PSO2 NGS JP: Maintenance & Campaigns (10/13/2021)

Maintenance Extended

PSO2 Maintenance Extended COMPLETE

PSO2es Maintenance Extended

  • 10/13/2021 @ 10:55 ~ 23:00


Mission Pass Returning Celebration

10.13.2021 ~ 11.03.2021

Login to NGS once during the Campaign Period to receive a free N-Mission Gold Pass!

Bouncer Arrival Campaign

ARKS Support Gift

10.13.2021 ~ 11.10.2021

Login to NGS once during the campaign period to receive a Free Salon Pass. Furthermore, using any Salon Pass during the period will reward the player with a 50 Star Gem Ticket sometime in Mid-December.

Star Gem Reward Date

  • Mid December 2021

ARKS Training Program

10.13.2021 ~ 11.10.2021

Clear qualifying Limited Tasks to receive 30 Star Gem Ticket and the [C/Dahou Diable I] ability capsule.

Let's Buy AC Campaign

10.13.2021 ~ 11.10.2021

Purchase 500 AC or more to receive a N-Color Change Pass as a gift. However, purchasing AC from PSO2es does not quality for this campaign!


The 9th Anniversary Item Design and Stamp Illustration contest winners have been announced. Did any of your favorites win? Check out the links below.

14 thoughts on “PSO2 NGS JP: Maintenance & Campaigns (10/13/2021)”

  1. I think that for some future pso/ps should opt for a "more anime" character design, more drawn in the style "Genshin Impact", "Tales of Arise" or "SoulWorker" because the concept art is awesome but there are times in that it is not reflected in the 3D models xd

    • I completely agree. I absolutely love the style of Genshin and similar games, and not to mention they are easily playable on mobile/tablet/etc. It would be great if I could play this game on my iPad like I do Genshin, then I wouldn't need a windows PC for anything & could play on the go.

      I wouldn't say "there are times"… it's not reflected 100% of the time lol. The concept art is always amazing but the in-game design is kinda whack (at least in the previews here).

      That being said, I do love the graphics quality of this game as is, so it'd kinda be a big sacrifice if they did so.

    • Ooga, May I ask you to leave this forum without making a fuss? xd just kiddin. It's a matter of taste xd although you won't deny me that the bouncer artwork looks better than the 3d model (?

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