Tour the Retem Region in NGS's First Major Update!


Retem Region

East of Aelio lies a vast desert known as the Retem Region. A brand new experience unlike any encountered before awaits in this rugged landscape.

Exploration Sectors

Explore the sweltering sands and steep, rugged canyons of these harsh yet magnificent lands.

Retem City

Take safe haven in Retem City, a settlement amongst the desert with a host of new characters to meet.


New Trainia facilities are located across the Retem Exploration Sectors that award additional skill points.

Region Mag

Region Mags are also stationed throughout the Retem region, patiently awaiting their next meal.

Gathering Items

The Retem region is home to many unique minerals, plants, and critters that can be harvested.

Combat Sectors

A myriad of new enemies and bosses can be encountered in Retem's Combat Sectors. There are two new trials in the Retem region that are more likely to occur in these sectors. High Rank versions of these sectors with stronger enemies and better loot are unlocked by advancing the story and increasing your Battle Power.

The "Storm Zone Enemy Suppression" trial sees you culling enemies amidst raging tornadoes.

Repel waves of incoming enemies during the "Transorve Destruction" trial.

Story Chapter 2

Journey to the Retem region at Crawford's behest and make contact with its inhabitants. Keep your ears peeled for a particular song that will play a key part in the story of this chapter.

The daily and weekly tasks available will change as you progress through the main story.

Story Characters

Nadereh is Retem City's honorable young leader. A disciplined battle master, she never misses a training session. She works diligently to protect her city alongside her three adjutants, but holds a secret.

Hadi is an ARKS combat veteran. Calm, collected, and agile-minded, he's highly adept at playing tough situations by ear.

Jalil is a certified hardass, but he's an experienced warrior and the city residents trust him with their lives.

Mohsen is very well-versed in combat, having experienced many battles in his lifetime. He has a frank, no-nonsense attitude.

Riz is the strong, silent type, and takes her role as Nadereh's attendant/bodyguard seriously.

Mura is an earnest, polite, and detail-oriented woman that serves as Nadereh's handmaiden.

ARKS Training Instructors

Leah May offers simple tasks, great for leveling up your character(s), that can be reacquired each week. Proceeding through the main story will increase the number of tasks you can take on, up to a total of 15.

Ronaldine's tasks are more advanced, targeting high-rank sectors in the Retem region. Clearing one will automatically start the next task in the sequence. These tasks will only be available until late February of next year.

Level Cap: 35

The character level cap has been raised to 35! Along with it comes new skills for each class.

Hunter: Sword Arts Charge Avenger
Being hit by an enemy after charging a PA for a certain period of time will cause the PA to automatically activate with the "Hunter Arts Avenger" skill applied to it.

Fighter: Dagger Spin Axle
(Main/Twin Dagger)
Enables the use of the "Acceleration Drive" skill after using the Twin Dagger's weapon action.

Ranger: Spread Shot Wide Range
(Main / Assault Rifle)
Turns the Assault Rifle's "Spread Shot" skill into an AoE attack.

Gunner: Rising Drive
(Main/Twin Machine Gun)
Performing a normal attack at a certain time after the TMG's weapon action causes you to rise while attacking.

Force: Technique Domination
Increases technique damage towards downed enemies.

Techter: Over Emphasis
(Main/Active Skill)
Restores HP & PP, plus temporarily boosts the max PP, of you and your party.

Braver: Brave Spirit
(Main/Braver Weapons)
Successfully performing a Perfect Guard / Evasion will temporarily increase the power of normal attacks and counters, and the amount of PP recovered when attacking.

Bouncer: Blade Arts Parry
(Main/Dual Blades)
Nullifies an enemy's attack just once when you use the weapon action during a Photon Art.

Tech Skills

Zan Gale (Wind)
Uncharged Wind Techs apply rings of wind onto the enemy. Using a charged Wind Tech will cause the rings to apply additional attacks onto the enemy. The type of attack the ring causes is based on the tech used.

Grants Glitter (Light)
Hitting an enemy several times with Light Techs will generate a ring of light around the character. During this form, using a light tech will cause additional attacks to occur based on the tech used. Meeting the criteria again will reset the ring of light's duration.

Megid Sphere (Dark)
Hitting an enemy with uncharged Dark Techs will generate up to three dark orbs behind the character. They will be consumed upon using a charged dark tech, increasing its power based on how many orbs there were.

New Techniques

Zan (Wind)
Fires blades of Wind, which become stronger if charged.

Gizan (Wind)
Produces tornadoes that are more powerful if charged.

Grants (Light)
Swords of light rain down from the sky. Additional swords are generated when charged.

Gigrants (Light)
Beams of light mow down the surroundings. When charged, the light spins around.

