PSO2 NGS JP: Maintenance & Campaigns (12/15/2021)



December 15th Patch

  • Launcher: Version 07.00.09
  • Client: Ver.7.0301.0
  • Patch Size: 6.8 GB

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 12/15/2021 @ 6:55 ~ 17:30 JST

Retem Launch Campaign

Login Bonus

12.15.2021 ~ 12.29.2021

Login to the game each day to receive Star Gems, Item Enhancements, and Special Scratch Tickets!

1 Day
「10 SG Ticket」×1
2 Days
「Photon Chunk」×10
3 Days
「20 SG Ticket」×1
4 Days
「Special Scratch Ticket」×1
5 Days
「20 SG Ticket」×1
6 Days
「Photon Quartz」×30
7 Days
「Special Scratch Ticket」×1

Rewards are delivered to the item pack upon logging in.

Let's Go to Retem

12.15.2021 ~ 01.12.2022

Clear the following Tasks and Objectives to become prepared for your journey to Retem.

Reach Level 10 in Any Class「Special Scratch Ticket」×1
Reach Level 20 in Any Class「Special Scratch Ticket」×1
Grind a weapon or unit to +10 or higher.「10 SG Ticket」×1
Grind a weapon or unit to +20 or higher.「20 SG Ticket」×1
Unlock a Lv.1 Potential on a Weapon「10 SG Ticket」×1
Add a Special Ability to a Weapon or Unit「10 SG Ticket」×1
Clear "Mt. Magnus DOLLS"「10 SG Ticket」×1
Clear "The Trio Goes to Battle"「20 SG Ticket」×1
Clear "Rescuing Bruder"「30 SG Ticket」×1
Clear 5 Tasks from Leah May「B. Trigger/Aelio Yellow」×5
Defeat 100 Alters「C/Alz Soul III」×10
Defeat 100 Dolls「C/Dolls Soul III」×10
Defeat 10 Enhanced Enemies「B. Trigger/Aelio Purple」×5
Defeat 10 Bosses「Special Scratch Ticket」×1

Rewards are distributed to your item pack upon completing the Task.

Clear the Story

12.15.2021 ~ 01.12.2022

Clear the story to receive a Reindeer Accessory!

Clear Main Task "The Cornerstone of Retem's Revival" 「N-Ability Success+10%」×1
Clear Main Task "The End"「Luminous Reindeer Horns」×1

Rewards are distributed to your item pack upon completing the Task.

Let's Participate in a Team

12.15.2021 ~ 01.12.2022

Participate in a Team to Receive Items!

Say something in Team Chat「Free Salon Pass」×1個
Clear an EQ with 2 or more Team Members in the Party. 「10 SG Ticket」×1個

Rewards are distributed to your item pack upon completing the Task.

Grind Assistance

12.22.2021 ~ 01.05.2022

Enjoy a boost event so you can grind your new weapons!

  • Weapon & Unit Affixing Success Rate: +3%
  • Weapon & Unit Grinding Great Success: +20%

New Year's Arks Support

12.29.2021 ~ 01.12.2022

Clear 1 EQ 「Photon Chunk」×1「Special Scratch Ticket」×1
Clear 5 EQs 「30 SG Ticket」×1
Clear 10 EQs「C/Dasha DiableⅢ」×10
Defeat 100 Alters 「Trinite 」×10 & 「Special Scratch Ticket」×1
Defeat 500 Alters 「30 SG Ticket」×1
Defeat 1000 Alters「C/Alz SecreteⅢ」×10
Defeat 100 Dolls「Tedracite 」×10 & 「Special Scratch Ticket」×1
Defeat 500 Dolls 「30 SG Ticket」×1
Defeat 1000 Dolls「C/Shahou DiableⅢ」×10
Defeat 10 Bosses「Photon Scale 」×10 & 「Special Scratch Ticket」×1
Defeat 25 Bosses 「30 SG Ticket」×1
Defeat 50 Bosses「C/Dahou DiableⅢ」×10

Rewards are distributed to your item pack upon completing the Task.

Premium PSO2 Day (22nd)

Every 22nd of the month, you can enjoy Premium PSO2 Day. There are benefits for both Premium and non-Premium users. Check out the details below.

Boost Event [Premium Only]

  • +10% EXP Boost
  • +25% Rare Drop Boost

Limited Task (All Users)

  • PSO2 Day Limited Task

Login Reward [Premium Only]

  • 50 Star Gem Ticket
  • Special Scratch Ticket (x2)

Retem Video Contest

December 22nd ~ January 26th

To celebrate the release of the Retem Region, PSO2 is holding a video contest where your Lobby Action or Motion could be implemented into the game!

Secret Phrase

Say the secret phrase in chat to receive the [774: NGS Pose] Lobby Action!

  • Japan: NGSポーズ
  • Global: NGS Pose

This offer expires on December 31st, 2021.

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