PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #4

Early October Update

Bouncer, Battledia, Mission Pass

New Class: Bouncer

  • Bouncers wield Jet Boots and Dual Blades.
  • It's a highly mobile class.

Jet Boot Features

  • Holding down the PA button will use additional PP to change the Power and Ability of Jet boots.
  • Using Techniques will trigger an additional attack of the same element when a PA hits an enemy.
  • The class skill "Jet Intensity" lets you perform a powerful series of attacks whenever there's an enemy within a certain range. This is activated by holding down the normal attack button.

Dual Blade Features

  • Their power and ability will change when using the same PA during a Photon Art.
  • The weapon Action "Photon Blade" increases the PP recovery amount for normal attacks.
  • The class skill "Photon Blade PP Recovery" will make the Photon Blade weapon action deal damage to enemies and increase PP recovery when an enemy is hit.
  • The class skill "Fanatic Blade" will temporarily increase the power and attack speed of the Photon Blade.
  • The class skill "Fanatic Blade"

Bouncer Features

  • Learning the class skills "Elemental Decline" and "Physical Decline" will make enemies hit by Photon Arts to experience Elemental and Physical downs.

MelTech Dualble

  • This special ability Meltech Dualble / (Dahou Diable in JP) increases striking and tech power.
    • Meltech Dualble I = 0.75% Str/Tech Weapon Power.

Bouncer Class Skills

Bouncer Class Skills

  • Defeat PP Gain
  • Defeat Amplifier
  • Partial Destroy Advantage
  • Physical Decline
  • Elemental Decline
  • Decline amplifier
  • Barta Blot
  • Zonde-Clad
  • Fanatic Blade
  • Jet Attack
  • Jet Boots Element Set
  • Jetsweep Jolt
  • Fanatic Blade Augment
  • Photon Blade PP recovery
  • Jet Intensity
  • Boot Trick Bounce Counter
  • Thrust Drive

October 13th Update

  • Battledia are a new quest type that can be accessed from "Trigger Portals" found in the open field.
  • You'll have to collect 5 Battle Triggers which can be obtained from rare drops.
    • You can also sell the Battle Triggers in your Player Shop.
  • Battledia: Yellow rewards large amount of EXP and Enhancement Materials!
    • Expect to find items like Gold Prim Swords and enhanced to +20.
  • Battledia: Purple is very challenging and has Gigantix enemies within. H
    • Here you can get Straga weapons and Gigas-type special abilities.

October 13th Update

  • Mission Passes are back! You can receive various rewards like boost items and different color variations.
    • Players must earn stars by completing various tasks.
    • Rewards may include stamps, color variations of existing outfits, mag forms, accessories, and 3 Days Personal Shop Ticket.
  • Changing your Mag's appearance is finally here. You can change the look of your mag form items.
  • In addition, you can use Evo Device appearances registered from PSO2 Classic.

October 13th Update

  • Color variant weapons will drop from enemies.
  • You can see the color effects while using PAs.

October 13th Update

  • Additional Waves will be coming to Mining Rig Defense.

October 13th Update

  • Aerial Defenders (AC Scratch)
  • Heavily-equipped Cast Parts, Gothic Lolita Outfits, and Battle uniforms.
  • LA: Sit 9, Motion: Landing – Heavyweight, and the Scratch Bonus: Motion: Glide -Jet Boots

October 13th Update

  • Soaring Bouncer (SG Scratch)
  • Here you can obtain outfits and hairstyles based on the Bouncer class.
  • New Lobby Action: Bouncer Pose. New Motions: Idle – Floating and Idle – Tai Chi

October 13th Update

  • Special Scratch contains weapon camos, hard to obtain items from PSO2, along with the N-Color Change Pass and N-Ability Success Boosters.
  • Special Scratch Tickets can be obtained in the following ways:
    • Task Rewards
    • Mission Pass Rewards
    • Battledia: Purple (Occasionally)

Late October Update

Halloween, Seasonal Enemies, Flamel

October 27th Update

  • The Halloween event unfolds in the City and Lobby.
  • Scythe Rappy (aka Reaper Rappy in Global) will appear.
  • Xiandy returns with new tasks and a shop
    • Mag Form / Autumn Minimo
    • Rappy Halloween Stamp
    • Flamel Weapon Series
    • Autumn Branch Accessory
    • And more!