Megid (Dark)
Releases a dark orb that becomes larger when charged.

Gimegid (Dark)
Produces a photon implosion that increases in power when charged.

New Emergency Quest

Cross the North Retem canyons, crawling with hordes of enemies, in the "Snidael Vera Subjugation" EQ! Scattered throughout are "Mega Punishers" that explode when hit with a diving attack. Snidael Vera, a massive DOLLS wielding a musical instrument and flashy attacks, serves as the boss.

New Battledia

New Battledia quests will require five [B Trigger / Retena], dropped in either Yellow or Purple by enemies in the Retem region. The Yellow "Retem Troopers" quest will net you large amounts of EXP and equipment enhancing items. The Purple "Retem Devastators" quest has you facing Gigantix even more powerful than those of its Aelio counterpart.

New Enemies

Lizentos are ferocious, dinosauric DOLLS prone to striking with a swipe of their tails and rampaging towards their target.

Fortos Launcher / Laser are DOLLS fortified with heavy artillery. A barrage of projectiles can be fired from their overhead appendages.

Kerukundo are agile DOLLS that deliver a series of deadly kicks to their victims using the sharp blades jutting from their feet.

Bubble Crabs are ALTERS that fire blasts from their giant, bulbous, bubble-oozing claws.

Brancle are oddly-shaped DOLLS encased in armor that strike with powerful moves that you'd never suspect them capable of.

Metius are shield-like DOLLS embedded with large speakers that emit painful sound waves.

The TAMES of the Retem region adapted to the harsh environment they reside in, developing different coloring and calls from those found in the Aelio region.

New ★5 Weapons & Units

★5 Weapons will be introduced in the Retem update! The [Fivla], [Gorthica], and [Quintel] series will drop in Retem's Combat Sectors. In addition, the [Gretiga] series will drop from certain powerful enemies.

★5 Units will also drop in the Retem region. Some units can be found scattered about in item containers.

New Special Abilities

A variety of new special abilities such as [Retena Note A], which drops in Exploration Sectors, and [Snidael Soul III] will appear within the Retem region.

A preview of some of the new abilities are as follows:

  • Retena Note A: HP+10
  • Snidael Soul I: HP+15 — Striking wpn pwr+1.0%
  • Renus Soul I: HP+15 — Tech wpn pwr+1.0%
  • Alts Soul III: HP+15 — Damage Resistance +2.5%

Add Preset Ability

You can now add or overwrite a Preset Ability for your equipment. In order to apply a Preset Ability, you'll need an item of the same name as the base item. This material item will be consumed in the process, along with the applicable gathering materials required. Starting from Lv.4 onwards, you'll also need N-EXCubes as part of the materials.

Weapon Preset Ability Requirements

Material 1Material 2Material 3
Preset Ability Lv.1Photon Chunk ×40Monotite ×40
Preset Ability Lv.2 Photon Chunk ×60Dualomite ×40
Preset Ability Lv.3 Photon Chunk ×80Trinite ×40
Preset Ability Lv.4N-EXCube ×2Tedracite ×80Photon Scale ×2
Preset Ability Lv.5N-EXCube ×10Tedracite ×120Photon Scale ×15

Unit Preset Requirements

Material 1 Material 2 Material 3
Preset Ability Lv.1Photon Chunk×20Monotite ×20
Preset Ability Lv.2Photon Chunk×30Dualomite×20
Preset Ability Lv.3Photon Chunk×40Trinite ×20
Preset Ability Lv.4N-EXCube ×1Tedracite ×40Photon Scale ×1
Preset Ability Lv.5N-EXCube ×5Tedracite ×60Photon Scale ×7

Title System

The Title system is finally being implemented in NGS. You'll get a bit of Star Gems and a sense of personal satisfaction for every title that you earn.

Other Additions

Create or join private password-protected rooms with a new Room Matching Settings option.

The functionality of the Mag Sonar has been expanded to detect gathering materials and item containers.

The My Fashion system can now log your equipped Motions when registering a new look.

New default face variations can be selected from the Salon or when creating a new character.

Further customize a character's facial expressions with new horizontal and vertical tongue adjustments.

The login bonus lineup has been updated to include Special Scratch Tickets, as well as an increased amount of Star Gems and N-Grinders.

NGS Mission Pass – Season 3

A new Mission Pass season arrives, with wintry items such as the "Icicle Wings" and "Electro Earmuffs" accessories available on the Gold path. Additional color variations of outfits introduced in the Soaring Bouncer SG Scratch will also be included.

Mercenary Style (AC Scratch)

Shield yourself from sandstorms in armored coats or beat the heat and bare all in skimpy bikini armor!

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