PSO2 NGS JP: Maintenance (03/01/2023)

Regular Maintenance

Regular Maintenance

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 03/01/2023 @ 10:55 ~ 17:30

What We Getting Tonight?

Giant Mutants Event: Part 2

PSO2-Spec Revival Scratch: Early Spring Memories

NGS-Spec Revival Scratch: Rewind Collection 10

Get Ready For Slayer Campaign

3.01.2023 ~ 4.05.2023

Earn [Slayer Preparation Special Emblems] by completing Limited-Tasks during the campaign period.

  • New Tasks will be released every week until March 29th
  • Please Note: The duration period in which you can accept the tasks will vary based on what the Limited-Task specifies.
  • You can earn a maximum of 20 Emblems through this campaign.

Slayer Preparation Special Emblems Exchange Shop

Trade in [Slayer Preparation Special Emblems] at the Item Trader in each region.

4.05.2023 ~ 6.07.2023

「*Curio Talon Schneider 」×12
「*Relic Axeon CV」×12
「Trunkle Slash +50」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Seigain Slash +50」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Crystia Slash +50」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Rugged Slash +50」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Sechstyl Slash +50」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Cinquem Slash +50」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Evolcoat Slash +50」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「*Trunkle Armati 」×12
「*Seigain Armati 」×12
「*Crystia Armati 」×12
「Special Scratch Ticket」×101
「N-EXCube 」×51
「Arms Refiner 」×4
「Arms Refiner Ⅱ」×22
「Slayer Preparation Special Emblems」×2*Curio Talon Schneider ×1
*Relic Axeon CV ×1

Special Abilities

ItemSpecial Ability
「Trunkle Slash +50」
「Crystia Slash +50」
「Rugged Slash +50」
「Sechstyl Slash +50」
「Cinquem Slash +50」
「Evolcoat Slash +50」
Doldora Soul Ⅳ
Shoot Ⅳ
Alz Secrete Ⅳ
Ability Ⅳ
「Seigain Slash +50」Ice Weaker Ⅱ
Doldora Soul Ⅳ
Shoot Ⅳ
Alz Secrete Ⅳ
Ability Ⅳ
*Curio Talon Schneider | *Relic Axeon CV

Let's Buy AC Campaign

3.01.2023 ~ 3.08.2023

Purchase certain amounts of AC to receive rewards, like accessories and boosters.

Buy 500+ AC and Login「N-Earned EXP +25%」×1
Buy 4,000+ AC and Login「N-EX Rare Drop Rate+25%」×1
「Japanese-Style Earrings」(Accessory) ×1
Buy 8,000+ AC and Login「N-Earned EXP +50%」×1
「Floria Piercer」(Accessory) ×1
Buy 12,000+ AC and Login「N-Earned EXP +50%」×1
「Japanese-Style Earrings」(Accessory) ×1
「Floria Piercer」(Accessory) ×1

※ Upon satisfying the requirements, the rewards can be retrieved from the [Collect Campaign Reward(s)] menu.
※ AC/iAC purchased from PSO2es does not qualify for this campaign.

PSO2 Day!


Every 2nd of the month is PSO2 Day. Bonuses will be given to players when they log in on this day. All users will also be able to participate in a Limited Task on this very day!


Boost Event

  • Experience Boost +20%
  • Rare Drop Rate +50%

Limited Task

  • "PSO2 Day" Limited Task

PSO2 Blocks

Boost Event

  • FUN Earned +100%
  • EXP Gained +200%
  • Rare Drop Rate +200%
  • Gathering Fever Rate +100%

Boost Event

  • Equipment Grind Success +10%
  • Special Ability Success +15%
  • New-Type Weapon EXP Gain +15%

Rewards will be presented when you log into New Genesis during PSO2 Day!

  • SG 50 Ticket (x1)
  • Special Scratch Ticket (x2)

Screenshot Campaign

2.22.2023 ~ 3.08.2023 @ 11:00 JST

Participate in the screenshot campaign for a chance to win 1000 Star Gems and 3 N-Color Change Pass. Players can qualify by posting a tweet of your character wearing either the Wauron Mask or Head-Mount Gara Garongo accessory. You must use the hashtag specific to the version of the game you are playing.

Qualifying Accessories

Accessory NameAcquisition Method
Wauron Mask
Complete a Limited Task or Drops from Wauron Geo
Wauron Mask/B
Drops from Wauron Geo
Perched Gara Garongo
Complete a Limited Task or Drops from Garagarongo Geo
Perched Gara Garongo/B
Drops from Garagarongo Geo


  • SG 200 Ticket x5
  • N-Color Change Pass x3

Forty players will be selected in each respective version!

Character Creation Restrictions

  • The use of items distributed in collaboration with non-Sega titles is prohibited.
  • You are free to use any costume, hairstyle, accessory, etc., aside from the prohibited items.
  • You are free to use any of the editing features provided by the Salon.

How to Participate

  1. Follow the official NGS Account for the respective versions: JP: Rappy.commu | GB: PSO2 Global
  2. Submit a screenshot using the respective hashtag for each version.

Hashtag for Japan

Hashtag for Global

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