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July 5th

PSO2 11th Anniversary

  • Celebrate the 11th Anniversary of PSO2

PSO2 11th Anniversary

  • Central City, Region Mags, and Rappies will celebrate the 11th Anniversary.
  • Xieandy will be in a full Lillipan Suit.
  • The exchange shop will have various items
    • PSO2 11th Anniversary SP Scratch Ticket
    • BP: Anniva Flag
    • Mtn: Idle Umbrella /B
    • Star Gem Ring
    • Revolcoat Series +60 (Lv.6 Season Cycle Unit)
    • Arms Refiner II
    • Photon Chunk IIA and IIB

PSO2 11th Anniversary

  • Revolcoat Series are available in the exchange shop!
  • They have Grind +60, Potential Lv.6, and 5 Ability Slots.
  • Special Ability: Sezun Eleveceremofiv
    • Effective against PSO2 11th Anniversary Seasonal Enemies:
      • Power +10%
      • Critical Hit Rate +25%
      • Damage Resistance +30%
  • Additional Limited-time Tasks.

Limited Quest: Nazun's Big Quiz

  • Earn Points by answering NGS-themed quizzes.
  • Solo and All Classes > Arks Record: Trania: Fleeting Fight Rank.2

PSO2 11th SP Scratch

  • NGS-spec Avatar Items from Hitsugi, Enga, and Lillipans.
  • Weapon Camo CV: Phantom Gun and Divine Blade Ame No Murakumo
  • PErsona and Matoi avatar items are also coming back.
  • New Music Disc and Portable Holograms of Hitsugi and Lillipans.

Emergency Quest: Remnants of Ambition

  • Battle the Venogia Vera inside Leciel
  • This quest is accessed from the Kvaris region!
  • New Title Tasks

Creative Space

  • New Limited-time Tasks where you can earn Genesis Points!

AC Scratch: Designer Dreams Jul '23

  • Robo Fursuit, Maid, and Fluffy outfits
  • Lobby Action: Shell Bed / Mtn: Dash – Star Riding
  • Scratch Bonus: Mtn Glide – Star Riding EX

SG Revival Scratch: Halpha Revival Jul '23

  • Revival of past SG Ticket prizes
  • Also, there are Free SG Scratch Tickets where you can get 10x a day for Free!

July 12th

Limited-time Quest: Fortress in the Forest

  • It's a 4-Player Quest where you rescue a convoy in the Resol Forest
  • Fight Dolls, Rockbear Geos, and more, while utilizing the Hindras Lillies.
  • Limited-time Tasks. Complete quests to receive Seasonal Points and PSO2 11th SP Scratch Tickets.
  • ARKS Record: Field Race > South Aelio Dash (Stage 1: Solo)

AC Revival Scratch: 11th Anniv Memories

  • PSO2 Spec hairstyles, accessories, and other items from PSO2.
  • Ticket Version will also be released where the prize lineup is the same excluding the Scratch Count bonuses.

SG Scratch: Resurgent Force

  • Crawford, Zephetto, and Pharia avatar items
    • Pharia-related items are eligible for a Stage Bonus w/ a win-rate boost of up to 1.5x
  • Scratch Bonus: MTN: Idle – Stretch

Mission Pass: Season 22

  • Acc based on Back Unit Ivleda
  • Mag Form / Tibron: Transforms into a mechanical fish

July 19th

PSO2 11th Anniversary

  • Seasonal Point Exchange Shop
    • Rappy Claws
    • Mtn: Glide – Umbrella/B
    • BP: Anniva Symbol
  • Trigger Quest: Drill: Remnants of Ambition
    • Defeat Venogia Vera
  • ARKS Record: Field Race Central Retem Board (Stage 1): Solo

AC Scratch: Exotic Summer Night

  • Japanese pattern swimwear, loose-fitting jinbei, lace yukata.
  • Lobby Action: PR Pose 9
  • Motion: Swim – Banana Boat
  • Scratch Bonus: Motion: Glide – Graceful EX

July 26th

Limited-time Quest: Nazun's Big Quest! Part 2

  • Guess the Quintuplet quiz where you have to pick the correct Kvaris quintuplet NPC.
  • Where in the world are we? Guess the locations of Ryuker devices.
  • Limited-time Tasks where you can earn seasonal points and a Title.

ARKS Record: Field Race North Retem Board (Stage 1) Solo

Roadmap 2023

August ~ September '23

  • Standing Multi-party Quest
    • 8 Player Quest
    • A random dungeon that uses the Leceil interior map.
  • Ultra-high difficulty Standing Party Quest
    • You can use the strongest equipment you normally use.
    • New Boss exclusive to this quest.
      • Dark Falz-Class Starless
  • Limited-time Quest x6
  • Story: Chapter 6, Part 2
  • Creative Space
    • Team Creative Space
    • Retem-themed Base Terrain
      • Purchased through Genesis Points
    • New Build Parts
  • Collaboration / Scratch:
    • Isekai Anime (Uncle From Another World)
    • New Anime that just started airing.

