PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #30


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Super Genesis Festival

Super Genesis Festival

  • Several Campaigns will be held to celebrate NGS 2.5 year Anniversary.

Super Genesis Festival

  • Campaigns will be held all throughout December and into the New Year.
  • More details below.

Story Campaign

  • Completing through Chapter 5 of the story can net you 2.5 mil Meseta, as well as SG Legacy Coordination Badges, Special Scratch Tickets (x20), and more.

Extended Salon Free-Use Period For New Characters

  • New Characters will be freely able to edit their body shape and other features in the salon for a longer duration of time. It will be changed from 5 hours to 72 hours!

Balance Adjustments For Quests and Reward Enhancements

  • Certain Story Quests will be easier to complete and have enhanced rewards. Accompanying NPCs will have increased attack frequency and power for some difficulty levels.

Reach Lv. 65 And Get Grind Lv. +80 Equipment.

  • You can get enhanced ★9 weapons and ★7 armor at grind Lv. 80 and affixed special Abilities when your class reaches level 65!

Super Salon Free-For-All Campaign

  • You can use the Salon without purchasing or consuming the Salon Pass S or Salon Free Pass!

Super Genesis Gifts Part 1

  • Log in during the campaign period to get N-Color Change Pass (x15) and Material Storage Use (15) Days, and Genesis Points.

Genesis Point Super Boost Campaign

  • During the login period, gain a Genesis Points Acquired Rate +100%.

Super Treasure Scratch

  • Get up to 6 Treasure Scratch Tickets through Daily Tasks. All EQs will have Treasure Scratch Tickets added as drops. You can also complete EQs twice!

Super Pre-Scheduled Emergency Quests (December 20th)

  • Emergency Quests and Eternal Encore: Christmas Edition movie will be held. All EQs will experience [Rare Drop Rate +100%] and [Preset Ability Item Drop Rate +100%]. The Emergency Quests can be completed twice!

Reach Level 65 and Get Powerful Grinded Lv +80 Weapon

  • Get grinded 9 weapons and 7 armor with Grind Lv. +80 and special abilities when your class reaches Lv. 65!

More EXP For Sub-Classes

  • The EXP earned by the Sub-Class will increase from 50% to 90% of the total EXP earned.

Other Features

  • Automatically Receive Material Storage Use (15 Days) after completing the tutorial.
  • Removed Battle Power restrictions on some Story Quests.
  • Permanent EXP +300% boost applied to Combat Sectors where Enemies Lv. 70 or BELOW spawn.
  • Added Support NPCs in Combat Sectors and Emergency Quests

Post your Online ARKS ID on X with the hashtag based on the region you play:

  • #NGS超創世祭
  • #NGSSuperGenesisFestival

If there are more than 5000 posts, all players will get 725: [Persona] Pose and [Persona] Outfit.

December 6th

Chapter 6: Part 4

  • Aina is struggling as a new training instructor due to not having formal training. After consulting with the protagonist, she gets an idea to overcome her predicament.
  • Manon, working on the Recon Team, seems a bit off…

Tech/Arts Customization

  • Tech Arts Customization allows you to customize the effects of PAs and Techniques.
  • Customizations include features such as extended attack range, increased gauge accumulation, and more.
  • You can increase the level and enhance each effect by consuming materials and N-Meseta. The higher the level, the more materials needed, but the enhancement never fails.
  • This update will release 1 Photon Art of each Weapon Type and 1 of each for Fire, Wind, and Light techniques. More will be available in the future.

Tech Arts Customization Example

  • Sword: Spiral Edge
  • Type 1:
    • Expand Attack Range
    • PP Cost:
  • Type 2:
    • Charge Time Power
    • Charge Time
  • Type 3:
    • Hunter Arts Avenger Activation Power
    • Hunter Arts Avenger Non-Activation Power

During the example shown, even though the Attack Range was expanded, the PP Cost increased by +20%.

Materials required in the example were "N-EX-Cube" (x1) and "TA Customization Disc A/Melee" (x5). The amount required would adjust accordingly based on what level you're enhancing to.

Bouncer Balance Adjustments

  • Dual Blades' Weapon Action behavior will be changed.
  • Changes and Additions will be made to Dual Blades Class Skills
  • Jet Boots will be significantly updated.

Grind Cap Increased

  • All weapons and Armor can be grinded up to +80!

Leceil Exploration Update

  • Enemy levels will be increased.
  • New Ruinus bosses will be introduced.
  • New Skill Enhancements will be introduced to significantly enhance the diving attack, as well as, the ability to generate additional attacks around you at set intervals. Some of the previous Skill Enhancements will be adjusted.
  • Skill Enhancements for enemies will also be added.
  • Face Ruine Ringahda and Ruine Angel in the final area.
  • New Item Drops for Tech Arts Customization, LC Special Ability Capsules, and ★10 Flugelgard Weapon Series. Growthment will be more likely to drop!
  • New Items will be added to the Growthment Exchange Shop.

