PSO2 NGS JP: Maintenance (11/29/2023)

Nov 29th Maintenance

NGS Maintenance

What We Getting Tonight?

Drill: Cave Clean-Up Op

  • Defend the Transport Truck at Maqead Lower Level with up to 12 players.

Arks Records – Trania Dyna Assault (Rank 2): Solo & All Classes

AC Revival Scratch: Accessory Collection Nov '23

SG Support Item Selection Nov '23

Pre-Scheduled Emergency Quests

11.29.2023 ~ 12.06.2023

The Emergency Quest Calendar has returned with a Campaign Boost.

This time players will have the chance to receive the Melekh series of items.

Campaign Boost Effect

  • Added the ★9 Melekh (Melek) Weapon Series as drops.

Rare Drop And Preset Ability Attachment Rate

11.29.2023 ~ 12.06.2023

All sectors and quests will experience a +100% Rare Drop and Preset Ability Attachment Rate boost!

Boost Campaign

  • Rare Drop Rate Boost +100%
  • Preset Ability Attachment Rate +100%

※Excludes some sectors and quests.

December 6th Notices

Free Salon Usage Extension

  • Starting December 6th, the time period in which NEW characters can use the Salon for free will be changed from 300 minutes (5 Hours) to 4320 minutes (72 hours).
  • This will only apply to new characters created after December 6th's maintenance.

※ The above Free Salon Usage Period refers to the usage period in which you can re-edit your character creation without using the Salon Pass.
※ The re-editing duration drains only while logged in. You can see the remaining time in a pop-up message as you enter the Salon.

AC Shop Changes

The following items will be removed from the AC Shop:

  • N-Rare Drop Boost +100% (x3) = 800 AC
  • N-Rare Drop Boost [15m] +100% (x4) = 500 AC

The following items will be added to the AC Shop:

  • N-Rare Drop Boost +200% (x3) = 800 AC
  • N-Rare Drop Boost +200% (x1) = 300 AC
  • [Sale] N-Rare Drop Boost +200% (x1) = 200 AC
  • [Sale] N-Earned EXP +100% (x1) = 100 AC
  • N-Tri-Boost +50% = 100 AC

Items tagged with [Sale] can be purchased once every 7 days.

Wellbia XIGNCODE3 Reminder

Wellbia Anti-Cheat software was implemented into the Japanese version on November 8th.

Please note that you have the option to deactivate the new program by applying "Compatibility Mode" through the game launcher:

  • Click: 「環境設定」⇒「機能」Tab ⇒「ゲーム起動」 and check 「互換性モード」
  • Click: [Preferences] → [Features] Tab → [Game Launch] and check "Compatibility Mode"

If you accidentally launch the game without checking "Compatibility Mode," you can use Wellbia's official uninstaller as noted from their FAQ.

Frame Arms Girl Collaboration

11.22.2023 ~ 12.20.2023

In commemoration of the Frame Arms Girl collaboration, you'll receive Build Parts as a login bonus.

AC Shop Bargains

11.22.2023 ~ 11.29.2023

[50%OFF] Premium Set 90 Days[Premium Set 90 Days] ×11,650AC1
[50%OFF] Rental C Space 01 Use 90 Days[Rental C Space 01 Use 90 Days] ×1800AC1
[50%OFF] N-Rare Drop Boost +100%[N-Rare Drop Boost +100%] ×3400AC1
[50%OFF] N-Earned EXP +100%[N-Earned EXP +100%] ×3250AC1
[50%OFF] Character Storage Expansion 50[Chara Storage Expansion 50] ×1400AC5

[Premium] PSO2 Day!


Every 22nd of the month is PSO2 Premium Day. Bonuses will be given to Premium Set users when they log in on this day. All users will also be able to participate in a Limited Task on this very day!


Boost Event (Premium Boost)

  • Experience Boost +20% (Premium Only)
  • Rare Drop Rate +50% (Premium Only)

Limited Task (All Members)

  • "PSO2 Day" Limited Task

PSO2 Blocks

Boost Event (Premium)

  • FUN Earned +100% (Premium Only)
  • EXP Gained +200% (Premium Only)
  • Rare Drop Rate +200% (Premium Only)
  • Gathering Fever Rate +100% (Premium Only)

Boost Event (All Members)

  • Equipment Grind Success +10% (All Members)
  • Special Ability Success +15% (All Members)
  • New-Type Weapon EXP Gain +15% (All Members)

Rewards will be presented when you log into New Genesis during PSO2 Day!

