PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #5


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November Update

Halloween Update #2, Attack on Titan

Halloween Event Part 2 (11.10)

  • Seasonal Enemies appear on Mt Magnus or Vanford Ruins.
  • Updated Exchange Shop lineup.
  • Season 2 (November 10th ~ December 15th)
    • 3 Day Shop Pass Returns!

AC Scratch Medical Masters (11.10)

  • Nurse and Doctor sci-fi themed outfits.
  • Lobby Actions: Captured, Wait a Minute.
  • Motion: Move – Innocent (Scratch Bonus)

AC Scratch Mystical Revelry (11.24)

  • Butterfly, bird, and goldfish phantastical themed outfits.
  • Lobby actions: Crouch 4. Motion: Idle -Fixing Hair
  • Motion: Glide – Dainty Drift (Scratch Bonus)

AC Scratch: Oracle Renewal Revival 5 (12.01)

  • N-Zelsius and N-Magia Savior themed.
  • New Lobby Actions

AC Scratch: Titans of Destruction (11.17)

  • Attack on Titan collaboration will appear!
  • Attack on Titan Lobby in PSO2 Blocks.
  • Collaboration Outfits in AC Scratch. (All PSO2 Spec)
    • Colossal Titan Suit
    • *Ultra-Hard Blade
    • Military Uniform F and M

December Update

Retem Region, New Characters, Skills, & Elements

New Region: Retem

  • Retem Region is a desert region with sand dunes, rocky terrains, and canyons.
  • It features different weather and plants from the Aelio region.

New Enemies

  • Fortos Launcher and Fortos Laser are new Dolls bosses with heavy artillery.
  • Fortos Launcher launches missiles while Fortos Laser shoots lasers.
  • Lizentos is a dinosaur Dolls boss.
  • Metius launches sonar wave attacks and has speakers on both arms to cheer on allies.

Story Chapter 2

  • Crawford will request the Player, Aina, and Manon to head to the Retem Region.
  • ARKS in this region live in Retem City where the story will unfold.
  • You must complete Chapter 1 of the story to proceed to the Retem Region!

New Character

  • Nadereh ナーデレフ is voiced by: Azusa Tadokoro / Valeria Rodriguez
  • Nadereh is the honorable leader of Retem City.
  • She has a stoic personality and is the most proficient warrior.
  • She is self disciplined and always continuing to improve herself.
  • She is a 24 year old human.

New Characters

  • Nadereh's 3 Veteran Advisors.
    • Hadi ハーディ(Junpei Morita / Richard Epcar)
    • Jalil ジャリル (Atsuki Tani / Patrick Seitz)
    • Mohsen モフセン (Yoji Ueda / Paul St. Peter)
  • The three are veteran ARKS who've protected Retem City for a long time.

Level Cap Increase

  • The Level Cap will be raised to 35!

New Class Skills

  • Hunter: Sword Arts Charge Avenger
    • If an enemy attacks you while you're further charging the attack after the sword's PA is completely charged, the PA will automatically activate in response to the attack.
  • Fighter: Dagger Spin Axle
    • Enables the usage of Twin Dagger's skill "Acceleration Drive" to activate even after using a weapon action.
  • Ranger: Spread Shot Wide Range
    • Enables the Assault Rifle's skill "Spread Shot" to hit as an AoE attack.
  • Gunner: Rising Drive
    • Performing a normal attack after the TMG's weapon action will cause you to rise while attacking.

More Class Skills

  • Force: Technique Domination
    • Increases damage dealt to Downed enemies.
  • Techter: Overemphasis
    • Recovers both HP & PP for both you and your party.
    • It also temporarily rasises the max PP.
  • Braver: Brave Spirit
    • Successfully [Gaurding] with a Katana or [Evading] with a Bullet Bow will cause you to temporarily experience increased power for normal attacks / weapon action counters, with increased amount of PP recovery.
  • Bouncer: Blade Arts Parry
    • Performing a weapon action during a Dual Blade PA will allow you to guard against enemy attacks without interrupting the PA.

New Tranias

  • Various Trania quests will be scattered across the region.

