NGS Global Prime Gaming Rewards [November Pack Now Available]

The Global version of PSO2 NGS has teamed up with Amazon to provide monthly rewards through their Prime Gaming service! You'll need to be a current Amazon Prime subscriber to be eligible.

Reward Pack Contents

Prime Gaming Special Pack

  • Basic Top T1 [Ou]
  • Basic Top T2 [Ou]
  • Striped Sticker
  • N-EX EXP Earned +50% (x5)

November 2022 Pack

  • 46: X Or O
  • STP: AIS – Fight
  • Wild Ten-Gallon Hat

October 2022 Pack [No Longer Available]

  • * Coated Weapon D
  • Pocketwatch: Gold
  • Rappy-Shaped Fritters

September 2022 Pack [No Longer Available]

  • 243: Watermelon Split
  • AIS Vega Thruster
  • Rappy Facemask

August 2022 Pack [No Longer Available]

  • Wing Stabilizers
  • 125: Fishing
  • Rappy-Shaped Fritters

Linking Your Account

1. Select the "Link Amazon Account" option from the Support Menu after logging into a ship.
2. Head to the linking page using either the QR code or click on the "Open Browser" button.
3. Upon successfully logging into your Amazon account, you should be greeted by the above screen.

You may now claim your rewards through the Prime Gaming page for New Genesis and redeem them in-game through the campaign rewards menu.

    6 thoughts on “NGS Global Prime Gaming Rewards [November Pack Now Available]”

    1. I noticed this yesterday checking my twitch prime; but I play on JP so it's useless to me sad cause I like the [Ou]; even though it just simply appears to be at a glance a re-texture of the LAWSON [Ou].

    2. Careful about linking accounts because all these corporations want is to get more data about you to know more about your habits to form your identity. Not only for targeted ads but for removing your anonymity. I had failed to do so…


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