Enter the Geometric Labyrinth for a New Challenge!


Lower Maqaad – Rank 3

The Lower Maqaad combat sector in Retem will get its third difficulty rank! Chaos Trials will occur more frequently, and Megalotix and Equalizing enemies can appear.

New Limited-Time Tasks will become available that target Rank 3 of the Lower Maqaad sector.

Looping Tasks

Ronaldine's tasks have been transformed into endless Looping Tasks!

NGS Mission Pass – Season 7

The Mission Pass enters its seventh season, with plenty more rewards to obtain! Among them are stamps featuring artwork of Leah May and Ronaldine, a shoulder plate accessory that displays your equipped sticker, and additional Retem cosmetic recolors.

Geometric Labyrinth


The giant Trinites pyramid in Central Retem is home to the Geometric Labyrinth, a challenging training system that differs every time you play! The quest consists of a series of floors, each with their own set of side missions. Enemies will scale to the highest player level in your party. Neglecting to complete too many of the side missions will cause the quest to fail.

Clearing the labyrinth will unlock Challenge Settings, which allow you to choose from a variety of conditions that apply a score multiplier. Your highest score is logged per class.

The potential of the Kukuhroziat weapon series will be boosted during the Trinites Quest.

New tasks and titles will be added with objectives that target the Geometric Labyrinth.

Nex Aelio themed accessories, the "Coccyx Machina" Mag Form, and a color variation of the "Dash: Ninja" motion are among the rewards you can acquire.

Refined Form 2 (SG Scratch)


The second set of top-voted costumes will be remade for NGS and released in a new SG Scratch!

Gilded Glamour (AC Scratch)


Take your fashion to a new level with bold ensembles, split with juxtaposing colors, and opulently embroidered finery.

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  1. Oh wait, Geometric labyrinth is just gonna be an activity, like challenge mode? That's kind of neat, I thought it was gonna be one of those things that need a key I keep forgetting the name.

  2. Hey, I know thats not the place, but is anyone still playing Phantasy Star Nova? Where can I find more info and talk with more players? The past Blog seems empty, no interactions at all. Thank you


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