October ~ November

  • Halloween '23 Event
  • New High Rank in Retem
    • Plus new Starless!
  • Duel Quest
  • Emergency Quest
  • Limited-Time Quest x4
  • Story Chapter 6: Part 3
  • Creative Space
    • Team Space Enhancements
      • Adding unique features for Teams to enjoy!
    • New Build Parts
  • Collaboration / Scratch:
    • Sci-fi Anime
    • Sci-fi Toy Products


  • Christmas '23
  • Ultra-high Difficulty Standing Party Quest
  • Duel Quest
  • Limited-time Quest
  • Chapter 6: Part 4
  • New Build Parts
  • Collaboration / Scratch:
    • Action Anime

August Teaser

Dark Falz-Class Starless
Arriving August

ARKS Operation Report

Would it be possible to erase the border lines displayed for areas that cannot be entered when taking screenshots?

We plan on expanding options to the [/uioff] command and [Hide UI] options in Easy Photo Mode to include non-UI elements such as border lines. This will be added in a future update.

I would like numerical values to be shown to the [Adjust Physique] option in the Salon. Accessories are easier to rotate thanks to there being numerical values, but it would be much easier to make adjustments to my character's physique if the sliders would also show the numbers.

We are in the process of implementing a numerical notation system, but only for NGS Blocks.

Can you make Concert Effect be received even if we are outside the cities?

We are considering adding specifications to Nadereh's Concert events that would allow players to complete a special Title task after having participated a certain number of times. From that point on, they would receive Concert effects even when outside the city.

Could you make it easier to generate high-level Add-on Skills?

We plan on adding an add-on skill generation that will have a higher effect level limit in a future update.

Would it be possible to raise the levels of Presets?

We are planning to implement an enhanced preset skills feature to the [Item Lab] in a future update. This feature will allow players to select a [base item] and a [material item] and perform an enhancement which will have a set chance to increase the level of the preset skill by 1.

The required material item must be weapons that can be multi-weaponized or armor that has preset skills at or above the Lv. of the base item. These will be consumed whether the enhancement succeeds or fails.

Could we have a stronger crackdown on abandonment and other disruptive behaviors?

We will investigate and confirm cases of abandonment and other disruptive behaviors in violation of public order and take actions as required such as banning accounts.

As per our terms of service, we will continue to enforce stricter penalties for players who engage in disruptive behavior.

If you observe any disruptive behavior, please report it using our in-game reporting feature.

Global Only! Satellite Information

Anime Expo 2023

  • PSO2 NGS will be at Anime Expo 2023
  • Date: July 1st ~ July 4th | 10AM to 6PM
  • Location: LA Convention Center
  • Bonus: An in-game item code will be distributed.
    • Companion Aina
    • Rappy Cap
    • BP: Sonic
    • STP: Aina – Nice to Meet You
    • STP: Rappy – Good mood
    • Evolution Device: Green Puyo
    • N-Rare Drop Rate +25% (x3)
    • N-EXP Earned +25% (x3)

Anime Expo 2023

  • T-Shirt (M / L / 2XL) ($37.21)
  • Steel Badges Set of 3 ($10.93)

Satellite Information

Uncle From Another World

  • A Collaboration with Uncle From Another World will be released in August.
  • Expect Avatar Items Camos, Lobby Actions, Creative Space goods, Stamps, and Portable Holograms!

PSO2 11th Anniversary (July 4th @ 0:00 JST)

  • A secret phrase will be announced from the official PSO2 Twitter account. Say the phrase using the in-game chat to receive items such as the BP: Golden Rappy Plus, a BP: PSO2 11th Anniversary Poster, and more!

10x a Day Free SG Scratch (July 5th~)

Salon Free-For-All Campaign (July 5th~)

  • Use the Salon without consuming the [Salon Pass S] or [Salon Free Pass]
  • Get one N-Color Change Pass a week, up to two total.

Limited-time Special Login Bonus (July 5th~)

  • Log into the game for up to 14 days to receive Stamps, Weapon Camo, and Portable Holograms!

Screenshot Submission Campaign (July 5th~)

  • Take A screenshot in the Creative Space and post it on Twitter for a chance to win 1000 SG and N-Color Change Pass

Pre-Scheduled Emergency Quest & Limited-time Movie LIVE (July 12th~)

  • Emergency Quest: Remnants of Ambition and a Limited-time Movie LIVE will occur at specific dates and times. Part of the concert from PSO2 blocks will be shown in NGS Blocks as a movie event.

2-A Day! Special AC Scratch Ticket Giveaway (July 13th @ 04:00 JST~)

  • Earn two Special AC Scratch Tickets a day by completing Tasks.

World Trial: Stellar Grace Recovery Operation (July 27th @ 0:00 JST ~)

Anniversary Boost 1 (July 5th~)

  • All Sectors and Quests will experience a [Preset Skill Attachment Rate +110%] Boost.

Anniversary Boost 2 (July 19th~)

  • Limited Quest Fortress in the Forest will experience a Seasonal Point, Rare Drop Rate, and Preset Skill Attachment Rate boost.

Anniversary Boost 3 (July 26th~)

  • Nazun's Big Quiz Part 2 will experience a Seasonal Point and Rare Drop boost.

Log in to get A Music Disc

  • Get the vocal version of Unfathomable Darkness as a music Disc

Next Headline

July 25th 2023

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