PSO2 New Genesis to Support NVIDIA DLSS

PSO2 New Genesis will implement Nvidia's DLSS technology with February 9th's update! If you have an Nvidia "GeForce RTX" series graphics card installed in your PC, you'll be able to access this new option in the game's graphics settings. This technology allows for higher frame rates while maintaining sharp image quality, so you'll want to give it a try.

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    • Good news, since the retem update my 3070 has more frame loss and framerate instability than before in this game. This is really needed, I hope it works well.
      (please don't hit me I have to work a shitty job to live the geek life I want).

    • No. It's just an optional setting. The game will run the same as it has been on your system if you're not using it.

  1. The hello are you on about? This is just supporting something that RTX already does, and was likely a side project that they worked on. It's an addition and was going to happen whether or not you like it. There will be people who benefit and people who don't. That's a natural way of how progression and improvement works, not everybody is going to benefit at the same time.

    Nice victimization by the way, always gotta be on the forefront of feeling bad about something that's completely free to play, instead of coming back a few years later like someone who has something better to do than play just one video game.

    What kind of dumbass thinks that a developer actually wants to segregate their playerbase anyway? That's literally not how business works. If anything, it's a deal they made years ago and only got to fulfill now.

  2. Forgive my language earlier. Looked back at it and it's a lot harsher sounding than originally intended.

    What kind of self-respecting person* actually thinks that a developer wants to segregate their playerbase? The game is free, you literally could just come back a year or two later (which is also about the point original PSO2 started really getting off the ground) and see if it's gotten better without losing a dime or minute of your time.

    And how does this segregate it at all when this is completely a PvE game anyway? You literally don't have to compete in anything, and we've had a leecher problem since the dawn of PSO2, which is far bigger than players not being able to make up a few seconds because their FPS is slightly lower.

  3. YES, FINALLY!!!!
    NOW GIVE ME DELICIOUS RTX for the love of god, this game could look so pretty with ray tracing <3

  4. As much as I love the idea of DLSS, any RTX card would both physically and financially be out of the question, with the current pricing (unless the 3050 can break that mold).

    Still a very exciting piece of tech to be added, I'm glad they're putting it as an option.

    I hope they implement AMD's FSR as well – it will definitely help others that have minimum to mid-spec cards (even older GTX ones). I use FSR using a tool called Lossless Scaling and it helps me to maintain decent image quality with Dynamic Resolution on.

  5. "What kind of dumbass thinks that a developer actually wants to segregate their playerbase anyway?"

    Ever heard of FOMO? It's called a "haves and have-nots economy". Fortnite's entire business model revolves around this whole thing. The funny thing though is how the playerbase helps Epic with this model of their own volition. Most F2P games these days are like this. When they're not P2W anyway… Activision even filed a patent for a predatory matchmaking system revolving around this.

    It's the entire problem with saying "it's just cosmetic" with cosmetic microtransactions.

    You say only an idiot would segregate the playerbase yet it's a proven monetization model.

  6. @Mattwo
    With all due respect, I'm not sure that really applies in a meaningful way here. Sure, the marketing mentality of it does, but the segregationism has nothing to do with separating players' ability to play the game. This doesn't have that effect either because it's literally just including a new feature to a game that could use it. The example you use literally doesn't apply because it doesn't even make any sense here, we aren't matching non-DLSS players with DLSS players and showing them how much better it is as they play. Unlike your Fortnite example, players don't see the difference while playing with others, which is how that entire example works at its core.

    This really isn't the same as that example of segregationism because there isn't an apparent attempt at telling you in-game that "these players use DLSS" and you don't. How does it even have any direct impact on the player as an individual? All this does is impact certain players' personal experience with the game's FPS who can benefit from the feature. People who already have the tech, more than anyone. It's like making an argument for on-disk DLC, because RTX rigs can already do this, it just needs to be put into the game and so it has.

    What you've basically said is that "advertising anything means segregationism because people know a feature exists". What, so they just shouldn't advertise a new thing they added to the game? I suppose if you think of it that way, everything is segregationism. Which is just a buzz-word, to get a reaction out of people who don't understand how it actually works.

    And yeah, that's how advertising literally works as well. Are you identifying a problem with it, or are you stating the obvious, because I can't tell. Because how advertising works since the dawn of time is "these guys might have this and you don't, so maybe you want it". This is what you do when you talk to your friends about literally anything, you're introducing segregationism because you know something they don't and now maybe they want it.

    • Jetski ARKS, "with all due respect", you sound an awful like like a corporate stooge who's helping to normalize corporate bullshit and everything wrong with late stage capitalism.

      Activision had absolutely NO NEED to put that system in their game. People will organically see other people with guns they want and try to obtain them. Just as much as Fortnite's battlepass is just another form of predatory monetization that didn't need to exist. These were innovations that should have never existed in the first place. And of course now the corporations are turning their eyes towards NFTs…. Which, you know, is also a scummy innovation shouldn't have existed in the first place.

      You talk like this is how this has always worked when no. No it hasn't! All of this is new scummy stuff that didn't exist without the technological innovations behind them. All to appease shareholders by danging new technologies in front of them like shiny objects while making them absolute bank!

  7. What a mess, man. First microsoft basically ensures NGS will never come out on PS5 in the west, then Nvidia ensures the game will never get native Vulkan support. (There are technically ways to trick the game to convert DX calls into vulkan but it's not the same performance as native support)
    Exclusivity deals were a mistake. When sega FINALLY put out PSO2 global after what, like 8 years of waiting? They made like 3 million within a couple weeks which should be more than enough to show any company that the interest is there and you'd want to expand the audience as much as possible, but then they keep taking these one-sided deals that practically ignore half the potential playerbase.

