PSO2 NGS JP: Maintenance & Campaigns (9/29/2021)


PSO2 Maintenance

September 29th Update

  • Launcher: Version 07.00.06
  • Client: Ver.7.0101.4
  • Patch Size: 51 MB

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 9/29/2021 @ 10:55 ~ 17:30 JST

What's New

  • Oracle Renew Revival 3 (AC Scratch)
  • The following items are now tradable:
    • カプラッピーイヤリング | Biting Rappy Earring
    • St「アッシュ:チェンジ」 | St "Ash: Handoff"
  • These items will be redistributed at a later date for players that disposed of them prior.


ARKS Challenge Program

9.29.2021 ~ 10.13.2021

Clear the Limited Tasks to receive Star Gems!

#1Defeat 300 ALTERSSG 20 Ticket x1
#2Defeat 300 DOLLS SG 20 Ticket x1
#3Defeat 10 Enhanced Enemies SG 20 Ticket x1
#4Defeat 10 Dread Enemies SG 20 Ticket x1
#5Complete 5 Emergency Quests SG 20 Ticket x1

9 Million AC Presents

9.29.2021 ~ 10.13.2021

900 lucky winners who use the #900万アークスおめでとう hashtag on Twitter will receive 10,000 AC each!


  • Follow the official PSO2 account (@sega_pso2).
  • Tweet using the #900万アークスおめでとう hashtag.
  • Send a direct message to the official PSO2 account containing only your 8-digit Player ID number.

9 Million ARKS Worldwide Present

9.29.2021 ~ 10.13.2021

Type the keyword 900万アークスおめでとう in chat to receive an SG 100 Ticket!

9 Million ARKS Worldwide Boost #1

9.29.2021 ~ 10.6.2021

A +50% Rare Drop Boost will be applied to NGS blocks during the campaign period.

9 Million ARKS Worldwide Boost #2

10.6.2021 ~ 10.13.2021

A +20% EXP Boost will be applied to NGS blocks during the campaign period.

9 Million ARKS Worldwide AC Shop Deals

10.6.2021 ~ 10.13.2021

Purchase special 9 Million ARKS bundles in the AC Shop for a limited time!

9 Million ARKS Premium SetPremium Set (30 Days)
Salon Free Pass
900 AC
9 Million ARKS Boost SetN-Rare Drop Rate +50%
N-EXP Earned +10%
N-Scape Doll
N-Great Grind Success Rate +10% (x5)
N-Ability Success Rate +5% (x5)
N-Grinder (x50)
900 AC


The 9th Anniversary Stamp Illustration and Item Design Contest nominees are in!

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  1. I wonder if foreigners are allowed on that jp twitter event?

    Note: pls delete if this comment double sends, i lagged while sending this.

  2. Is there a typo in the keyword? I copy pasted "900万アークスおめでとう" (without the quotes ofc) into chat and didn't get anything.


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