NGS Emergency Maintenance: June 11

Emergency Maintenance has been announced for both Global and Japanese servers.

Emergency Maintenance Completed

Emergency Maintenance Contents

  • To Address the Server Load

Please note that Maintenance is scheduled to end at 04:00 JST but this may change depending on the situation.

Bug Fixes

To combat the gameplay slowdown caused by peak-hour server load, the number of parties displayed at the Ryuker Device has been reduced to about 50.


8 thoughts on “NGS Emergency Maintenance: June 11”

  1. Wow … I legit finished downloading the game just as this maintenance hit … I was sure Darkers may have actually invaded or something, glad it wasn't that. xD

  2. Figured as much that NA/Global was nothing but a bad Omen, I just hope the IP Block is lifted after 2 weeks or a month month max before I say goodbye definitely


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