PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes (10/13/2021)

Patch Notes

Field Updates

New Class

  • Bouncer has been added to NGS.

New Quests

  • Implemented Battledia Quests.

Updated Quests

  • Added more Waves to the Quest [Mining Rig Defense: Aerio].

New Tasks

  • Added new side Task(s).

Mission Pass

  • Mission Pass returns!
  • Season 1 will take place until November 10th, 2021.

New Enemy

  • Added new Gigantix Enemies.


System Updates

Special Ability

  • Added a new capsule.


  • Some active skills will now have sound effects when activated.
  • Map Coordinates will now be displayed on the Radar.


  • In the Emergency Quest [Mining Rig Defense: Aerio], the effect will be displayed before the [Back Hack] appears.
  • In the Emergency Quests [Controll DOLLS Subjugation] and [Nex Vera Battle], the Reward collection will be changed.
  • On the Quest Reward Menu, added the buttons to [Collect All] and [Move to Material Storage].
  • Added new enemy drops in some combat sections.


  • In the Task Menu, added a shortcut to the Mission Pass.
  • Added [Special Scratch Ticket] to the Weekly Tasks.


  • Added [Camera Settings] to the [Other Editing].
  • A Cost Value has been added to each Motion when changing the motions in salon.
  • Added the following buttons to Salon:
    • Revert Changes
    • Redo Changes
    • Detachment of Costume / Accessories
    • Hairstyle ON / OFF

Item Lab

  • In the Lab, the item missing will be highlighted Red.
  • Added a new item to the Ability Capsule Exchange.

Item Shop

  • Added new items.

Item Recycle Shop

  • Added new items to the Recycle Shop.

SG Shop

  • Added the [N-Mission Pass Gold].


  • A variety of items had their names adjusted.

My Shop

  • Players can now see all of the displayed items when looking through another's My Shop.
  • Added the search option [Other] and added [Mag Form] to the sub category.
  • Added a button to withdraw items to storage.


  • Added the ability to change your Mag and register new Mags.


  • Added an option to change Voice Chat Volumn.
  • Added specific Display Settings for Symbol Art.
  • Added the ability to hide the balloon of each chat.
  • Added the ability to hide online status.

Other Changes

  • In the Item Menu, you can now change the Item List to display only the Icon.
  • You can now sit in the chairs in Central City.

Balance Adjustments

2 thoughts on “PSO2 New Genesis: Patch Notes (10/13/2021)”

  1. 1. Thanks Lostbob117 ♥
    2. This: "You can now sit in the chairs in Central City." finally! ♥
    3. "[…] and register new Mags." わわわわ!! Will the Mag's stats return??

    • I doubt Mag stats will ever be a thing again. A lot of the changes in NGS are meant to tighten the gap between good players and bad ones. I couldn't imagine them re-adding them only for people to "mess up" their Mag or not feed it at all.

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