. I'll try it out, but I feel like there is going to be much disappointment after the hype.

    • It's a safe bet to expect it to utilize R-ATK. Fully expecting it to have a skill which equals your S/R-ATK to make it more convenient.

    • Yeah, if it doesn't have a Special Ability Optimization skill like Br and Bo, then based on how much they emphasized the range and shooting in the PAs and skills, I would place my bets on it just using R-ATK.

    • Considering the Gunslash at its core in terms of setup is a Striking weapon (note the red icon, not blue), I'd wager it'll be S-ATK based..

      Given that this is likely the ONLY weapon this class can use, they might make it work different and have it scale off the corresponding values per attack like it did in base.. in which case I'd expect a skill like Bo and Br have to use whichever stat is highest for both.

    • This campaign list seems to confirm it will be scaling off R-ATK with the pre-affixes on the weapons.

      @Violent Vodka – Many players had that initial reasoning when Luster was announced. If I recall a lot of Collection File gunslashes on PSO2 also ended up having R-ATK on their pre-affixes. It was very confusing especially with how the PAs were split up in damage.

  4. Very cool, but I wanted them to import and adapt the style of inflicting damage and etc, of the last four classes in PSO2, Hero, Phantom (mainly this one <3), Etoile and Luster. These 4 have really cool potential


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