October 27th Update

  • Seasonal enemies will appear in multiple areas. These enemies will be weak to fire.
  • Fire elemental Flamel weapons will be available as rewards.
  • Halloween themed Region Mags and Vegetables will appear!

October 27 Update

  • Monster Masquerade (AC Scratch)
  • Dark Hero and Wizard-inspired outfits.
  • LA: Suspended 2 and Cook 2 and Scratch Bonus: Motion Glide – Powerful
    • Cook 2 is the Salt Bae LA

Arks Operation Report

Question and Answer Session

Please Tell us about the roadmap from here on out.

We had released the roadmap in the information program before the game launched. However, since we didn't show it in this program after launch, it seems that there are quite a few people who didn't know about it. That is something we should have considered. Furthermore, we have not provided sufficient information regarding the direction of upcoming PSO2 NGS updates, causing some of our players to feel uncertain. We sincerely apologize. There is one major update approximately every six months in NGS. During these updates, large fields called regions and new stories set in these regions are added. The next major update is scheduled for December. A new region as big as Aelio will be released along with Chapter 2 of the story… During the period between these major updates, our objective is to work on player-related expansions, new quests, seasonal events, and minor system improvements and additions.

There is not a lot of playable content.
Please update it more frequently like you did with PSO2.

The difference in the frequency in updates between NGS and PSO2 is as I described before. However, the dev team also thinks that the small range of playable content in PSO2 New Genesis is a big problem. They have taken your feedback and will make some significant changes based on that. Planning and production are already underway for a higher volume of content to come in updates after December so that our players can enjoy the game even more. While we will need some time to solve this problem, we do plan to further enrich the game, so we ask for your patience.

Urgent Quests spawn spontaneously, so some times I don't make it in time.
Could you address this, such as by increasing the spawn rate?

PSO2 New Genesis was originally designed with the intention for players to play mainly in the open field and enjoy the spontaneous Urgent Quests and Gigantix fights. However, we have received a lot of feedback that this is inconvenient for players whose gaming time in limited, and that is true. Therefore, to test the change in objectives, there will be a campaign where Urgent Quests are announced ahead of time by one week, starting tomorrow. Additionally, when new Urgent Quests or expansions to current Urgent Quests are released in the future, they will randomly occur at a higher rate for about a week after release. We will decide how to move forward in the future based on the response to this as well.

I have a weapon/Armor I like but I won't enhance IT until there's a drop with a preset skill.
Are there any plans to implement a transfer function?

The dev team has a plan to implement a preset skills transfer function for weapons with the same name in a future update. The color variant weapons introduced earlier will be treated the same as the original color weapons of the same name. Therefore, there is no need to wait until you get a color variant weapon or until you get a drop with preset skills to enhance your weapon. Additionally, they said that they are also considering implementing it for multi-weapons. However, they will be rolling out these function in stages, so the support for multi-weapons might not become available until later on.

Some nice players tell others via Weak Bullet, but it would be nice if
Gathering Materials such as Minerals and Vegetables were easier to find.

[The dev team] plan[s] to include an expansion to the Mag Sonar function; an improvement that will make Gathering Materials easier to find in a future update. It will also be possible to filter the search to the Gathering Materials you are aiming for, such as Meat only, or Red Containers only, etc.

Discriminatory remarks appear in the chat or via Symbol Arts and make me very uncomfortable. Will we be able to fine-tune options for remarks made by other players?

We have confirmed that some users have made obscene Symbol Arts and have made discriminatory remarks in the chat. SEGA does not tolerate this kind of behavior and we are working daily to counter these toxic players. As a countermeasure, options to toggle display for each chat category will be implemented in the October 13th update. Additionally, you will also be able to toggle display for Symbol Arts for each category as well. Please give it a try. We apologize for the late response. We will continue to address these problems going forward.

Campaigns & Merchandise

Bouncer Celebration

New Jacket And Apparel (JP Only)

  • New physical items will be available online to purchase.
  • The Arks Shop will begin selling the "Soldier's Rest" Jacket and other apparel!
  • This is a collaboration between EMooooN and PSO2!
  • Order deadline is November 12th.

