PSO2 NGS JP: Maintenance (11/08/2022)

Regular Maintenance


Maintenance has been extended until further notice due to an issue that was discovered.

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 11/08/2022 @ 10:55 ~ 19:30.

What We Getting Tonight? Summary

SG Scratch: Refined Form 8

Mission Pass Season 14

  • Dash Animal Color Variant
  • Mag Form / Arms Machina

Ordinal Tower Rank 7 Arks Record

EQ Calendar & Sonic Frontiers Campaign

Emergency Quest Calendar

A new Emergency Quest schedule is now available until November 16th!

Sonic Frontiers Release Celebration

11.09.2022 ~ 01.11.2023

Celebrate Sonic Frontiers launch by saying a specific phrase in chat to receive four types of items.

  • ソニックフロンティア発売中
  • Sonic_Frontiers_on_sale_now

By saying the phrase above (based on your region) you'll receive the following items:

  • Floating Sonic (x1)
  • Floating Tails (x1)
  • Floating Knuckles (x1)
  • Special Scratch Ticket (x5)

Popona 3D Debut

Popona showcased her new 3D appearance with the ability to move her legs and hands!

During the livestream she performed the songs "Mugen no Kiseki" and "Rare Drop☆KOI☆KOI!" Additionally, her song, "Mugen no Kiseki" will be released to various music platforms starting Nov 16th.

Crystia Series Enhancement Boost

11.02.2022 ~ 12.07.2022

The Crystia Series will experience a Grind / Enhancement boost with 50% OFF N-Meseta until Dec 7th.

Stia Expedition Prep Tickets

Get ready for the new region by collecting [Stia Expedition Prep Tickets]. These items can be traded at an exchange shop for ★8 weapons! You can gather up these tickets by completing Limited-Tasks until 12/7!

Limited Tasks

10.26.2022 ~ 12.07.2022

Clear limited-tasks during the campaign period to receive [Stia Expedition Prep Tickets]. These tickets can be traded in for the ★8 Prim Libra series which will be released in the future.

Additional Limited-Tasks will be released November 2nd and November 9th!

Stia Expedition Prep Ticket Exchange Shop

12.07.2022 ~ 01.25.2023

The Exchange Shop will open on December 7th when the new Stia Region is released! Head to the Item Trader NPCs in any of the 4 regions to nab your ★8 Prim Libra weapons!

Product NameRequired Amount
「*Prim Armati Libra」×12
「Prim Sword Libra」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Prim Sword Libra」×13
「Prim Wired Lance Libra」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Prim Wired Lance Libra」×13
「Prim Spear Libra」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Prim Spear Libra」×13
「Prim Dagger Libra」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Prim Dagger Libra」×13
「Prim Saber Libra」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Prim Saber Libra」×13
「Prim Knuckles Libra」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Prim Knuckles Libra」×13
「Prim Rifle Libra」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Prim Rifle Libra」×13
「Prim Launcher Libra」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Prim Launcher Libra」×13
「Prim Machine Guns Libra」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Prim Machine Guns Libra」×13
「Prim Rod Libra」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Prim Rod Libra」×13
「Prim Talis Libra」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Prim Talis Libra」×13
「Prim Wand Libra」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Prim Wand Libra」×13
「Prim Katana Libra」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Prim Katana Libra」×13
「Prim Bow Libra」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Prim Bow Libra」×13
「Prim Boots Libra」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Prim Boots Libra」×13
「Prim Blades Libra」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Prim Blades Libra」×13
「Prim Takt Libra」×1
※Preset Ability :Fixa Attack Lv.1
「Prim Takt Libra」×13
「Special Scratch Ticket」×5
※Up to 5 Per Account
「N-EXCube 」×5
※Up to 5 Per Account
「Arms Refiner」×4
※Up to 5 Per Account
※Up to 5 Per Account
This is an ore obtainable in the Stia Region
「C/Ice Weaker Ⅰ」×30
※Up to 5 Per Account
「Stia Expedition Prep Ticket」×3Any (1)「Prim Libra」Weapon
「Stia Expedition Prep Ticket」×2A「*Prim Armati Libra」Camo

Each Prim Libra with Preset Abilities in the exch. shop will have the following Special Abilities affixed:

  • Vardi Soul Ⅲ
  • Triable
  • Alz Secrete Ⅲ
  • Ice Weaker Ⅱ
Base ATK436
ATK at +50601
Potential Lv.1PWR+18% /
HP recovers by 4% every 10secs; effect activates 10 seconds after equipping.

The Prim Libra Series are special ★8 weapons that do not drop from enemies.
In addition, the [*Prim Armati Libra] and the [Prim Libra] weapons cannot be sold in Player Shops.

Lenovo Japan

10.26.2022 ~ 12.27.2022

Lenovo Japan presents a stylish original Lobby Action you can spam to all your friends!

Say the phrase below, using the in-game chat, based on the region you play to receive this Lobby Action.

  • レノボレギオン
  • Lenovo_Legion

Lenovo Japan is also giving 5 lucky winners the Ltd. Edition NGS Starter Package for PC and a grand prize winner a PSO2 10th Anniversary Laptop if they Follow and Retweet the qualifying tweet from Legion_JP.

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