The Braver Class Comes to New Genesis!


Braver Class

The Braver class is balanced and versatile, armed with a Katana, Bow, and various HP recovery skills.


The Katana is a melee weapon that cuts down adversaries with swift strikes. Utilize Katana PA Combos by repeatedly using the same Photon Art to release a string of different attacks.

Bullet Bow

The Bullet Bow is a ranged weapon that deals steady damage from a distance. The behavior of its Photon Arts differs wildly depending on whether or not they are charged.

Class Skills

Photon Arts

Sends out a forward slash after swiftly drawing the blade from its sheath.

Eradicates the surrounding enemies in an explosion of slashes.

Amasses energy and unleashes innumerable shockwaves down a straight line.

Flex Arrow
Fire an arrow that homes in on an enemy. It has two levels of charge, each of which alters the attack.

Frenzy Squib
Fires a bundle of arrows that spread on impact.

Dimensional Ray
Opens dimensional portals in the sky that rain arrows down upon foes in range. The charged version allows the portals to teleport to different locations after hitting enemies with other PAs.

Class Trainer "Dierde"

Dierde has been newly assigned to serve as the Braver instructor. She is 18 years-old, just like Ran, and a Deuman. Take on her tasks and give the new class a go!

New Weapons

A new Katana will be available in the ★4 Foursis series, and a Bullet Bow in the Vialto series. More weapons have also been added to ★3 and lesser series.

Side Story

A new side story starring Aina can be accessed after clearing the first chapter of the main story.

Items will be rewarded to those kind enough to indulge Aina in her request and complete the side story.

Other Additions

An easy-to-access toggle for hiding your Mag will be added.

A new "Dasha Diable" special ability is now available. Perfect for Bravers and multi-weapons, this ability increases the potency of Striking and Ranged attacks.

New weapons have been added to the ★4 Straga series so that it now includes every weapon type currently available in the game.

Sunshine Marine Stars (AC Scratch)

Bulky combat suits built for land warfare and sailor-style idol costumes are the stars of the next scratch.

Astute Braver (SG Scratch)

It doesn't take an astute mind to know that this scratch is all about the Braver class. Don't forget your free daily scratch!

Oracle Renew Revival 2 (AC Scratch)


The second Oracle Renew scratch is set to be revived, bringing the updated outfits to the New Genesis marketplace.

26 thoughts on “The Braver Class Comes to New Genesis!”

  1. Is it just me, are there less players every day that passes? In JP-Server ship-02 there are very few playing unlike the first days, for those who played when the original PSO2 came out the first days, was it that way too or with time there were more players? Does anyone know why active players have dropped? Thanks!

    • I play base pso2 (SEA Ver) on launch,its way horrible than NGS and i believe its just that this is a new game,not much content as of now

    • It's just cause the game is empty and kinda sucks. There's 0 content, a whopping 9 total AC Scratch Banners and basically nothing else. This is the biggest corporate cash grab Many of us have ever seen and they aren't even trying to hide it. Each day people log on to do dailies, free SG, Maybe run around for some ores then either log off or go to base PSO2 since it just has a better atmosphere for chatting with friends if any are online.

      NGS is buggy, missing a ton of features and some features are somehow worse then their PSO2 counterparts and at this point there's no reason to play the game.

      When braver comes out in a few days, people are gonna get it to LV20 in no time flat, already have the means to +40 4/4 their weapons and they're right back to having no content. That's at least another 30 days with nothing to do give or take. Bad game is simply bad.

    • I play in jp since 2013, people always come and go when there are big updates like a new episode or new class. It's normal but now it is more noticeable because the world is bigger. Added to that is the little content compared to the classic pso2 and that is becouse ngs plays along the lines of being a new game and being an expansion so many people are waiting for news to re-enter. In my opinion we are the same as always and maybe some more xD

    • Forget to mention also that people go to classic pso2 when they run out of missions or just to talk, that's why there is also less in ngs. Sorry for the double post (@_@)

    • As much as I loved PSO2, NGS (with how it is and how nothing is changing except scratches) does look like those shitty freemium f2p games that are only there to get money without trying to make it good and enjoyable experience. So no wonder people leave due to that and no content. Also doubt Br will change anything for more than a week.

    • One of the main reasons is 3 day shop pass, since the removal of that, it really pushed this game ever so slightly towards P2W, but that slight nudge was enough to crack off icebergs out of the PSO2 userbase who made their gains from selling fodder or affixes else fashion/items they no longer needed, if SEGA thought they can fix a bug by disabling the whole feature, then they sure did smash in the last nail on the userbase of free players who are the influential market, by personal experience I'd buy characters, I'd do scratch when I need to, I'd buy mags and storage expansions when needed but I don't buy premium/shop, I'm quite aware of those who do as I do, so imagine when people like me who do scratch and don't have a 3 day shop pass to put that up on player shop plus don't want to spend on that(would rather get more character slots/mag/scratch),
      That really affects this game, so in addition to the affix costs being higher and the weekly N-Meseta rewards being much lower and no character based weeklies which forces the players with shop pass to sell their items at higher rates so they could get their affixes or grinds done which is basically inflating the market. Plus the lack of content, so yeah its not just one point, many factors including ones disregarded as "freemium" facilities have really creeped into hurt the player base, thus a lack of balance creating a gap that cannot be filled unless these are properly addressed.

