PSO2 NGS Headline Recap #6


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December 15th Update

Retem Desert, QoL Changes, Emergency Quest

Retem Region

  • The Retem Region is filled with sandy dunes, rocky terrains, and canyons.
  • There will be new Tames and Gathering items.

Retem Region

  • New Enemies will appear in Exploration and Combat sectors.
  • New Trial: Storm Zone Enemy Suppression
    • Arks will fight during many tornadoes
  • New Trial: Transorve Destruction

General Changes

  • PSE Level is less likely to go down in Combat Sectors
  • Timing of thunderstorms in Exploration Sectors will be adjusted. This will reduce cases where there are no thunderstorms for long periods of time.

New Features

  • Level Cap 35
  • New Skills for all Classes
  • New Wind, Light, and Dark Technics
  • New ★5 Rarity Weapons
    • Three new weapon series will drop in the Retem Region, plus a series of weapons will drop from certain enemies. Color variations will also be available. Potentials for these weapons will be unlocked by gathering materials found in Retem.
  • New ★5 Rarity Armors
    • Some will drop from enemies in Retem Region, and some from protected containers.
  • New Special Abilities
    • Special Abilities in Retem will make it easier to increase your HP.
    • Some Special Abilities can be found at the Capsule exchange in the Item lab

Story Chapter 2

  • Complete the first chapter of the story to get access to Retem
  • New Tasks will be available from Retem City NPCs.
  • Two Instructor NPCs will give new types of Tasks
    • Leah May: Good for leveling up your character. (Repeatable every week)
    • Ronaldine: Good for Advanced Users. Unlocks alongside the high rank sectors in Retem. These get more difficult as you go along. (Only available for a short time.)
  • Third Mission Pass
    • New Mag Form, Stamp, Accessories
    • Personal Shop 3 Days, N-Color Change Pass

General Changes

  • N-Mission Pass Gold will apply automatically while Premium Set is active.
  • Premium Set will allow up to 40 Side Tasks.

Story Chapter 2

  • Nadereh and her 3 advisors: Hadi, Jalil, and Mohsen.
  • The key to this second chapter is a song.

New Cocoons, Towers, and Battledia

  • Complete Trania to earn Skill Points!
  • New Trania: Parkour Master, Buddy Attack, Vanishing Path
  • Battledia Yellow: Retem Troopers
    • Gain grinding materials and large amounts of EXP!
  • Battledia Purple: Retem Devastators
    • Test skills against a series of Gigantix.

New Urgent Quest

  • Dustyl Vera Suppression Op
    • Battle through hordes of enemies attacking through the canyon.
    • Get the upperhand in battle with the Omega Punisher which explodes once you hit it.

General Info

  • With the release of Retem, Emergency Quests will occur simultaneously in both Retem and Aelio.
  • You can only complete one Emergency Quest at a time, so choose wisely.
  • You'll need to transfer to the Region for the EQ you wish to play.
  • In a future update, they'll add the ability to accept an EQ in other regions.

New Features

  • Title System will be implemented. You'll get star gems and sometimes other items.
  • Mag Sonar Support will allow you to discover items and materials.
    • Meat, Vegetables, Fruit, Seafood.
    • Item Container: Green, Gold, Red.
    • Other Gathering Materials.
  • You can add Preset Skills with items that have the same name.
    • This feature will add or overwrite preset skills.
    • An item of the same name with a Preset Skill will be used as material.

Room Matchmaking Settings

  • You can make rooms that have a keyword (password) to limit who can enter.
  • At the Ryuker Device, you can enter the keyword for the room you wish to enter.

New Features

  • Two new face options will be added and are available at the start of the game.
  • You can now adjust the tongue horizontally and vertically.
  • The Fashion Catalogue from Base PSO2 will be coming to NGS.
  • You can register your looks and bookmark other players.
  • Motion Changes can also be registered!

AC Scratch: Mercenary Style

  • Sci-fi outfits such as bikini armor and armored coats based on battlegear.
  • Lobby Actions: Red String 1 & 2, Motion: Landing – Woah There
  • Scratch Bonus: Motion: Dash – Long Leap

December 22nd Update

Christmas Update, World Trials

Christmas Event

  • Central City will be decorated with Christmas decorations.
  • Find the Mischief Symbols to receive rewards
  • Xiandy will wear her Christmas Outfit.
  • New Limited-Tasks will be available.

