NGS: Emergency Maintenance (10/1/2021)

Japan Emergency Maintenance

  • 2021/10/01 @ 13:00 ~ 18:00 JST

Global Emergency Maintenance

  • 2021/10/01 @ 12 AM ~ 5 AM EST


  • Due to issues, the ARKS Challenge Program Campaign has been cancelled.


22 thoughts on “NGS: Emergency Maintenance (10/1/2021)”

    • A lot of people wanna play the game in English without risking their game breaking or their account being suspended. Canceling global is a stupid idea and would literally change nothing, this global boogieman meme has to stop, if you don't wanna play global then don't play global, not everyone has to be punished because you dislike it.

    • @V i certainly wont be playing on global, but it was still a bad choice to create global because it divided our community. you may have gotten comfortable there over the past year but those of us who don't want to be uprooted from the JP server have been here doing our thing for well over 8 years

  1. Cancel global, cancel classic, cancel ngs, cancel cancel, cancel covid, cancel forced covid vaccination, cancel Earth rotation, stop canceling my departure to Mars to open hell-gate at UAC base!!!

    I wasn't serious….or was I? 😀

  2. Since everyone is canceling things; how about doing it better?

    Cancel all of PSO2 and its bullshit!
    Remake, remaster whatever is possible to bring back PSO Blue Burst to the current generation.. Do that instead!

    Or hell, remake remaster whatever to Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity.

  3. Man this is just sad…
    Maybe if the level wasn't capped at 20 & more class skills it wouldn't be so boring
    kinda stopped playing for a while after i maxed out all my classes on 20

  4. I'm not going to change anything by writing this here but well….

    Oh the cancellation fad…! I'm going to sound like a whole old man but: I started playing PSO2 in 2013, in my times you didn't hear things like "cancel pso2!", "bring back pso!" and that things weren't much better than NGS is now (we only had 3 classes, yes, no sub class; the cap was 30; there were only 4 maps: forest, cave, desert and tundra and I think I remember that the EQs were only Ragne and Elder). People got very bad used to having a full game and forgot that NGS is just starting. Let me say this: play or stop playing but don't nag, things will get better with time (PSO2 did it, PSO did it and NGS will do it) take 2 minutes and read, for a change, the roadmap and if you don't like it go complain to SEGA.

    And if you ask me, yes, I think PSO2 was better off without the global version, not because of the game content but because of the people.



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