    If NGS gets vulkan support, I'll happily eat my words, I'd love nothing more than to be wrong on this one. But I've been watching these these GPU deals for twenty years, and whenever a company advertises an Nvidia support, be it PhysX or DLSS, or whatever other flavor of the month Nvidia is putting out, it's always been an exclusivity deal that resulted in the game getting zero optimization for other manufacturers. Nvidia was obsessed with bringing down Radeon when it was owned by ATI and it didn't lessen when it went over to AMD.

    • "What a mess, man. First microsoft basically ensures NGS will never come out on PS5 in the west"

      Pretty sure that's Sony's fault considering they've changed their policies regarding censorship in late 2018. Big publishers usually get exceptions but IDK.

      I mean Phil Spencer himself said PSO2 Global was supposed to eventually come to "all platforms". Timed exclusive, not pure exclusive. Not to mention they released it on Steam (which was planned the whole time according the beta manual leak and Sega seemingly released it ahead of when they were supposed to because the Windows 10 version wasn't working right) and Epic Games instead of clinging to a walled garden model like you're suggesting.

      Clearly circumstances got in the way of PS4/PS5 and Switch releases but Sega hasn't exactly been forthcoming about it.

      I know I'm not one to talk here but don't think we should really be spouting pure conjecture without a proper confirmation of what actually happened.

  8. This means nothing to me as these cards can't be bought outside of scalpers. Implement FSR and it will be something.

  9. @Jetski ARKS
    Well, it isn't necessarily related to this specific situation, but SEGA has definitely segregated the playerbase in numerous occassions already. There was the SEA server (which got shut down many years ago) and then they did it again with the Global server, which split the community even more. Not to mention PS4 users can't play with Switch users in JP, and Vita users (before it got shut down) were in a small corner only being able to play with PC users if they visited Vita blocks, kinda like what the Switch users have, but I believe the Switch population is bigger than what the Vita had.

    Again, just pointing out Sega has definitely done that before. We could argue that they just had to do it because of legal stuff and all that, but it is still a huge inconvenience for the community, specially with the split servers and the fact that Global server released 8 years late.

  10. @Mattwo It's not conjecture, it's deduction. This is not the first time things played out as they are, personally I don't take into account anything Phil Spencer says because he will say whatever it takes to maximize profit. In the same discussion he will bring up how platform exclusives are killing gaming and shouldn't exist when Sony exclusives are brought up, but then turn around and brag how Good console exclusives are when an Xbox exclusive is brought up. And don't get me wrong, I'm not just saying he's like that. Being a chronic liar is a job hazard, Jim Ryan is just as bad if not worse. So their statements have no bearing on anything. It's not a rare case for Microsoft to put the pressure on devs not to release on Playstation when they stick their hands in a project so it's about as much conjecture as saying you get sunny days after rainy days. Sure there's no proof this will be the case so it might seem like conjecture if you ignore all the sunny days that followed rainy days in the past or live in scotland, but it happened enough times prior that it's just logical that it will continue to happen.

  11. @Mattwo
    You're talking over my shoulder, friend.
    Did you forget we're talking about DLSS? Literally technology that the world is using for all sorts of things, ranging from video games to movie production, and even VR. This is the direction the world is moving in, whether it's something produced by NVIDIA, AMD or whoever the hell. It is technology that only serves to benefit those who can utilize it. Players.

    This technology is and was going to be included, regardless of whether or not it's "corporate". People are using the hardware and people want it in their game. How hard is that to understand? What the hell does NFT have to do with this, again are you pointing out the obvious or what? NFTs have no place in the video game world, and it doesn't take a genius to know that. I don't even know why you're bringing it up in a discussion about DLSS. We're not going full communist and saying that people can't have things unless everyone has them. That isn't how the world works. Just because some people can buy a GPU and others can't doesn't mean nobody can. Is this what the PSO community is like?

    You sound like you're wearing the thickest tinfoil hat to think DLSS has anything to do with NFT. It's like you don't even know the difference. If people as paranoid as this led the technological world, we wouldn't even have video games or the technology to run it. Let alone anything else.

    Again, I say with all due respect because I don't believe you to be this dense. You're just angry at something that isn't this.

  12. And just to be clear, this does create a point to segregate players.

    Is that the intention? Absolutely not.

    Does it do that? To some degree, yes. Just like when video games add new levels or difficulties. Just because some players will reach that content and others won't doesn't mean nobody gets to have it. This is just pointing out the obvious and completely nullifying the meaning of the word "segregation" if adding DLSS to improve performance is the equivalent of NFTs somehow like Matt seems to be saying.

    What a nightmare this place is.

  13. And lastly, I'm not about to sit here and be "educated" on the fact that condemnation by association is something is okay.

    By using this same logic that DLSS is somehow the equivalent of support of NFTs, or that having an interest in graphics technology is the same as being a corporate shill, there are a lot of assumptions that can be made about the world itself. Does everyone make assumptions based on how angry they are about something on a regular basis?

    Through this same flawed logic of condemnation by association:
    Everyone who uses a PC or Mac is inherently a corporate shill who hates open-source technology, anyone who uses Linux or Ubuntu is in support of hackers and cyber-terrorism because they use those things, people who want a nice house for their family support a corrupt capitalist society, PSUblog owning a Youtube channel supports their anti-creator practices of demonetizing honest content, and people who play video games support Activision-Blizzard and all its wrongdoings because it's a video game company. I can't believe @Mattwo believes in all this.

    I think the conversation about DLSS is long over. I've had it, this community is disgusting.

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