Frozen World (AC Scratch)

  • Winter themed outfits and Christmas themed sexy swimwear.
  • Lobby Actions: Snow Fun 3, Motion: Idle – Irritated
  • Scratch Bonus: Motion: Dash – Sledding

AC Support Item Selection Scratch

  • Period: Dec 22 ~ Jan 5
  • New [Addi] type abilities will increase attack-related stats.
  • In addition, there's also support items used for unlocking Potentials.

New Event: World Trial

  • These are large-scale interrupt events that occur on all ships!
  • World Trials span multiple sectors for an extended period of time.
  • World Trial: Stellar Grace Recovery Operation
    • Collect as many Stellar Grace within the time limit.
    • Stellar Grace comes in 3 different colors, the gold and silver ones have better rewards.
  • Rare Drop Boosts will apply based on the amount of items collected individually, as well as, the amount of items collected by the entire ship.
  • Personal boosts will activate during the World Trial, and will stay in effect for 24 hours after the Trial ends.
  • Overall boosts will activate after the World Trial ends and stay active for 24 hours.
  • World Trials will be held according to a schedule announced in advance.
  • Emergency Quests will still occur during World Trials.

Campaigns & Merch

Prescheduled EQs

Preannounced Emergency Quests

  • December 10th ~ December 12th
  • Emergency Quests To Occur over the weekend
    • Command Dolls Suppression
    • Nex Vera Suppression
    • Mining Rig Defense
  • Schedule will be announced in the future.

NGS Video Contest (Dec 21 ~ Jan 25)

  • Submit NGS-related video in the Lobby Action, Motion, and Open categories.
  • Winners get a 5000 AC Ticket, and have their Lobby Action / Motion implemented into the game!

Retem Release Celebration (Dec 15~ )

  • Let's Go Retem! Campaign
    • Obtain SG and Battle Triggers by completing Limited Time Tasks.
  • NGS Video Contest
  • Screenshot Submission Campaign
  • Retem Release Celebration Login Bonus
    • Obtain Special Scratch Tickets and SG
  • Story Completion Campaign
  • Join an Team Campaign

Sega Lucky Lottery [Japan Only]

Starting Dec 17th, Lawson and Hobby Shop will begin offering Sega Lucky Lottery New Genesis Prizes.

  • A: Rappy Plush
  • B: Region Mag Piggy Bank
  • C: Tote Bag
  • D: Acrylic Key Chain
  • E: Hand Towels
  • F: Plastic Sleeve & Mini Book Set
  • Lucky: Rappy Plush Goodnight ver

Sega Lucky Lottery [Japan Only]

  • Each prize comes with in-game items!

Fiery Dunes Retem Pack


Fiery Dunes Retem (熱砂のリテムパック)

  • The pack will be sold as separate Type 1 and Type 2 content.
    • Type 1 (1,980 Yen / 1980 AC / $19.99)
    • Type 2 (1,980 Yen / 1980 AC / $19.99)
  • Each pack can be purchased once per store.
    • Global: Microsoft Store, Steam, Epic Games Store, AC Shop
    • Japan: PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop, AC Shop
  • Pack contains useful items such as Premium Set 15 Days and more!

Beginner's Rappy Pack (初心者入門!ラッピーパック)

  • Contains Rappy themed cosmetic items, battle triggers, and N-Item Pack Expansion +10

General Info

  • The Start Dash Rappy Pack will be discontinued upon the release of the Beginner's Rappy Pack.

2022 Roadmap

High Rank Sectors, Super Challenging Quests

January Update

  • New Year's decorations and Revival Scratch Tickets
  • Winter Event World Trials

February Update

  • New Emergency Quest: Massive Boss
  • Level Cap Lv 40
  • Chapter 2: Side Story
  • Mag Music Disc Play Feature
  • Aelio Region: High Rank Sectors

March Update

  • Spring event Urgent Quest
  • Emergency Quest Triggers

April Update

  • New Super Challenging Quests
  • Level Cap: Lv 45
  • Retem Region: New EQ
  • Retem Region: High Rank Sectors
  • Room Setting Feature for screenshots.

May Update

  • New Photon Arts and Techiques
  • New Limited-Time Emergency Quests

June Update

  • 2nd Major NGS Update
  • New Region
  • Level Cap: Lv 60
  • Story Chapter 3
  • New Skills

Arks Operation Report

Question and Answer Session

Please add more type-1 costumes and cast parts.

The ratio of avatar items we release is decided by the ratio of character types being used. Currently, there are more players using body Type-2 than Type-1, as well as more players using wears and outfits than CAST parts. Please be aware that unless there is a change in the ratio of character types being used, we will continue to release items in the current ratio for this reason. Due to the development schedule, there is a limit to the number of items that can be released in each update, so they have to consider and match the demand ratio when releasing items.