Bouncer Celebration Campaign (Oct 13~)

  • Limited-Time Tasks will reward an ability capsule that increases power to Striking and Tech.
  • The Arks Support Giveaway Campaign will reward you with items such as a Free Salon Pass.
    • Using the Free Salon Pass will net you a SG 50 Ticket.
  • The AC Purchase Campaign will reward you with the N-Color Change Pass.

9 Million ARKS Campaign

  • Say the following phrase, (based on your version), using the in-game chat to receive a 100 SG Ticket
    • Gアークスおめでとう
    • Congrats_9M_ARKS

Mission Pass Release Campaign

  • Receive a N-Mission Pass Gold when you log in between maintenances from Oct 13 ~ Nov 03

Pre-Scheduled Emergency Quests

  • Emergency Quests will be announced ahead of time for a limited time.
  • Future plans for EQ Schedules will be discussed based on player feedback from this campaign.
  • The schedule will be posted on the official website and on Google Calendar format on this website.

New Region: Retem 「リテム」

Desert Region

53 thoughts on “PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #4”

  1. This… this is not content.
    Yellow cocoons with old enemies are not new content.
    New class to use on old enemies is not new content.
    Old TD with 2 extra waves is not new content.
    Battlepass is not content period.
    This is nothing, absolutely nothing.
    What were they doing these months?

    • If a new class is not new content to you, then what is? Brand new areas and enemies? They've already announced they're planning on releasing those every 6 months or so. I doubt empty complaints will change anything.

      If you're unhappy with that pacing or with the content they're releasing until next big update hits, you can always go play something else in the meanwhile. Or drop the game completely. No one's forcing you to stay and play "old content".

    • Aren't you atleast glad that they finally listened to the feedbacks, and take turns to the right directions. it will take time.

    • well…they were making staircase slippery for Hiro Arai to fall and break his left arm before headline shooting.

    • quest
      updating old eqs
      pattle pass means easier ways to get items that are otherwise impossible to get looking at you color pass

    • New region every 6 month is the end of the game.
      People already abandoned it after 3 months of nothing. Another 3 months of nothing but cosmetics and "classes" that play exactly the same will bury it.
      And yes, new class is not content. Especially in NGS where all melee classes feel the same, all ranged classes feel the same and all magic classes also feel the same. If you could tell hunter from braver in PSO2 by just looking at combat footage, in NGS you can't, they're the same class.
      Bouncer is just slower Fighter in NGS.
      And even if classes felt different, you're still using them on the same mobs and bosses you were fighting for 3 months already. I hope you really like them, because you'll be fighting them for 3 more.
      They need to change direction of the development. It's not a sarcasm.
      PSO2 used to be FF14 competitor in mid 2010s. Now it competes with Black Desert Online Remastered.
      You may not like it, but them the facts. I'm sorry.

    • This is exactly what the game needs right now, repeatable content until the winter update. Up until now, there was almost nothing to do in the game once you'd cleared all the tasks. You could idle, do UQs every 3 hours, kill gigas, or grind in the same places against weak enemies for minimal loot. Now you can hop on and work towards filling out the mission pass or getting good loot from battledia quests, especially now that there's something to actually gear up for. It isn't enough to completely save the game by itself sure, but it'll be enough to at least keep us occupied between now and the winter update. Especially if November has more stuff like this.

    • Every class in NGS is the same??… Right… Braver and hunter feels the same? Have you actually try to play the classes, And learn how each class works ? They are very different. And if you're judging that by how they look like in combat, then I guess you just looked at the footage of those classes and decided that they are all the same without even trying it. And please if you don't like NGS then drop it, do something else lol. No matter how much improvements sega make i don't think it will stop you from complaining.

    • Color pass? Ain't seeing any.
      New class is a content multiplier, doesn't mean shit if there was no content.

    • I agree with the classes bit thanks to episode 5 & 6 of PSO2. I only cared about BO since its release on base PSO2. I could have cared less about hero, phantom, etoile and luster. Their release was touted as huge additions to the game. Sure, to people who wanted to play them they were. What about those of us who just want to play the class we already mained? It was little more than slight tweaks for our subclass. Empty additions that seemed significantly lazier from a development standpoint than adding new areas with all new assets to the game, which had slowed in Ep 5 and all but stopped after armada EQ came out. Seeing NGS start with basically only new class updates and little else hasn't done much to bolster confidence–although a new area coming out is great news.

