PSO2 Station #31 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.


Main PSO2 Update

Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase in chat to receive prizes:
  • 現れし終の艦隊
  • Prizes include a Nyau Scarf Hood and EX Rare Drop Booster +75%
  • You have until May 1st’s Maintenance to complete this task.


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Specter of Destruction (Luther & Apprentice)
  • 250% Rare Drop and EXP Boost
  • April 21st @ 23:00 JST (Quna Concert First)


Pusoni Anime Episodes Live

  • Episodes 9 through 12 will air on the in-game monitors.
  • Starting April 26th ~ April 28th, 2019


PSO2 x Muv-Luv Alternative

  • PSO2 will collaborate with Muv-Luv Alternative in June!
  • Expect costumes and hairstyles of Meiya Mitsurugi
  • Cast Parts of Shiranui and Takemikazuchi 


May 15th Update [Enemy Shields]

  • Enemy Shields reduce damage in half.
  • Attacking the enemy shield weakpoint deals +20% damage.
  • There are cases where the shield will attach to enemies upon E-Trials in [Ultra Explorations].
  • Initially there will be 5 types of enemy shield weakpoints:
    • Attacking From The Front
    • Attacking From the Back
    • Attacking The Weakpoint Area
    • Attacking From Close-Range
    • Attacking From the Air
  • Special Abilities can be obtained from these enemies.
    • Special Ability: Crack I
      • +3 S-ATK / R-ATK/ T-ATK
      • +5 S-DEF / R-DEF/ T-DEF
      • +5 HP
      • +1 PP
      • This does not increase damage towards Enemy Shields.
      • Synthesis will lead to II and III, etc…


Mid May Update

  • KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson
  • Blessing World (AC Scratch)
  • Outfits for Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, Darkness, and Yunyun.
  • Lobby Actions, Hairstyles, and Accessories too!


Mid May Update

  • Gothic Fighter outfits and a Sci-Fi themed costume.


Mid May Update (Ultra Hard)

  • Ultra Enemies: More powerful version of bosses with different behaviors.
  • Photoner Infection Core: Appears only in Ultra Hard, and launches powerful attacks.
  • Enemy Shield: Greatly reduces damage to attacks outside of the shield’s weakness.


Mid May Update (Ultra Exploration)

  • 12 player quest on Planet Lillipa: Desert / Sub Tunnels / Quarry (Daily Rotation)
  • Drops include ★15 weapons, tradeable ★14 weapons, and weapon camos!
    • ★14 Mirage Series (Slightly better Orbit Potential)
    • ★14 Dim Series
    • ★15 weapons have potentials with unique effects.


Mid May Update (Ultra Exploration)

  • New Emergency Trial: Try to Achieve the Requirements!
    • Gather data on various conditions, for example; total damage dealt or number of enemies defeated, etc.
  • New Emergency Trial: Subdue Resonant Enemies!
    • Two enemies will appear, but if you don’t beat both of them simultaneously, the remaining enemy will become stronger.


Late May Update

  • Winners Design Contest 6 [Side A]
  • Item Design Contest 2018 Costumes and Weapon Camos


Late May Update

  • Winners Design Contest 6 [Side A]
  • Item Design Contest 2018 Accessories, Lobby Actions, and Hairstyles


Late May Update

  • Search Player Shop market prices from the Item Pack.
  • You can now set the number of slots when searching for Special Abilities on the market.
  • Added a feature that displays the number of players in the quest.
  • Boosted the effects of cuisines that affect [Gathering].
  • Added A.I.S Vega Training Quest
  • Wedding Lobby (~6/19)


Late May Update

  • As you know, [Armada of the End]’s Emergency Quest has three sectors.
  • Each sector however has two patterns, making things less monotonous.
  • Whichever patterns are selected by the game, the 3rd sector will still have A.I.S Vega
    • Sector 3: Destroy the Battleship, is more A.I.S based
    • Sector 3: Enemy Battleship Assault, has on-foot sections as well as A.I.S


Late May Update (Armada of The End) EQ

  • Collect Prize Medals for various items at the Exchange Shop.
  • This Exchange Shop contains a bunch of ★15 weapons too!
    • Oblisana Series (Sw/La/Talis)
    • Orgei Series (DB, TMG)
    • Acure Charis (WL)
    • Rengokuto Guren (Ka)
    • Ultimate Chain (DblSa)
    • Rear / Orgei Grudge (★12 Unit)
    • It appears the above are also Quest Drops
    • Other items include Lobby Actions, Boosters, Ultra Enemy Triggers
  • Limited [Arks Missions] will run until July 10th
    • Obtain even more Prize Medals from defeating Luminmechs.