Aina and Manon

  • Aina and Manon will wear the new outfits in Aelio and Retem combat sectors.
  • You can also find them in ranks where Starless enemies appear.

Battledia Purple

  • New Rank Added to Battledia Purple in Retem and Aelio.
  • Giga Strugment will be available as a reward.
  • New Rank has a Title Task.

Arks Record: Stia Outskirt Dash (Stage 1) Solo & All Classes.
Arks Record: Quarterstaff: Solo (Bouncer Only).

New Features in Creative Space / Team Space

  • New [Euro] Build Parts are coming!
  • Cuddly DOlls Build Parts Pack in the AC Shop. (Comes with Wire Mesh Wall)
  • Build Parts will project a silhouette on the walls or ground when being placed or moved.
  • Team Member Edit Permission Settings has been added to allow you to grant edit permissions to Members and Provisionals.

Various Improvements

  • The ★10 Flugelgard weapon series will drop from Gigantix Lv. 84+ and Dread Enemies Lv.82+.
  • Drop rates for ★10 Flugelgard and ★9 Tissa weapon series will be increased for EQ: Omen of the Planetbreaker, EQ: Mining Rig Defense: Retem Rank 3, and Sign of the Planebreaker.
  • Drop rates for Arms Refiner II, Gold Prim Sword II, and Gold Prim Armor II will be increased for the highest ranks of the Neusan Plant Combat Sector, Aelio Combat Sectors, and Retem Combat Sectors.
  • These improvements have been made so that the drop rate is higher than even the +100% Rare Drop Rate Boost that was held in October and November.

Other Improvements

  • New parts were added for creating Symbol Arts.
  • New Arks ID Backdrops of Hadi and Nadereh wearing concert attire.
  • The Item Exchange shop will now allow you to select the number of items you wish to exchange for. For example, if an item requires 10x of various materials, you can now select the amount you want to get, which will adjust the amount of material items consumed accordingly.

AC Scratch: Joyful Holidays

  • Sleigh the Winter Talent Show with new Santa attire and fluffy outfits.
  • Solid Eyelashes move when blinking.
  • Shining Light Contacts move along with the character's eyes.
  • Double Lip Piercing move with the character's lip.
  • Motion: Glide – Majestic Wings EX (Scratch Bonus).

December 13th

Halphia Lake Interception Part 2

  • This is a 4 player quest against MALIGNANT Dark Falz Aegis.
  • Failure conditions are time runs out or 5 incapacitation.
  • Malignant Dark Falz Aegis is more powerful and has different attack actions.
  • Some of its attacks can not be avoided by guarding or stepping.
  • Clear Reward: Bracelet with a Dark Falz Aegis theme.
  • Weekly Task Target will become Halphia Lake Interception Part II.

Mission Pass Season 27:

  • Obtain accessories styled as the Rave Mye Back Unit from PSO2.

Build Parts

  • Steam Punk and Woodlodge Room Items from PSO2 will appear as new Build Parts.

ARKS Records: Face The Darkness (Rank 2): Solo & All Classes

Revival AC Scratch: Motion Revival

  • A collection of motion changes released in the past.

Revival AC Scratch: Rewind Collection Dec'23

  • Focuses on December and January NGS-Spec AC Scratch prizes from the past.

December 20th

Christmas Event

  • Central City and Retem will be decked out in Christmas themes.
  • Snow will fall in Retem.
  • Xitre, at the request of Peppy Rappy, wants to collect data on strange phenomena happening at Rappy Spots. Obtain Christmas-themed holograms, build parts, and items needed for Tech Arts Customization at the Seasonal Points Exchange Shop.
  • Reindeer and St. Empe Rappy will also appear.

Limited-time Event Christmas

  • Variocool Series from the exchange shop will have:
    • Limit Break +80 Unlocked
    • Grind level +60
    • Potential Up to Lv. 6
    • 5 Special Abilities Slots Affixed
    • Sezun Wintafiv '23 is effective against Seasonal Enemies (Also Works in January's Event).
      • Can also increase damage dealt to non-seasonal enemies.
  • New Title Tasks And Event Tasks
    • Earn Seasonal Points and Winter '23 – '24 Special Scratch Tickets

Limited-Quest: A Gift From Benefan

  • A mysterious old man called Benefan has prepared an event to show his appreciation to the ARKS.
  • Gifts are earned by successfully completing a series of trials. Trials become more difficult in the latter half of the quest.