      So basically a new class being "content" is subjective to whether a player wants to change their main class. If the answer is that they don't, then it's basically an empty update. For this reason, once they release the classes shown on their roadmap, I hope the updates are entirely enemies, bosses, stages and so forth. Something everyone can enjoy.

  2. Checking Roadmap: oh yeah they have almost everything except the Title System, also adding Gigantix Bujin, better quest, Q&A, scratch ticket obtain by daily, future plan for better game experience.

    And of course there're still these people that is already commented and about to comment about the "where's content" question in the Q&A. Can't please everyone then.

  3. Still waiting for shop passes to be obtainable again through FUN scratches, in NGS case via SG scratch at least.

    Removing them without any warning is still the biggest b**** move ever.

    • there was a warning 1 month before they were removed… news are made for reading 😀
      All passes even got expiration date on 'em you know.

      And they won't add them back, PSO2 lives only thanks to life-support system powered by whales.
      Part of whales has swam away forever, part got forcefully removed from JP to GL by IP block implementation and lack of desire to bother with VPN by those individual whales.

      Which means, life-support is lacking resource.
      If F2P start making money from market, means insane inflation hits the market and prices will rise to insanity as they were in classic…150m for crappy looking outfit on day1 and 300m in a week.

      Same reasoning behind not making cool male outfits in general (I don't count 1 outfit in 10 scratches being a good), because it's not profitable… they showed % of male to female characters and any gender to cast ration…it's females of all races> male CASTs>few% (I think it was around 8%) males of other races, thus why bother for minority if it's not making us much profit… and that's exactly why male outfits worth nothing on market, cuz low demand.
      100m for female one, 4k for male one.
      as long as capitalism rules world, we're stuck in the loop of good and fun games turning money milking machines without gameplay, which sooner or later announce shutting down servers.

      P.S. Still don't understand how is Vindictus/Mabinogi Heroes still not shut down…
      Probably it's on same life-support in KR as PSO2 in JP

    • Wait what? They notified a month before? Why didn't I read that anywhere? Source please. And it definitely wasn't on bumped I can tell you that.

      And shop passes expire? Since when is that? They never did expire.

    • Ah found the so called warning, which isn't explicitly a warning at all. So apparently they just 'added' an expiration date on the FUN scratch catalog page on the Shop ticket.
      No paragraph of mentioning "We're removing Shop tickets from the fun scratch forever." A mere expiration date alone doesn't provide much context.

      And it's definitely not mentioned as 'news' at all, no written paragraph or warning. Just a sneaky expiration date was put on without information, explanation or mention at all. And it definitely wasn't mentioned on bumped anywhere indeed.

      "News" is something pronounced to an audience. A publication through a medium that consist of a beginning, middle and end, providing information as who, what, when, where and why. Just a random sneaky stamp of 'expiration date' on its own, without an explanation, story, context, information or warning is not 'news'.

      And apparently shop passes still can be used by those players that stacked on shop passes before they were removed from the fun scratch. No 'expiration date' for them at all, aside from the usual it-lasts-3-days-after-using. This is why they should have provided context, an explanation or warning. Cause to go back to that 'mere' stamp of expiration date they put on, it doesn't explain what the expiration date is set for. Is it so that they are removed from the fun scratch? Or is it an expiration date for shop passes already in possession of the player? Or perhaps both? That doesn't get explained at all, the information is lacking and therefore cannot be qualified as 'news', let alone a warning or an explanation.

    • Seems they got the decency to put shop passes back in, as rewards from clearing Mission Passes. I assume only through the SG gold route of course. At least it's better than nothing.

  4. This is just my opinion of what SEGA should do about these 3 issues.
    Fix for the EQs / UQs:
    Aside from increasing the spawn rate. Make two difficulties.
    One for EXP, more accessible for new players to boost their progress.
    One for Drops/Meseta, so maxed characters have something to do, either boost their progress and have a purpose to do EQ/UQ.

