PSO2 NGS JP: Maintenance (09/13/2023)

Sep 13th Maintenance

NGS Maintenance

What We Getting Tonight?

Oshi No Ko Collaboration

  • AC Scratch: Oshi No Ko Style
  • Oshi No Ko Login Bonus

Limited Quest: Moonlight Invasion '23

SG Scratch: Refined Form Sep '23

ARKS Record – Trania: Slope Style: Solo for All Classes

Mission Pass: Season 24

SG Scratch Ticket Policy Change

SG Scratch Ticket Lineup Method

Up until now, the SG Scratch Lineup has been updated approximately every 6 months. But from now on, the lineup will remove items sequentially, beginning with prizes that have been in the lineup the longest.

At the next lineup update scheduled for November 15th, only the [Volcanic Heart] items that were distributed from February 23rd, 2023, will be removed from the lineup.

  1. ※Please refer to the in-game prize list for the specific items that are no longer on display.
  2. ※Scratch prize items, including those that are unavailable at the next round, may reappear in other scratches or campaigns.

Some items in the Refined Form series were discontinued when the lineup was updated. Going forward, all items in the Refined Form series will continue to be included in the lineup for a set period of time.

Discontinuation of Stage Bonuses

Sega has received requests to remove the Stage Bonus feature of SG Scratches because the prizes that were requested were not included in the Stage Bonus. Due to this, they have decided to discontinue the Stage Bonus feature with [Refined Form Sep '23]. From now on, the rate for obtaining Featured items will no longer increase.

Oshi No Ko Collaboration

9.13.2023 ~ 10.18.2023

A Login Bonus will be held in commemoration of the [OSHI NO KO] Collaboration!

Prizes will be sent to the Item Pack of the character who achieves the conditions.

  • If your Item Pack is full, prizes will be sent to Storage.

Special Class Training Program Part 1

Earn wonderful prizes by leveling up the [Fighter], [Gunner], or [Techter] classes. As a testament to your achievement, you will receive a commemorative plate that can be showcased in your Creative Space.

Switch to one of the three classes to receive enhanced equipment, giving you the chance to try out a class you haven't played before. Additionally, leveling up all three classes unlocks a completion reward where you can receive prizes such as Beta Reactors.

9.06.2023 ~ 09.27.2023

Boost Campaign

  • Grind Great Success +20%
  • Special Ability Affixing Success +5%

Class Training Support Items

Log into the game to receive the following:

  • Growthment (x10)
  • B Trigger / Common Yellow (x5)

SG Shop Bargains

9.06.2023 ~ 09.27.2023

The SG Shop is selling the following Support Item Set for a limited time!

Class Training Support Set [+Bonus]「N-Earned EXP [24h]+50%」×3
≪Bonus≫「C/Halphiniria S」×1
≪Bonus≫「C/Ability Ⅳ S」×1

Team Up Campaign

8.02.2023 ~ 10.11.2023

We're holding a Team Up Campaign to celebrate the release of the Team Space.

Joining a team of 4 or more players will reward you with a [Rappy Speech Bubble] accessory and the [St "May I Come In"] stamp.

Additionally, if you enter a Team Space, you'll receive an [N-Color Change Pass] and [St "Rupika: Welcome"] stamp.

2 Major Beginner Support Campaigns

We have two lovely NGS Campaigns for beginners. If you start playing NGS now, you can receive the following rewards!

Campaign 1: Breakthrough the Tutorial For Wonderful Items

By going through the tutorial, you can receive an item that draws from the Special Scratch 10 times, weapon camos, and more!

250 Star GemsSpecial Scratch Ticket ×10
St "Sonic: Good"St "Tails: OK"
St「Dr.エッグマン:完璧じゃ!」St "Dr. Eggman: Perfect"St "Amy: Hello"
Sonic EarringソニックシューズSonic Shoes
*Slave Celica*Nemesis Celica
N-Half Doll ×5

Campaign 2: Progress Through The Story For Powerful Equipment And Avatar Items

By going through the Story, you can receive hairstyles, outfits, and even the new [Exter] series.

The [Exter] series comes pre-strengthened from the start. It's the perfect item to accompany you on your early adventures due to its low costs in strengthening (with the exception of some items).

ItemMain Task
A_item01「Natural Cut」×1
Category: Hairstyle
Main Story: Chapter 1
「Traverse The Cocoon」
A_item02「Clerk Univas [Ba]」×1
Category: Type 1 Basewear
Main Story: Chapter 1
「Traverse The Cocoon」
A_item03「Operator Unifa [Ba]」×1
Category: Type 2 Basewear
Main Story: Chapter 1
「Traverse The Cocoon」
A_item04「Clerk Univas [Ou]」×1
Category: Type 1 Outerwear
Main Story: Chapter 1
「Liu Lin's Advice I」
A_item05「Operator Unifa [Ou]」×1
Category: Type 2 Outer Wear
Main Story: Chapter 1
「Liu Lin's Advice I」
「Renessa Armor」
Category: Weapon / Armor
※Already Grinded!
※All Weapon Types x1 + Armor ×3
Main Story: Chapter 1
「Liu Lin's Advice II」
A_item07「Manonica Hair」×1
Category: Hairstyle
Main Story: Chapter 1
「Mt. Magnus DOLLS」
A_item08「Dirie Preuse[Se]」×1
Category: Type 2 Set Wear
Main Story: Chapter 1
「Mt. Magnus DOLLS」
A_item09「Special Scratch Ticket」x10
Category; Scratch Ticket
Main Story: Chapter 1
A_item10「Ainosakune Hair」×1
Category: Hairstyle
Main Story: Chapter 1
「The Trio Goes to Battle」
A_item11「Anemos Fiora [Ba]」×1
Category: Type 2 Outer Wear
Main Story: Chapter 1
「The Trio Goes to Battle」
A_item12「Bruzyne Head」×1
Category: Cast Head Parts
Main Story: Chapter 1
「Rescuing Bruder」
A_item13「Evolcoat 」Series
Category: Weapon
※Already Grinded.
※Only the Main Class Weapon Types
Main Story: Chapter 2
Side Task that can be accepted after completing "The Desert Town"
「Fighting in Retem」

How To Acquire Rewards

Campaign 1

  • Rewards can be received from the "Collect Campaign Reward(s)" area in the System Menu

Campaign 2

  • Rewards will be distributed to the Character's Item Pack.
    • The reward item will be sent to the storage box if the item pack is full.

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  1. Helloo, for campaign reward 2, can i still get those rewards even if the main quest already cleared ?? or its just for the beginner who not yet clear the chapter main story ?


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