Dread Enemies

  • Defeat Dread Enemies with special task markers to make a Rappy Spot appear.
  • Captan may appear, or maybe even King Captan!
  • Dread Enemies and enemies that appear at Rappy Spots will be at higher levels in North and South Retem.

Reward Box

  • The Reward Box lets you win Avatar Items and more!
  • Earn medals by completing select Daily Tasks, and then use those Medals to get accessories, Material Items, and other rewards.

Winter '23 ~ 24 SP Scratch

  • New Weapon Camos, new accessories, and other items.
  • Also get Mission Pass items that are hard to obtain.

ARKS Record: Trania Narrow Cage (Rank 2): Solo & All Classes
ARKS Record: Halphia Lake Board (Stage 1): Solo & All Classes

AC Scratch: Black Lagoon Style

  • Revy, Roberta, Hansel, and Gretal outfits and items, plus Sword Cutlass and Disguised Firearms Weapon Camos
  • Build Parts and ARKS ID Backgrounds will be available.
  • Chat Stamps with quotes from the Anime.
  • Music Disc of the Anime's theme song: Red fraction (Scratch Bonus)

December 27th

AC Scratch: New Year's Charm

  • Colorful long-sleeved kimonos, aristocratic-style outfits, and a camo with a Kunoichi theme.
  • Lobby Action: Greeting (Japanese Clothing)
  • Motion: Idle – Samurai / Motion Dash – Samurai EX

Revival SG Scratch: Halpha Revival Dec '23

  • Revival of SG Scratches that were previously released.
  • You can draw it 10x a Day For Free

ARKS Record: Geometric Labyrinth (Rank 2): Solo For All Classes

ARKS Operation Report

Do you plan on going higher than 20 for Add-on Skills? If so, can you make Master Cubes easier to get and ease up on the randomization of Sub-Effects?

There are currently no plans to unlock higher-level Add-on Skills, nor make any changes to the Sub-Effect drawing specifications.

Ways to obtain N-Master Cubes will be gradually added through new Titles and Seasonal Events.

Can you please expand the lineup of items we can get in exchange for Genesis Points (GP)?

We are considering adding Special Ability Capsules and material items for enhancement to the Genesis Point Exchange Shop lineup in a future update.

In conjunction with this, we will also release quests that allow you to earn more Genesis Points and we will raise the weekly point limit for quests where you can earn points.

Can you please increase the number of downloadable designs for Creative Space.

We are currently testing increasing the number of designs that can be downloaded. We are working on a modification to increase the number from 20 to 40 for all users. Please sit tight until this is implemented.

I would like to have more opportunities to get the accessories and other items available in PSO2 Classic's FUN Scratch Tickets.

We plan to release accessories, lobby actions, and hairstyles from past FUN Scratches in the Reward Box feature implemented in December 20th. The contents of the Reward Box will be updated regularly and we plan to re-release items from past FUN Scratch tickets.

Will you address Enhancement Materials like Gold Prim Sword taking up a lof of space in Storage?

In a future update, we plan to allow the exchange of Gold Prim Sword II and Gold Prim Armor II for the Capsule [C/Endymio] at the Item Recycle and the Exchange Enhancement Material Shop.

The capsule [C/Endymio] will also be exchangeable for Gold Prim Sword II and Gold Prim Armor II.

This feature will be implemented sometime in December.

Satellite Information

NGS Collaboration

  • Marukai: Little Tokyo West LA / Tokyo Central: San Diego Gardena Yorba Linda, and Tokyo Central & Main: San Diego will be selling graphic Tees and Bath Towels.

Central Volume 2

  • NGS Official Comic: Central Volume 2 will include item code for in-game items.
  • Releasing JP & GB: January 18th, 2024
  • Price: 9.99 USD or 1,100 Yen (JP)
    • STP: CENTRAL! 2
    • BP: Central! – Panel
    • BP: Central – Panel B
    • BP: Central – Panel C
    • BP: Central – Panel D
    • PH: CENTRAL! Logo NA (Ef)
    • PH: CENTRAL! Logo NA (Pa)
    • Lobby Action: CENTRAL!

AC Shop Changes

These items will now be sold in the AC Shop

  • N-Rare Drop Rate Booster +200% (x3) = 800 AC
  • N-Rare Drop Rate +200% (x1) = 300 AC
  • Tri-Boost +50% (x1) (Once A Day) = 100 AC

These items will be available at discounted prices once every 7 days.

  • Sale: N-Rare Drop +200% = 200 AC
  • Sale: N-EXP Earned +100% = 100 AC

Seven Deadly Sins

  • NGS will collaborate with Anime: The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgement
  • Details announced in the next Headline.

Next NGS Headline

December 26th

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