Wind Techs (Zan, Gizan) & Skill: Zan Gale

  • Hitting an enemy with an uncharged Wind Tech will result in a wind effect on the enemy. Hitting them with a charged Wind Tech will result in different follow-up attacks based on which Wind tech was used.

Light Techs (Grants, Gigrants) & Skill: Grants Glitter

  • Hitting an enemy with Light Techs multiple times will activate a temporary boost effect on your character. During this effect, using a Light Technic will trigger a follow-up attack.

Dark Techs (Megid, Gimegid) & Skill Megid Sphere

  • Hitting an enemy with uncharged Dark Techs will stock up to three Dark element effects behind you. Using a charged Dark Technique will consume all of the stock, and boost the power of that tech accordingly.

Title System

Release and Changes

The Title System will finally be implemented into New Genesis. You can earn various Titles and rewards by completing objectives such as the number of specific enemies defeated, or by completing a Trania quest with an S rank, among other things.

Unfortunately, while working on solving the lag issue that's been observed since the launch of the game, they had to reset the player achievement records due to an overhaul of the game's internal structure.

Therefore, other than class level, play time, and battle power, etc., player achievements that count towards Titles will start being counted when the Title system is implemented.

They apologize for not being able to keep what was announced beforehand.

Arks Operation Report

Question and Answer Session

Due to bugs, some Outfits have visual issues when equipped. When will this be fixed?

The dev team apologizes for the inconvenience caused by this bug. We also want to apologize for the amount of time it has taken to handle it. In the October 13th update, we fixed the issue where outfits released in PSO2 looked different to the other players when worn. If a new bug is discovered in the future, the dev team will make an announcement before proceeding with fixing the issue. In a case like this where a bug only occurs under very specific circumstances, it can be difficult for the team to reproduce the bug and narrow down the conditions under which it occurs. That is why it can take a while for the fix to rollout. It would be a great help for the dev team if everyone who encounters an issue in game could write a detailed message to Customer Support, including how and when it occurred. We appreciate your help with this as it helps us resolve issues faster.

How are improvements to lag coming along?

The dev team sincerely apologizes to anyone who is experiencing lag. We made improvements to this issue during the update on September 29th. That being said, there may still be instances in which lag occurs for a short time. The dev team will continue to investigate and address this issue.

The PSe Gauge is hard to build up. Please improve this.

The dev team agrees that the PSE Gauge currently has some balancing issues. Therefore, the balance will be adjusted in the December update so that the PSE Burst will be easier to achieve. Since it will be easier to fill the PSE Gauge, you'll be able to enjoy a higher rate of PSE Bursts than before.

Please include all of the Urgent Quests in the schedule
when you have Pre-announced Urgent Quests.

Live Ops has received a lot of feedback from you on the pre-announcement Urgent Quests that were rolled out as part of the campaign on October 6th. Since opinions were split on whether or not we should keep pre-announced Urgent Quests, we decided to roll them out in limited-time campaigns rather than having them regularly. In the future, we're planning campaigns that include multiple pre-announced Urgent Quests. We will announce the dates and times on the official site and other platforms.

Why did you implement a cost system for Motion Changes?

We sincerely apologize for not announcing this in advance and for any trouble that this has caused. We implemented this system to prevent issues with memory capacity that could occur when combinations are made with future motion changes that will have even more spectacular graphics. We understand that this is inconvenient, but the ultimate goal is to improve the game experience, so we ask for your understanding. Let me add, that the cost of two or higher for motion changes that were released before this spec change was determined to be too high and the cost was changed to one. They plan to address the memory capacity issue caused by this change by adjusting the content of future motion changes.

Please increase the Premium Set perks.

The dev team also feels that the limited number of perks in the Premium Set is a problem. Starting with Mission Pass NGS – Season 3, which will be released in an update in December, having an active Premium Set means you will also have the benefits of N-Mission Pass Gold. We will continue reviewing and improving the Premium Set perks.

I want to see ARKS IDs from PSO2 implemented in NGS.

The dev team plans to implement ARKS IDs in NGS as well. We are considering what specifications to use so that our players can enjoy the game even more. We're aiming to release it in a February update. ARKS IDs are likely to be linked with the Title system, which will be released in December.