Please provide a place with a fixed light source for taking screenshots.

We're planning to add useful features for taking screenshots in a future update. One of the features will allow you to change the appearance of sunshine and weather. In the December 15th update, the password room feature will be expanded to allow you to create rooms where enemies don't spawn and the time and weather can be changed.

Please make more updated versions of PSO2 outfits.

We have already released popular outfits from PSO2 remade for NGS in five previous scratch tickets. Please rest assured that we plan to gradually release more outfits updated with NGS specs again from March 2022, starting with the more popular items.

Please improve braver's katana.

Regarding the offensive capabilities of Katanas, a new Brave Spirit class skill will be added in the December 15th update. It will increase the potency of normal attacks and counters, including counters dealt by Fearless Attitude, as well as increased PP recovery. At the same time, we will also adjust the range of counter attacks to make the Guard Counter event more important. As for mobility, there is a new Photon Art planned for a future update that will be great for closing the distance between you and the enemy.

Please implement personal quarters in NGS.

The dev team thinks that expanding communication elements like the personal quarters from PSO2 is important and is considering the content to add in future updates. However, there is an urgent need to increase the volume of extra battle and adventure related content, so we predict it will be a while before it is included in an update.

Will Music Discs for the PSO2 jukebox also be usable in NGS?

We are planning to release a new feature that allows Mags to play music in a future update. This feature will be different from PSO2. In NGS, you'll be able to play Music Discs that have been registered on your Mag when you are in the field. We think it would be preferable to make this feature support Music Discs added in PSO2, but more details will be announced when the specifications are decided.

Next NGS Headline

December 28th

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  1. *insert obligatory monthly whining comment about the lack of content here* jokes aside, 2 of the 3 hairstyles I've been looking forward to are releasing this month along what seems to be the best desert area in a video game (in my opinion)… on the other hand, I'm probably gonna be poor again getting those hairs… web panel events again with all those alpha reactors are looking real tempting right about now

  2. Now that's a plan, and finally music play option anywhere? a feature I hoped for ever since the existence of pso2, finally I can make use of the disks I have and hopefully more music disks will come.

  3. AC Support Item Selection Scratch

    Period: Dec 22 ~ Jan 5
    New [Addi] type abilities will increase attack-related stats.

    Sounds exactly like Power UP's be available only with AC payment tho.

    • Maybe not, you could sell the PSO2 AC support items in baback se PSO2 and players could buy it with meseta.
      It'll probably be the same w/ NGS.

    • This was copy/pasted from base though?
      The Boost/Grand/Elegant/Grace/etc. items were all from AC scratches initially. Only farrrrrrr later were they introduced through other means like shop trades and Mission Pass.

  4. Surely SEGA must be trolling with those "popular outfits" in Oracle Collection 1,3, and 5. Maybe popular among the devs, but I doubt they're popular among players. And it also looks like SEGA finally decided to show their middle finger to players regarding male outfits, female outfits, and cast parts ratio

    • The way they're releasing things makes complete sense. There far more female avatars than anything else, so it makes sense they'd release content to match that.

  5. "You can only complete one Emergency Quest at a time, so choose wisely."
    -I know this is similar to how they'd phrased it, but I think it makes more sense if it were to say "You can only complete one Emergency Quest per instance" or something. The way it reads as-is seems to imply you could otherwise run two EQs simultaneously..

  6. "The ratio of avatar items we release is decided by the ratio of character types being used. Currently, there are more players using body Type-2 than Type-1, as well as more players using wears and outfits than CAST parts."

    What hellish reasoning is this? You're putting out less Type-1 and Cast parts because more people are using Type-2 body? GEE Sega, It's almost as if, oh I don't know, people wanna make a unique character so they pick the one with more options. This is THE dumbest logic I've ever seen in a long, long time. Maybe more people would use Type-1 outfits and Cast parts if you actually gave us some damn Tyle-1 outfits and Cast parts worth using.

  7. It looks like they are 0 content still, they increase the level to 60 by june but it seems there will be barely any content to do from 35 to 60. Plus still looks like no content for max level.

    • You are probably right even tho I hope you aren't…
      Considering that the game doesn't allow us to enjoy it if we are 5 levels below enemy and the fact that they plan so many levels so soon, that the levels aren't tied to skillpoints unlike PSO2 thus not only levels mean nothing but shitty "grind more exp" padding it'll also mean that once people outlevel the zone, the zone and thus whole open world thing will turn dead…

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