      The lack of player interest is expected based by the lack of content but its far worse than visible due to the systemic chaos like features that were available in PSO2(3day shop pass) or obvious functions that have yet to be made else problems that should have been addressed considering that those issues have been around for years(consume many tickets at once, when? / exchange items into main/shared storage, when?), a dire situation that SEGA has created for themselves by slapping the free players in the face, they've really slapped themselves with a game bound to lose the interest of both free and paying players

    • i mean, you expect us players to hit the 2 pathetic eq's boss and some purple reskinned boss in the ass with few dumbed down PA's over and over again for 2 months? they should have made the game a bit harder if they want reskinned content to last longer and lets us use more than our 3 brain cells (more risk / reward gameplay).
      they cater too much to casuals that its making the game boring to play.

    • In 2012 launch months there were lot of people, because everyone was waiting for PSO2 having great memories of PSO1 (at least I had and I waited)…
      I played it for maybe 2-3 months tho, because it had no translation (or rather it had, but modifying files could cause a ban and I didn't want to risk it)… plus I played other MMORPG (like Requiem,Lineage2,WOW) back then to memorize which menu does what
      And yeah, it didn't have much content then, I think Forest Exploration and Amduscia Exploration were like end-game content + mother boards which I had no idea how to complete (because everything was in JP)
      Later I learnt of SEA server existence and tried it (had to use VPN for it…madness…burn in hell PlayPark 😀 )… made some friends… weird ones.. but it was fun for quite some time until it was announced that SEGA won't provide SEA with any updates anymore due to PP's greed… People started leaving.. so did I
      Later I returned to PSO2JP around 2017 and leveled force/techer for a bit… maybe like 30/20 and quit, because i had to play through same motherboards and story which I already played in SEA… plus due to bad PC, game performed not so great… so I quit again
      Until… SEGA announced Hero class, that made me return and I'm playing it for 3 years now almost every day
      as for NGS, people thought it would be a great exploration open world game to play, but we're just locked in a small matchbox that you can cross in less than 10 minutes just running and jumping straight. So, of course population will get lower and lower until update (like the one with braver and Aina story)… then it will stay for few weeks and drop again.

      Problem is, the content is already ready… but we're getting it less than teaspoon portions..
      Probably same as manga is done (according to "bakuman" anime)… publishes got 7 chapters ahead, so the mangaka got time to draw what he hasn't developed in his imagination yet.
      I'm not saying it is wrong approach, but still from player's perspective it is just too boring, right?
      So right now, all i'm doing is collecting alpha reactors (daily) and weeklies, draw free SG scratch to turn it into SG recycle for later exchange for affix chance and that's all to do there in NGS…
      farming souls, meh…I'm not prem and not gonna buy it just to sell those souls xD
      looking at male costumes from NGS makes me wanna cry… SG ones are great and I got groom tuxedo one, everything else shouldn't have even existed in the first place 😀 But that's just my view on design (kind of want..and don't want to enter illustration contest, because I will draw something kakkoi-looking and they will choose something gay-looking one instead.. because it's /vo12) ._.
      At least leveling Braver will occupy me for few days… hopefully it's strong enough to compete with Ranger (which I currently consider strongest DPS/DPP) 🙂

      Wish lot of patience to all of us and best of luck to devs in SEGA. (0w0)/"

    • Other games exist. Go play those until NGS add new stuff, and dont just rush to finish everything in 5 hours. Take your time
      Why people complain about trivial stuff. Sheesh

    • in part quite much indeed, but imagine if you weren't so interested in getting premium or shop pass but had 3 day shop pass, would you farm and put up items for sale? and then visit to check up on your sales ? thus effectively being interested in selling items and so in farming better items for better sales to get more N-Meseta so that you can afford whatever you need to play along on future releases of classes/game content?, while its hard to admit, the reality is that we are looking at a majority who'd do this and be interested in such because it pays in the long run and making the investment of putting time into playing the game/farming/grinding worth their time so we'd be able to see more actives and even join them when required hence "active userbase".

      Cost vs gain = Interest vs Lack of. It's simple but overlooked a lot, noticeable if you look at the PSO2 shop sales/items that skyrocketed in price the moment shop pass died out.

      The lack of content is clearly a issue in itself but the lack of features like shop pass or even my room which also is a selling point for this game, also contributes to the lack of interest due to being no longer avail for the masses to make use of.

    • Already have, did you miss it ?… plus casts don't even have to use N-Colour pass to change Colours, imagine how great that is, too bad the rest of us wont get that feature, like what are we to do with our old passes?…maybe its time to speak out that special phrase "Cast Master Race", I'm quite sure SEGA will revise this in some form later on and give us all some facility to do alike or trade old passes for new but it will be quite too late, yet again a repeat of the same method they followed before "late response", one has to wonder, has SEGA learned at all? or even tried to.

