Introduction to Preset Abilities

Preset Abilities are rare effects players can find on weapons and units when it is dropped. These abilities cannot be changed, transferred, or removed when found. 

You may see Japanese players refer to these as P-OP (Preset Option). 

The level of the ability is randomly determined out of 5 levels. Weapons and Units have different abilities that can drop.

Weapon Preset Abilities
Fixer Attack (フィクサ・アタック) Increases Damage
Fixer Fatal (フィクサ・フェタル) Increases Critical Rate
Fixer Termina (フィクサ・テルミナ) Increases Critical Damage
Unit Preset Abilities
Fixer Performa (フィクサ・パフォーマ) Reduces PP Consumption
Fixer Natura (フィクサ・ナトゥーラ) Increases Natural PP Recovery
Fixer Ensogia (フィクサ・エンソジア) Increases Attack PP Recovery
Fixer Guard (フィクサ・ガード) Reduces Damage Taken


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