  • SG 50 Ticket (x1) (Premium Only)
  • Special Scratch Ticket (x2) (Premium Only)

SG Shop Bargains

11.01.2023 ~ 12.06.2023

Class Training Support Set
「N-Earned EXP [24h]+50%」×3
≪Bonus≫「C/Halphiniria S」×1
≪Bonus≫「Photon Chunk ⅡA」×3
≪Bonus≫「Photon Chunk Ⅱ B」×3
≪Bonus≫「Arms Refiner Ⅱ」×1

Special Class Training Program Part 3

Switch to one of the four classes to receive enhanced equipment, giving you the chance to try out a class you haven't played before. Additionally, leveling up all four classes unlocks a completion reward where you can receive prizes such as Beta Reactors!

11.01.2023 ~ 12.06.2023

Earn wonderful prizes by leveling up the [Braver], [Bouncer], [Waker], or [Slayer] classes. As a testament to your achievement, you will receive a commemorative plate that can be showcased in your Creative Space.

Boost Campaign

  • Grind Great Success +20%
  • Special Ability Affixing Success +5%

Class Training Support Items

Log into the game to receive the following:

  • Growthment (x10)
  • B Trigger / Common Yellow (x15)
  • N-Master Cube (x1)

The N-Master Cube is a material used for Add-On Skills at the Class Counter.

Special Campaign For Beginners

We have two lovely NGS Campaigns for beginners. If you start playing NGS now, you can receive the following rewards!

Campaign 1: Breakthrough the Tutorial For Wonderful Items

By going through the tutorial, you can receive an item that draws from the Special Scratch 10 times, weapon camos, and more!

250 Star GemsSpecial Scratch Ticket ×10
St "Sonic: Good"St "Tails: OK"
St「Dr.エッグマン:完璧じゃ!」St "Dr. Eggman: Perfect"St "Amy: Hello"
Sonic EarringソニックシューズSonic Shoes
*Slave Celica*Nemesis Celica
N-Half Doll ×5

Campaign 2: Progress Through The Story For Powerful Equipment And Avatar Items

By going through the Story, you can receive hairstyles, outfits, and even the new [Exter] series.

The [Exter] series comes pre-strengthened from the start. It's the perfect item to accompany you on your early adventures due to its low costs in strengthening (with the exception of some items).

ItemMain Task
A_item01「Natural Cut」×1
Category: Hairstyle
Main Story: Chapter 1
「Traverse The Cocoon」
A_item02「Clerk Univas [Ba]」×1
Category: Type 1 Basewear
Main Story: Chapter 1
「Traverse The Cocoon」
A_item03「Operator Unifa [Ba]」×1
Category: Type 2 Basewear
Main Story: Chapter 1
「Traverse The Cocoon」
A_item04「Clerk Univas [Ou]」×1
Category: Type 1 Outerwear
Main Story: Chapter 1
「Liu Lin's Advice I」
A_item05「Operator Unifa [Ou]」×1
Category: Type 2 Outer Wear
Main Story: Chapter 1
「Liu Lin's Advice I」
「Renessa Armor」
Category: Weapon / Armor
※Already Grinded!
※All Weapon Types x1 + Armor ×3
Main Story: Chapter 1
「Liu Lin's Advice II」
A_item07「Manonica Hair」×1
Category: Hairstyle
Main Story: Chapter 1
「Mt. Magnus DOLLS」
A_item08「Dirie Preuse[Se]」×1
Category: Type 2 Set Wear
Main Story: Chapter 1
「Mt. Magnus DOLLS」
A_item09「Special Scratch Ticket」x10
Category; Scratch Ticket
Main Story: Chapter 1
A_item10「Ainosakune Hair」×1
Category: Hairstyle
Main Story: Chapter 1
「The Trio Goes to Battle」
A_item11「Anemos Fiora [Ba]」×1
Category: Type 2 Outer Wear
Main Story: Chapter 1
「The Trio Goes to Battle」
A_item12「Bruzyne Head」×1
Category: Cast Head Parts
Main Story: Chapter 1
「Rescuing Bruder」
A_item13「Evolcoat 」Series
Category: Weapon
※Already Grinded.
※Only the Main Class Weapon Types
Main Story: Chapter 2
Side Task that can be accepted after completing "The Desert Town"
「Fighting in Retem」

Campaign 3: Super Fast Training to Level 80

Experience a +300% EXP Boost in the best Combat sectors for reaching level 80.

Qualifying Sectors

  • 「Vanford Laboratory Ruins」Rank.1~5
  • 「Mt. Magnus」Rank.1~5
  • 「Resol Forest」Rank.1~4
  • 「Retem El-Nossa」Rank.1~4
  • 「Lower Maqaad」Rank.1~4
  • 「Bergana Ruins」Rank.1~3
  • 「Lost Central」Rank.1~3
  • 「Dext Base」Rank.1
  • 「Neusen Plant」Rank.1

How To Acquire Rewards

Campaign 1

  • Rewards can be received from the "Collect Campaign Reward(s)" area in the System Menu

Campaign 2

  • Rewards will be distributed to the Character's Item Pack.
    • The reward item will be sent to the storage box if the item pack is full.

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