    Fix for Preset Skill:
    Add a system that can turn 5 Preset skills of the same level into an item that you can apply to the weapon of your choice.
    The item will have a rarity based on the weapons' rarity that you turn them in but only applies to the weapon of the same rarity of the item.
    For example: Turn in 5 3* with Lv2 preset skill. You get a 3* item with said preset skill but only applies to 3* weapons.

    Fix for SA in chat:
    Add a Filter toggle. SA made by the players must mark their SA whether is NSFW or not.
    If it's not marked and it's NSFW, the player's account can be suspended for a day or a week for not using the function correctly.

    Whoever has the Filter toggle on, they won't see the SA, or see a smiley face SA instead.
    And whoever doesn't, they can see all of the SA as normal.
    No need to perma-ban people for censorship that hasn't been even implemented for the past 10 years.

    • Splitting UQ for EXP and drops is a regression. They can just add new difficulty based on power level, which gives both EXP and drops.

      Preset Skill transfer seems on their to-do list, according tothe QnA.

      You already can disable SA completely, while SA used by people might still register on your SA history. I personally do it because almost all people using autochat SA just clutters the screen.

      Funny enough, most SA spammers are not Japanese people.

  5. PSO2 never really needed to be carried by whales.
    PSO:BB and PSU charged between 10-15$ each month to active online players and that was apparently sufficient. Premium set of PSO2 is easily comparable even if there are players who do not take this- their F2P model has allowed infinity more registered users and multiplied the lifespan of their online server. The fact that premium set is optional is an important detail- this allows us to preserve our data during any kind of hiatus. There are plenty of other ways to spend money, anyway, such as item pack expansions, SG, and some greatly anticipated scratches/collabs. In my opinion the methods of spending real money in PSO2 were very balanced.

    I was happy to donate a monthly premium set when PSO2 became a game that I could easily log 15,000+ hours before spending any real money, but I feel very troubled recently.

  6. so sega is now bringing global problems to JP? way to go sega by pandering to the wrong playerbase
    I was hyped for BO but charging PA to change PA behavior is too casual and also what a horrible design JBs have
    and peeps on global are saying the game is "SAVED" :v

    • If you are referring to that SA thing, that particular question did not exist on the Japanese broadcast (goto 30:50 on their stream). If not, then I don't know what you're talking about either.

    • okay, first things first, because I saw the issues sega was adressing about "toxic players" I thought sega was also gonna be policing JP, and it was even more worrisome because me and another 3 friends…. well let's say we give each other mild and friendly insults on a weekly basis. As for the pandering, it's a bit of old news because it had to do with the re-labeling on Body T1/T2, but now I'm referring to sensitive people. I was a bit heated so yeah, I just went on that without reading carefully :v

    • the part about "toxic" players was a global only thing, it wasn't in the JP presentation of the stream

  7. Nobody needs to become a whale to have nice things in this game.

    Are you one of those eccentric players who simply must have a 500,000,000 meseta hairstyle? That's alright- having a motive is important here. This game presents a real world simulation where you could obtain anything through tedious grinding, but the satisfaction comes from breaking this system and becoming a wallstreet wolf in some sense. There are plenty of different ways, and the most fun is to find your own.

    There is the Treasure Hunter- an immersive player who often arrives at this game with an innate/previous interest in Phantasy Star. Having fine tuned their own gear, they gain an eye for Drops that yield a high value. Their experience with this game brings them a natural affluence that the common player doesn't yet have. This type of player is essential to the community, as they are constantly able to bring "new meseta" into the playershop market.

    There are the madmen who ride on the cusp of right and wrong, and develop brilliant schemes to get rich on the existing system. These players are often passionate about NOT spending money in this game and still earning lots of meseta. Common schemes can involve Mass Reselling, or they could involve making x5 accounts to acquire x15 free characters, and completing the easiest Weekly Orders for fast meseta. Weary players are often able to reap "once per account" benefits and while this is obviously against what is allowed, it may add thrill to a game that constantly seems to encourage it. This type of player has a unique way of digging up this game's Replay Value that the common player does not, and maybe this is why SEGA might seems to appreciate them.

    In terms of whales or just people who spend money on this game there are different degrees.