Merchandise and Campaigns

Retem Campaign, Survey, Secret Phrase

Let's Get Ready for Retem! Campaign (11.24~)

Get Grinding Materials Campaign

  • Complete Limited-time tasks to receive Trinite, Dualomite, and a 50 Star Gem Ticket

Retem Pre-Release Mission Campaign

  • Complete Limited-Time tasks during the campaign period to receive up to three 50 Star Gem Tickets!

Retem Pre-Release Login Bonus

  • Login bonuses will deliver 30 Star Gem Ticket, N-Grind Success +10% and more!

PSO2 Player Survey

Did you know you can doompost in the survey and get 40 Star Gems?
There's a survey for both Japan and Global servers!

ZUTOMAYO × PSO2 Collaboration

Enter the secret phrase in chat to receive the [775: No Border] Lobby Action!

  • Japan Players: NOBORDER
  • Global Players: NOBORDER

You have until December 31st @ 00:00 AM JST to complete this task!

Sympathy 2021 Blu-Ray

Sympathy 2021 Blu-Ray [JP Only]

  • Release Date: Jan 19 2022
  • Price: 7,500 Yen
  • Contents: 2 CD Set With Item Code Bonuses

Next NGS Headline

December 7th

29 thoughts on “PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #5”

  1. So whiny Aina is still the MC, not the player, and we got what looks like another stoic boring character. HMZK, your storywriting skills suck (or whoever you employ that keeps making same boring crap for ep4-5 and NGS)!
    35 cap update is +1 skill (not really a new skill either, looks more like a fix and one that doesn't actually address core problems) to low skill ceiling baby complexity classes. I expected that SEGA will polish classes to be good enough for release levels, not to level 35 minimal viable product… And Bo skill, lol, "hey have a "new" Et skill we haven't added to not-Et double blades!", disgusting.
    One 3day shop pass per mission season or whatever its called instead of like 2 every month, they/HMZK still treat f2p like trash.
    That title reset, why does it sound so much like "we are leaving CBT and thus resetting your progress"? That's such a BS. Possibly coz the big update will be fucking nothing it's they way of artificially extending gameplay.
    Scheduled UQs are good for people with little time to play and they want to shoehorn "afk in lobby coz we need playercount" shit.
    Female XL "bulge" on LA previews, they used to try to hide this, guess people were content with it so they no longer hide their fetish? Tho it's more likely that they just haven't gotten survey results so I guess I gotta wait for headline that covers those and see how they react to this and many other issues. Also as they are/were hiring people for NGS we'll probably see the result of their work only in 3 months or more so gotta wait for that even tho it doesn't look like this update will make NGS something more than a minimal viable product thus it's unlikely that more people will be playing it.

    And "p-please come back and check "big update"" campaign, they could add N-w…color pass instead of este/salon pass that they give away so often that those are like grinders at this point. Rewards only matter when they have value after all and considering what a huge dumpster fire NGS is/was those aren't nearly enough to appease players for all the shit HMZK has done.

    • You really be writing an essay in Bumped, as if it has any influence on the devs. Take your complaint elsewhere where it actually might help you get what you want. I'm honestly fed up with you lots complaining on these posts all the time. Just give it a rest. We all feel the frustration.

  2. Yay more techs and tech boons :3 also fudge more elements to pick from :I and is Diga gone forever? D: thus Pokemon Trainer class when? :v tho i cant care less bout titles 😡 needs HD More 🙂

    • Since OG don't have it, i don't think they'll add Diga here. They already announce that after December Major Updates, iirc, they'll begin Developing the PokeTrainer Class, so Expect around Mid/Late 2022 for the Class Release, and if anyone asking, Gunslash Class will get Development after PokeTrainer Class.

  3. Sega, fam. I love you, but please for the love of all that is holy and good in the world. Stop with the fucking earrings as event rewards. Jesus, talk about a pointless accessory.

    • They should bring back the gold and silver star earrings that are the most sexy earrings from back in the day when the FUN scratch gave nice stuff on Episode 1.

