The Bouncer Class Soars into New Genesis!


Bouncer Class

The highly mobile Bouncer class is outfitted with Jet Boots and Dual Blades.

Jet Boots

The Jet Boots are an aerial tech weapon. Hold down a Photon Art's button to consume additional PP in exchange for increased damage output and altered attack behavior.

Dual Blades

The Dual Blades can execute various slashing strikes and employ Photon Blades. Activate a Photon Art again during its animation to perform a different move with increased power.

Class Skills

Elemental Decline (Main Class / Jet Boots only)
Makes it easier to elementally down enemies with Photon Arts. Further PA hits can boost the effect up to three levels.

Physical Decline (Main Class / Dual Blades only)
Makes it easier to physically down enemies with Photon Arts. Further PA hits can boost the effect up to three levels.

Jet Intensity (Jet Boots only)
When an enemy is within range, holding the normal attack button will release a series of continuous strikes that gradually speeds up.

Fanatic Blade (Dual Blades only)
Increases the power and speed of the Photon Blades for a set duration.

Photon Arts

Spinning Gust
Kick the enemy while spinning vertically.

Violent Gale
Unleash a series of kicks while spinning horizontally.

Fierce Wave
Emits a shockwave while spinning vertically.

Stork Distraction
Mows down the surrounding enemies and then generates several whirling Photon Blades.

Harrier Rampage
Rains Photon Blades upon the target after releasing a series of slashes.

Rolling Pheasant
Propel forward with a flurry of vertical slices and land a final, devastating downward slash.


Instructor Dierde will also be issuing a task on the basics of the Bouncer class.

Battledia Quests

Battledia is a new quest type that can be accessed via special terminals called Trigger Portals found in the open field. Five Battle Triggers are required to begin, which can be obtained as rare drops from enemies.

Battledia: Yellow

Yellow quests offer useful bonuses. The "Aerio Troopers" quest will give a large amount of experience and enhancement materials as a clear reward.

Battledia: Purple

Purple quests boast a high difficulty. The "Aerio Devastators" quest pits players against a continuously spawning set of Gigantix enemies. Rewards will be granted based on the number of Gigantix defeated within the time limit.

More Mining Rig Waves

Reach Wave 7 and beyond with a new expansion to the [Mining Rig Defense: Aerio] Emergency Quest.

NGS Mission Pass – Season 1

The Mission Pass makes its NGS debut! By clearing tasks and earning stars, you can progress further into the tiers and redeem all sorts of prizes, including Mag Form devices, stamps, and accessories. Purchase an N-Mission Gold Pass to earn even more rewards.

Special Scratch

The Special Scratch gives players the opportunity to nab scratch bonus and mission pass rewards from the old game, along with some new weapon camos. You'll need Special Tickets to play, which can be obtained as in-game task and event rewards.

Other Additions

Mag Form devices have been implemented in NGS. Your registered Evolution Devices from the old game can be brought over.

Some weapons will now have color variations that can be dropped by enemies. These are purely cosmetic, and share the same stats as their normal counterparts.

A new "Dahou Diable" special ability has been added to compliment Bouncer that increases the power of Striking and Tech attacks.

Aerial Defenders (AC Scratch)

New battle suits developed to excel in aerial warfare are now available, along with heavily armored CAST parts and a gothic lolita costume!

Soaring Bouncer (SG Scratch)

Take the Bouncer class for a spin in style with new aerodynamic outfits!

6 thoughts on “The Bouncer Class Soars into New Genesis!”

  1. Mission Pass = ♥

    "Some weapons will now have color variations that can be dropped by enemies. These are purely cosmetic, and share the same stats as their normal counterparts." a shiny poke… I mean, weapon xD I love this idea, it gives replayability to farming beyond leveling up.

    • They make it look like they'll only have one color variant each, which I feel like defeats the point of using this mechanic to replace the need for color change passes…

  2. Any idea if BO will have switch strike? Using both DBs and JBs with one set of unit was possible on base PSO2. It would be a step backwards if now we need two sets of units for both weapons or had to settle on just using one if we want max damage affixes.

    • Well, remember that Boots used striking modifiers by default. Switch Strike would change whether you used T-ATK or S-ATK as the base attack to scale off of, which ATK has been merged into one stat now.

      Because using a tech mid-PA seems to just add elemental stats to your attack, it seems like you could go pure S-ATK now, and only true techniques would be the only thing benefiting from tech boosting via affixing.

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