PSO2 NGS JP: Maintenance (04/10/2024)

Apr 10th Maintenance

Maintenance will be occurring much earlier than usual!

NGS Maintenance

What We Getting Tonight?

Leciel Exploration Update

  • New Trial, New 10 Star Weapon, Consecutive Photon Blasts

All-Ship Matchmaking for Leciel Exploration

New Tech Arts Customizations & Balance Adjustments

Mission Pass: NGS Season 31

ARKS Record – Field Race: Mediola Outer Area 2 Board (Stage 1)

AC Scratch: Vintage Classics


  • Player Shop shows current grind cap for items.
  • Refined Skin for Base Body Type 1 & a Face Type for the Lively Face
  • And More!

April 10th Nerf Announcements

Balance adjustments to Tech Arts Customizations and other gameplay will be applied on April 10th's Maintenance. Two issues in particular were noted which could affect game balancing in the future.

Sword Tech Arts Customization: Spiral Edge (Type 2)

The development team has confirmed that when combined with the Hunter skill "Sword Arts Overcharge," unintentionally high damage can be dealt within a certain period of time. As a result of an investigation, they have determined that a nerf will have to be applied due to the large difference in damage by other weapons and attack methods, which could impact the balancing of the game in the future.

Adjustment Details

  • The power when charged has been reduced.
  • Charging time was improved. This was done by shortening the amount of time required to charge.

Bouncer Add-on Skill: One More Jump

The development team has confirmed that a high amount of damage could be inflicted within a certain period of time through the repeated use of "One More Jump" during charging. As a result of an investigation, they have determined that a nerf will have to be applied due to the large differences in damage which could affect the balancing of the game in the future.

Specification Change Detail

  • After damaging an enemy, specifications will change so that jumping on the enemy for a certain period of time will not cause damage.

They apologize for the inconvenience this has caused as they were unable to confirm these issues through advance playtesting.

They are considering some kind of compensation, details will be announced at a later time.

Special Class Training Program

The Special Class Training Program is back, this time targeting Bouncer and Ranger.

By raising the qualifying classes during the campaign period, you'll earn build parts and accessories styled after the class icons.

In addition, you'll also earn a [SG Legacy Fashion Badge (Hair)] by reaching level 80!

Rurouni Kenshin Collaboration

4.03.2024 ~ 5.08.2024

Log into PSO2 NGS during the campaign period to receive Rurouni Kenshin items!

Wellbia XIGNCODE3 Reminder

Wellbia Anti-Cheat software was implemented into the Japanese version on November 8th.

Please note that you have the option to deactivate the new program by applying "Compatibility Mode" through the game launcher:

  • Click: 「環境設定」⇒「機能」Tab ⇒「ゲーム起動」 and check 「互換性モード」
  • Click: [Preferences] → [Features] Tab → [Game Launch] and check "Compatibility Mode"

If you accidentally launch the game without checking "Compatibility Mode," you can use Wellbia's official uninstaller as noted from their FAQ.

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