      Scratch is the best way SEGA can earn their income, right around with character/storage slots but character slots took a another hit due to no weeklies per character, yet again SEGA slapping themselves for unknown reasons…at this point though, might be just dumb.

  2. @Kyaa~st
    sadly its not even a shitty freemium game at this point, its not even freemium really, sure you can play it for free but in comparison to PSO2 its quite not at all, like for example boosters actually "exist" on premium in comparison to the sad next to non on freemium, NGS has turned into a P2W ever since they disabled/removed 3 day shop pass from FUN scratch cause the only way to get ahead in this game was either have more characters to run weeklies or farm hard and sell items with 3 day shop pass, of both which have been "disabled" due to no character based weeklies and no more 3 day shop pass, thus effectively slapping "freemium" players who spent more on just getting characters instead of premium or spent time to farm items, if not both.

    in my case, I just like recreating characters thus enjoyed scratch and at times did my own creative recreations, so I prefer getting more character slots, and it was a plus due to character based weekly rewards adding into the bundle making it worth the investment, i planned on getting two more characters to do two more "cosplay's" but held on till the release of NGS due to my shop 3day pass being removed, i was a bit cautious of what NGS might change, and with the lack of character based weeklies SEGA lost my interest, so I've skipped on buying characters for the time being, and so I'm doing zero investments at the moment due to lack of such features. so yeah thats how a game goes from "alright"/balanced to "nope"/P2W .

    • South Park "Freemium isn't free" is a better description of freemium – the game almost allows you to have fun but to actually have fun (by not being a penniless bum who can't engage in economy and thus all meseta-heavy activities (aka everything) at all) you have to pay the paywall fee. For me that 3day shop pass removal is the worst thing ever as SEGA can add content but fixing that shitty f2p hating approach isn't something a company will willingly do.

      In my case is that I still have premium ticket from before NGS as well as numerous 3day shop passes, but not all of my friends and neither are new people coming to the game do and looking at them trying to get some measly meseta from trials and other shit every day so that they can afford some item really sucks. They barely log in now though, there's only so much unfeasible grinding you can until that shit burns people out. I too spent on the game before NGS but now, seeing that paywall and SEGA greed in general, I (and some other people I know) aren't willing to spend a cent on this thing.

  3. @Bezaliel
    I'm sorry bezaliel but I've heard of the SEA server, they sound like nightmare stories, so its only obvious that it failed so horribly but this is the JP server we are talking about not SEA or Global(cause global is a whole different level of "triggered" butchering, don't get me started on censorship), PSO2 JP has performed far better in comparison until its last moments when they made a few nasty choices that rickrolled the whole train station ( ' – ' )p , removal free features like shop pass cause they couldn't fix a bug? like why even make and release a game if they cannot fix bugs? . . .

    Plus NGS release was bugged, NGS is still bugged(slightly improved:'), the graphics demand went from 0 to 100 under 30Gigs and I don't even own a Porsche .. yet, plus it doesn't even use DX12 and somehow SEGA has partnered with Microsoft ? like the number one company that would do anything to get developers to use DX12 on their games… I mean I can keep going but first I'd have to draw a line on the sand .. and then use the "Tantrum LA" on it so I can express how much the line was crossed but I don't wanna spend the whole day struggling with sand jokes, long story short I've a top of the line gaming laptop from 2016 and I'm barely running NGS, did they even think of their market ? not that I don't get the appeal of wonderful new graphics but it feels like this engine is either bloated or is the bloat, long story short, features being disabled, bugged platform, engine requiring more specs than just about any decent MMO out there,(Porsche had better standards just saying) would be likely the issue why there is less actives around.

    p.s as for PSO2 global censorship , at best I'd have aru/al wearing hitsugi's pansu while she finds him sleeping on her bed in the story scene, I wont have it any less than that, no ugly boxers , ONLY pansu(better be pink) :̶D̶ ̶Y̶E̶S̶!̶M̶O̶A̶R̶!̶
    also I'm not kohri, i swear…

    • Reactors are boring as f*ck and i stopped doing that after few days in. Heck, i even stopped doing weeklies because RNG shit aren't fun (3x PSE burst and EQ) and it's not worth increasing my game time for that alone. I really miss old time PSO2 where i can just sell stuff dropped by enemies for money while completely ignore the slaving away that is dailies and weeklies. Not having that 3 day shop pass really killed the game.

    • LMAO, you stopped doing all that? Also if you really were strong enough, you would be able to give yourself pse bursts.

    • It's Sega's fault that they made PSO2 too f2p friendly that there was no reason to pay a single cent when you could get everything just by freeloading off the server. That and the global compressed released made NGS distasteful to some.

  4. @rare drop

    The Gigantix arrived with a challenge, a 6-min window to kill them. But crybabies complained so they removed that in favor a no despawn gigantic HP sponge we have right now.

    Sega was wrong on the scaling part but they bended too far and took out the timer with them.


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