    If you look at someone who has a side job and affords 13$/month for premium set and call them a whale(?), you might be a NEET.

    There may be an older player who doesn't have a lot of time to play, perhaps with a full time job who wants to keep up with their friends. They CAN place 40$ on this game for some quick funds once in a while. This could be considered an IRL quest was completed! Good for you pal, and thanks for placing a few of the AC scratch items we want into the market.

    If you think, however, that you could throw a little money at this game and come up with 500,000,000 you're in for a sad surprise. You could certainly try, but you're going to be overspending for sure- on real money no less.

    • I'm probably the last category, as in put in some quick funds now and then. If there are items in the featured AC scratch that I'm interested in, this would be the time that I put in some funds to test my luck. If I get the scratch items I want, that's great, but if not, then I would go try my luck at the player shops and see if I can afford with my meseta. I actually started playing PSO2 JP when it first launched in 2012 but gave up after a few months, and it's only until last year mid-2020 that I got back in and played catch up on the story, the classes, the items and then now present for NGS launch till today. That passion for the game came back at a vengeance, and I want to see NGS thrive and do better. I'm glad the developers are aware of the lack of content and several other issues plaguing the months since NGS launch and taking steps to deal with them as indicated in the headline news. Well, better late than never.

  8. Gotta say that it's the first proper NGS headline where they communicate back to players instead of going ostrich mode ignoring dumpster fire they are in charge of. They still have a long way to go – from actually fixing those issues not just talking about them to adjusting their turbogreedy monetization. And I don't mind if they added another/fixed Type2 model…

    • I don't get this "turbogreedy moenitazion" you speak about. I personally think PSO2 is extremely lenient on their monetization, unlike Perfect World, Shin Megami Tensei Imagine, or the Dragomon Online.

    • I don't know what moenitazion is too w
      Anyway, paywall = very greedy (will see how they adjust that in mission pass), 2 types/variants of cosmetics locked behind 40 bonus is greedy, 40 bonus meaning 90$ is super greedy, N-color passes almost only behind paywall is greedy. Don't know don't care about other games, PSO2 didn't have that shit listed above and I played it and spent on it because it was f2p friendly, other games that are even more greedy can rot in the gutter.

    • PSO2 doesn't lock important stuff behind paywall. Perfect World (or many Chinese-based MMO), for example requires you to spend real cash on weapon grinding. If not, your hard-crafted weapon have a huge (90%) chance to gone.

      Cosmetics, which only few currently hidden behind scratch bonuses, aren't vital to how your character function. You easily skip it and you lose nothing. Grinding weapon on the other hand, is a big issue if paywalled.

      By no way I like some cosmetics being hidden behind huge paywall, but considering that it doesnt impede my character progress and gameplay, it isn't "turbogreedy".

  9. SEGA: Let's leave PSO2 active so people have a known place to come and play while we update NGS so they don't get bored and can keep using all the stuff they collected all these years… they'll be happy 🙂

    The people: bRiNg BaCk PsO2!


  10. people who complain so much… maybe better thank sega for being able to play, specially when people outa japan have prohibited tobplay according to sega rules, and they still let u play, so stop complaining pls, makes no sense, also, u have no idea if they re having problems that slow em down… be patient or make a pso2 NGS yourself.

    • people out of japan aren't prohibited from playing global. i would prefer, however, that global wasn't implemented so late and frankly i wouldn't want to play on a server owned by those folks.

    • The people playing this game and still complaining without giving proper and direct feedback to the devs, should just stop playing.

  11. Bumped Admin, I think you have typo on the 9 million arks campaign for Japan; the correct phrase is 900万アークスおめでとう (38:04 on Stream).

  12. whenever sega drop any updates :

    wHirRRrrr iiissss CinTint???? i Sii nI CinTinT. bId CiNtiNt!! *choked on sand and dies*

  13. new region is already done. i love the alters and alot of the enemies but they are using altered (hah) pso2 monster models (they arent reskins still due to model/skeleton changes),the battledia quests were already implemented early on but were held back to drip feed us content so we would buy scratch tickets. alot of systems are already in the game and alot of the areas are already modeled and done. there is proof when you look out and see cocoon towers shrouded in fog


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