Upgrading Equipment In New Genesis

Players can find the Item Lab in Central City on the right side when entering from the Red Gate. At the lab, you can upgrade your weapons and units in various ways.



You can enhance your weapons / units by feeding other weapons / units to them, and this process will cost 1,000 ~ 4,000 Meseta and 1 N-Grinder per weapon / unit fed.

Every 20 Grinds will add 1 Special Ability Slot. +20 will be 3 slots and +40 will be 4 slots.

Gold and Silver enemies can drop Gold and Silver Swords with have a special ability on them called [Esperio]. The Special Ability gives a bonus amount of EXP to a weapon when it's fed to it. Golden gives 800 EXP and Silver gives 600 EXP each.

There is a MAX Grind Level based on the rarity of your Weapon / Unit.

  • Grind Limits
    • ★1 – +10
    • ★2 – +20
    • ★3 – +30
    • ★4 – +40

While there are Grind Limits, your equipment can Limit Break to increase to the next rarity's limit.


Limit Break

Limit Breaking your weapon will allow it to be grinded even further beyond! A Weapon can Limit Break up to +40 Max Limit. You'll need to Monotite for a +20 Max Limit, Dualonite for a +30 Max Limit, and Trinite for a +40 Max Limit.


Special Ability

Special Abilities are Item Capsules that can found out in the World. You can also trade the lower tier Capsules and other materials for stronger capsules in the Item Lab. 

Capsules have a rate around 8% ~ 10% per capsule used. You can use up to 10 of each Capsule for a total of 80% ~ 100% chance to succeed the Special Ability. Newer Capsules later on may have lower rates.

Once a Special Ability has succeeded, you'll be able to keep it on your equipment at 100% success rate each time you go to add another Special Ability.



Potentials are special effects based on the Weapon Series. You can unlock the potential by paying Meseta and Photon Chunks along with Monotite, Dualonite, or Trinite depending on if the Potential is going to Lv1, Lv2, or Lv3.

Potentials in this game can become Level 4, but to do this you'll need 5 N-Excubes. Excubes can be obtained from leveling up past the Level Cap.



Multi-Weapon allows players to create a 2-in-1 weapon by paying Meseta and Photon Quartz. The combined weapons will let you use both weapon's attacks on the same palette allowing to swap between the two weapons without any delay. 

Mutli-Weapon Notes:

  • If one of the Weapons in the Multiweapon is not one from your Main/Sub Class: You cannot use the Photon Arts or Photon Blast, but you can use the Normal Attack and Weapon Action.
  • The Photon Blast used is of the weapon you have out.
  • You'll only need to upgrade and grind the primary weapon, if you plan to make a multiweapon. The secondary weapon will use the stats of the primary.


13 thoughts on “Upgrading Equipment In New Genesis”

  1. With Multiweapon does the damage type change?
    I guess for example, if someone is Fo/Hu and they multiweapon a rod to add partizan support, is the attack stat the same and just changes types or does it copy the attack stat of the sacrificed weapon for that type of attack?

    • The Attack Power is all the same. The only difference is there are affixes that boost only one type of damage.

      So we have Attack Power that everything scales on – then we have Striking, Ranged, and Tech Damage.

  2. How do affixes work on Multiweapons? If I have a Talis/Rifle with Tech damage affixes, the rifle's damage won't be affected by the affixes?

    • Word on the street is in a Multi Weapon your Sub Weapon will scale off whatever your Main Weapon uses. In your case, the Rifle will scale off Tech, so building the Talis' affixes for Tech will directly benefit the Rifle. I suspect this is why only weapons from the same series, which all have the same Potentials within that series, can be combined.

  3. "You can use up to 10 of each Capsule for a total of 80% ~ 100% chance to succeed the Special Ability."
    I wish I had known this earlier. I tried affixing abilities multiple times using only 1 capsule per try and got insanely pissed at the constant failures.

    • Bruh, please tell me you're joking about not knowing how the new affixing system works. This was covered like months before the game was released. Unless you're completely new to the game, then hey, can't really say much there

  4. This Lostbob117 guy is really good with articles. Very informative, and easy to understand.
    One day, I'd love to hire him to write cookbooks from my Tink-Style cuisines.

    "Multi-Weapon allows players to create a 1-in-2 weapon" shouldn't it be "2-in-1 weapon"?


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