PSO2 NGS JP: Maintenance & Campaigns (1/5/2022)

Maintenance Ended

Maintenance Complete

  • Maintenance was extended due to a problem that was discovered.
  • 1/5/2022 @ 11:00 ~ 19:00 JST
  • Time Converter

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 1/5/2022 @ 10:55 ~ 19:30

New Year AC Shop Deals

Two limited-time sets will be available in the AC Shop to celebrate the new year!

Availability: January 1st ~ 12th, 2022

St "Lutina: Praise"
New Year! Boost Set 2022
(2,400 AC)
N-Rare Drop Rate +50% (x9)
N-EXP Earned +10% (x9)
N-Great Grind Success Rate +20% (x5)
N-Ability Success Rate +10% (x5)
N-Grinder (x50)
Happy New Year! Useful Set 2022
(1,500 AC)
Premium Set 30 Days
N-Item Pack Expansion +10
St "Lutina: Praise"

※Limit of one purchase per account.

IDOLA x NGS Campaign

In appreciation of all the players of Idola, Sega would like to deliver a selection of gifts for New Genesis.

Campaign Period: November 2nd, 2021 ~ January 12th, 2022

  1. Play Idola as of November 1st @ 4:00 JST.
  2. Link the SEGA ID used for Idola and NGS by January 12th @ 4:00 JST.
  3. Log in to NGS using the linked SEGA ID.

Items rewarded will be based on the Player Rank achieved in Idola.

St "Stella: Good Night"
Player RankReward
1 or higher100 SG
St "Stella: Good Night"
Salon Free Pass
Monotite (x10)
Dualomite (x10)
Trinite (x10)
Photon Chunk (x10)
N-Grinder (x10)
N-Ability Success Rate +10%
30 or higher50 SG
*Klarissa III
Premium Set 15 Days
50 or higher50 SG
*Lux Frieden
80 or higher50 SG
*Grim Assassin

Distribution Periods

  1. Achieve the conditions by December 8th @ 4:00 JST to receive your rewards in late December.
  2. Achieve the conditions before January 12th @ 4:00 JST to receive your rewards in late January.

Retem Launch Campaign

Let's Go to Retem

12.15.2021 ~ 01.12.2022

Clear the following Tasks and Objectives to become prepared for your journey to Retem.

Reach Level 10 in Any Class「Special Scratch Ticket」×1
Reach Level 20 in Any Class「Special Scratch Ticket」×1
Grind a weapon or unit to +10 or higher.「10 SG Ticket」×1
Grind a weapon or unit to +20 or higher.「20 SG Ticket」×1
Unlock a Lv.1 Potential on a Weapon「10 SG Ticket」×1
Add a Special Ability to a Weapon or Unit「10 SG Ticket」×1
Clear "Mt. Magnus DOLLS"「10 SG Ticket」×1
Clear "The Trio Goes to Battle"「20 SG Ticket」×1
Clear "Rescuing Bruder"「30 SG Ticket」×1
Clear 5 Tasks from Leah May「B. Trigger/Aelio Yellow」×5
Defeat 100 Alters「C/Alz Soul III」×10
Defeat 100 Dolls「C/Dolls Soul III」×10
Defeat 10 Enhanced Enemies「B. Trigger/Aelio Purple」×5
Defeat 10 Bosses「Special Scratch Ticket」×1

Rewards are distributed to your item pack upon completing the Task.

Clear the Story

12.15.2021 ~ 01.12.2022

Clear the story to receive a Reindeer Accessory!

Clear Main Task "The Cornerstone of Retem's Revival" 「N-Ability Success+10%」×1
Clear Main Task "The End"「Luminous Reindeer Horns」×1

Rewards are distributed to your item pack upon completing the Task.

Let's Participate in a Team

12.15.2021 ~ 01.12.2022

Participate in a Team to Receive Items!

Say something in Team Chat「Free Salon Pass」×1個
Clear an EQ with 2 or more Team Members in the Party. 「10 SG Ticket」×1個

Rewards are distributed to your item pack upon completing the Task.

Grind Assistance

12.22.2021 ~ 01.05.2022

Enjoy a boost event so you can grind your new weapons!

  • Weapon & Unit Affixing Success Rate: +3%
  • Weapon & Unit Grinding Great Success: +20%

New Year's Arks Support

12.29.2021 ~ 01.12.2022

Clear 1 EQ 「Photon Chunk」×1「Special Scratch Ticket」×1
Clear 5 EQs 「30 SG Ticket」×1
Clear 10 EQs「C/Dasha DiableⅢ」×10
Defeat 100 Alters 「Trinite 」×10 & 「Special Scratch Ticket」×1
Defeat 500 Alters 「30 SG Ticket」×1
Defeat 1000 Alters「C/Alz SecreteⅢ」×10
Defeat 100 Dolls「Tedracite 」×10 & 「Special Scratch Ticket」×1
Defeat 500 Dolls 「30 SG Ticket」×1
Defeat 1000 Dolls「C/Shahou DiableⅢ」×10
Defeat 10 Bosses「Photon Scale 」×10 & 「Special Scratch Ticket」×1
Defeat 25 Bosses 「30 SG Ticket」×1
Defeat 50 Bosses「C/Dahou DiableⅢ」×10

Rewards are distributed to your item pack upon completing the Task.

Retem Video Contest

December 22nd ~ January 26th

To celebrate the release of the Retem Region, PSO2 is holding a video contest where your Lobby Action or Motion could be implemented into the game!

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