The Second Anniversary Event Pushes On! [Updated]


2nd Anniversary Event – Part 2

The stellar player-designed Specu Rappies will appear for the remainder of the event. More exchange shop items and limited-time tasks will be available as well.

Do battle against Megalotix versions of Snidael Vera and Lenus Vera amongst the Retem wastelands in a 24-player limited-time quest.

Designer Dreams May '23 (AC Scratch)

The first set of winning PSO2 10th Anniversary item contest designs are finally here!


Refined Form May '23 (SG Scratch)

Step up your schoolyard style with updated versions of the classic ARKS Blazer outfits.

Mission Pass – Season 20

Keep up with your dailies and weeklies, unlock Mission Pass tiers, and earn great prizes like new accessories and a massive winged Mag Form.


Limited-Time Quest

Enjoy a renewed version of a previously released limited-time quest that pits players against enemies from all regions. Take down a dazzling seasonal variant of the "Nex" boss during the finale, after which Captan may appear.

Soul of the Wild (AC Scratch)

Mechanical animal-themed gear and sporty swimwear are on the horizon!

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