  4. Yeah, 3 day shop passes from missions proves that Sega not only intentionally removed them originally but also timed it so people wasted 2 days on putting fodders in their shops without shop / affixing working and thus everyone that hadn't already bought a full 30 day pass or spent literal hours at a time doing Fun scratch to save up a bunch of 3 day shop passes would be quickly left with a bunch of worthless fodders and nothing else, wasting an entire shop inventory that could have easily made millions back when it still mattered, especially because it was at the start of a 2 week 20% affix boost and many people were about to make some epic gear.

    Needless to say that many lost all incentive to make any gear at all, let alone epic gear when 3 day shops were just removed. Kinda killed og for me.

    And then to make things worse og meseta is now locked behind mostly cradle and to some extent mothership (only about a third of the cradle cubes, though) and all other eqs give a pathetic amount of cubes in comparison. In general the amount of cubes in UH was really high but when you consider that you can only afford anything now by NPCing cubes or spending hours each day with daily orders, any eq dropping less cubes that mothership is worthless unless you do it purely for fun.

    And likewise in NGS no one can even afford more than a token amount of fashion without paying AC. After playing over 400 hours and doing all dailies + weeklies + gathering all reactors 90-95% of the time I still only have some 11 mil left and I only made 3 units and 1 multi weapon.

    Yet all hairstyles are 2-4 mil and the fancier accessories or outfits are 1-3mil. I can literally afford 3-4 hairstyles and then I am broke. TBH not sure if this is long term feasible because buyers not being able to afford much means there is less reason to scratch and sell in the first place. Back when stuff was pretty cheap in og it was because so many people scratched and bought shop tickets but after 3 day passes were removed the market collapsed and is now quite static.

    I really hope whoever is responsible for NGS right now gets replaced by someone who knows what they are doing and who is not this desperate to milk players for AC so we can afford fashion without paying AC again.

    In general I don't mind paying AC and in the past I even whaled for over a year but atm Sega added a pointless ip block that causes a lot of trouble for us and ontop of that the game is extremely unstable with very frequent crashes, tbh this is no better than the private PSO1 server I used to play on back when it was popular and groaning under a load 5 times bigger than the bandwidth allocated to it.

    DEFINITELY not a situation where the game feels even remotely worth spending money on. But of course whales be whaling so it might actually be Sega in their usual halfassedness make enough profit to see this state as perfectly fine and won't do anything about it, not even try to fix the game being a beta at best and almost like an alpha version in terms of stability and connectivity.

  5. OMG a whole THREE new tech elements! How fresh and exciting! Can't wait for them!
    Oh wait, they should have been implemented from the start, like they were in PSO2.
    Are they really selling basic functionality as new features?
    Also – reused old assets and parts for new characters.
    Only 4 new bosses, 2 of which are reskins of one another.
    Desert has giant rings straight up from Xenoblade X, as if story wasn't ripping XBX right from the starts.
    All of this looks bad.
    New director when?

    • Visuals for sure were influenced by Xenoblade Chronicles X which is actually great, story tho, I don't think it has anything to do with it?

    • You wake up with no memories of yourself, instantly get recruited by a couple of anime girls into some military organisation, that sends you out to kill alien monsters that are evil because they just are.
      XBX has coherent backstory, unlike NGS where there is none, but otherwise introductions are nearly identical.

    • bruh, the class we got so far has innate succ class skills and gimmick if you dont realise just yet, so there is no point on re-releasing succ class on NGS

    • Good. Not everyone wanted to be shoehorned into playing a successor class. And it was a crutch for most people anyway. I did more damage as a DB/JB hybrid Bouncer/Hunter with probably twice as many commands and inputs to keep track of than many people playing muh ez meta classes.

      At least NGS has a cool counter system. Even more simplified classes can still be fun with it. When the DBs get counter in the coming update I'll definitely be excited to try it out.

  6. I'm surprised the December 15th release date for Retem Region isn't mentioned.
    It was shown on the slide of the Sandstorm Requiem title for chapter 2.

    The 15th is referenced for the end of the Season 2 Mission Pass though.


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