The First Anniversary Celebrations Continue!

Refined Form 3 (SG Scratch)


The highly popular Phantom outfits and CAST parts from PSO2 have been remade for NGS and will be featured in a new SG Scratch!

NGS Mission Pass – Season 8


The eighth season of the Mission Pass contains rewards like a sticker-displaying arm band, coin purse necklace, and an Anniv Rappy form for Mags.

First Anniversary Event – Part 2


Xitre will have more tasks and additional stock in her seasonal shop during the second half of the anniversary event. New limited-time tasks will also become available.

Mining Rig Defense: Retem


Guard Retem's vulnerable mining rigs from an onslaught of DOLLS in a new Urgent Quest! The difficulty of this version surpasses that of Aelio's and Equalizing Enemies can appear among the pack, so teamwork is more crucial than ever.

Original Creations A (AC Scratch)


The winning creations from the PSO2 9th Anniversary Item Design Contest will finally begin rolling out!

First Anniversary World Trials


Seasonal Stellar Grace Recovery world trials will be held to commemorate the first anniversary of NGS!

14 thoughts on “The First Anniversary Celebrations Continue!”

  1. Apparently the creator of the Rainy style outfit (the one with the goggles) got banned without notice or explanation, so it is being released in game but the creator of the outfit cannot play the game anymore, or is getting any compensation or explanation for their ban. This person explains it here in this video.

    • American ran versions of games being dumpster fires and not caring to actually make sure they ban the right people? Who'd a thunkith.

      Honestly the fact that JP is still VPN banned makes me believe things are way too dire for global. Not in a "ded game" sense but it's clear they know they're not doing a good job.
      Maybe they could instead, ya know, do a good job? Wouldn't have to fear so many trying to escape to magical anime land if so.
      I have a feeling it would only change if the JP side got a lot of attention for the ban.

  2. Has it really been one year? Took one year to go from the Early Access launch to barely anything changed? Guess it's time for me to go.
    Classic PSO2 was fun, hope one day there will be a game with similar level of customization, social stuff AND gameplay.

    • Please, for the love of god, just leave already. You have been complaining for years, just move on.

    • Do you even realize that if person complains about something for years, they care about it?
      If they just hated or didn't care, they wouldn't stick around.

  3. This game is always been good. Most people keep forget that NGS are exploration base game, not like classic which you mostly only sit on the ship. I was also bored of the game before finding this out. So go, explore and find interesting places, maybe start making theories of what future updates may be.
    I even still doing theories of why lake harpas need to have 9999 BP even with lv 60 restrictions which in 45 we only can reach 2k at best.

    to put it simple, stop seeing the game as one of the same, it called new GENESIS for a reason. Not new chapter or season

    • "Interesting places"

      Where? The world is fucking empty. I've scoured all of Retem and Aelio, mate. I've explored as much as I could, and sorry to say, I found jackshit. I know the maps like the back of my hand; I could tell you where all the vets or where all the mats spawn.

      If they're gonna make an exploration focussed game, then they better put something worth exploring. There are no mysteries to unravel, unexpected quests to come across, not nearly enough rare/powerful enemies to fight or secret spots to find.

      Hell, the world could've used a few mini-dungeons or other more dynamic events. Stop defending this game. It has its moments, but the open world design in this game is TERRIBLE. The sooner we hold Sega accountable, the sooner we can get a better game.

  4. I don't understand the complaints but I don't judge them.

    NGS have a lot of downsides but that aside, it's very fun, very cool and addicting gampelay, very good graphic and amazing enemies to fight (too bad for the story that is quite weak).

    Let's remember that is a very good Free to Play like very few.

    Maybe NGS isn't changed A LOT in 1 year but I still like it for the great sensation of exploration and fightning cool enemies with my friends.

    NGS is my first Phantasy Star and I can say that I like it for what is now for MY tastes.

    Can't wait for the upcoming updates with the new area and new live concerts!


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