Expert Requirements (May 29th)

  • Expert requirements will change starting May 29th.
  • New Requirements:
    • Obtain the Title for S-Rank Clearing [Solo Training: Phanatical Phantoms]
    • Obtain the Title for S-Rank Clearing [T: Destroyers of Light] (Mother & Deus Quest)



Questions & Answers

What happens if you equip [L/Another Wand E Change] and [L/Wand E Change] at the same time?

  • L/Wand E Change takes priority

What will happen to Elzelion after May 15th?

  • After May 15th’s Maintenance, Elzelion will no longer appear and his triggers will be unusable. However, [Hunting Stones] will still be able to drop from other enemies.

Will there be a Timed Ability for [Armada of the End] EQ?

  • Yes, and there will also be a new crystal.

Are there plans for a ★14 Rappy Egg?

  • Yes, it will drop from Ultra Hard.

Does Arks Mission’s [Use one Boost / Food item] cover gathering cuisines?

  • Yes, they are included.

What do I need to upgrade Evleda Units?

  • You’ll need the Evleda Unit and Cleasis Boosters. There’s also going to be an event so you can get this material.

Do the A.I.S rings apply to A.I.S Vega?

  • Yep!

Can I upgrade ★13 Orbit Series to the ★14 Mirage Series?

  • No.

Since Phantoms use Technics, will there be Assault Rifles and Katanas with T-ATK?

  • Yes, the successor to Orbit will have T-ATK.

Will we be able to headshot Luminmechs?

  • For some of them, but you should basically just aim for their weakpoint cores, since the other areas have a high resistance.


[Written By Lostbob]








PSO2es Update

PSO2es Update

  • Story Quest Season 3: Chapter 4 (4/24)
  • Clear the newest story quest to get the Lien chip!


PSO2es Update

  • Linked EXP Feature Expansion
  • You can now send EXP earned in PSO2es to your favorite class in PSO2.
  • Class Level Cap from 80 >> 85
  • Palette Evaluation System
  • Use Rappy Medals to Continue in the Leisure Area
  • Exchange Shop Filter Adjustments
  • My Shop Adjustments
  • UI Improvements
  • Bug Fixes


PSO2es Update

  • Nox Chario (5/1)
  • Seiga Blade (5/15)
  • Jutus Stich (4/23) Nightmare Tower Reward


PSO2es Update

  • Beaming Face Seraphy [Anniversary] (5/11)
  • Explorer Afin [TCG] (5/15)
  • Awakened Warrior Khorshid (5/1) (Special Quest Reward)
  • Lien 4/24 (Story Quest Clear Reward)


PSO2es Update

  • Skull Sorcerer (4/24)
  • Fuuga Naginata (5/1)
  • Skull Feschieser (5/8)
  • Fornis Ogend (5/15)
  • Hyper Rainbow (5/22)


PSO2es Side Stories

  • Seiga Archer (4/24)
  • Akhtar [Chapter 4] (4/24)
  • Seiga Launcher (5/1)
  • Seiga Sword (5/8)
  • Skull Schecter (5/15)
  • Skull Sorcerer (5/22)


PSO2es Update

  • 5th Anniversary Special Quest Round #2 (5/1~5/15)      
    • Characters that appeared in the first round will reappear!
    • This is your chance to obtain [Awakened Warrior Khorshid] chip.
  • Series Quest [Brave of Seigas] (5/8~)
    • This quest features the Seigas!


Oracle Sentai Seigas

  • Episode 4 (4/26)
  • The rival of the Seigas will appear!


PSO2es Update

  • Emergency Quest (5/16~5/21)
    • [Rigshrayda] will appear in an emergency quest ranking event
    • Stacked XH trigger clear reward: [Aletheia] Rod
  • Eternal Tower Powered Up! (4/24~5/6)
    • [Nightmare Tower] arrives!
    • Clear reward for Nightmare Tower will be [Jutus Stich]
    • ★14 Weapon [Guren/Shien] series will drop!

[Translations by kurofml]


Idola: Phantasy Star Saga Update

New Character: Wyndis

  • The mysterious Zodiate Gemini


“New” Character: Barnabas

  • Lycan Veteran General


“New” Character: Messala

  • Leader of the Rebel Army


New Idola

  • Scorpio and Hydra


IDOLA x Attack on Titan Collaboration

  • Available Late May
  • Playable characters include Historia, Mikasa, Eren, Levi, and Armin
  • It will have a fully voiced original story!


Idola Battle Arena

  • Arena opens 4/23!
  • Battle with other player’s parties!
  • Fight at your own pace in non-real time battles.
  • You can choose your opponent’s strength


Idola: Phantasy Star Saga

  • The battle will be in a Score-Attack Format
  • Ranking entry based on the total score of 3 rounds of battle
  • There’s a limit to the number of battles per day
  • Prior to battle, [Bonus Cards] will grant advantageous effects!


Idola: Phantasy Star Saga

  • New ★6 and ★5 Symbols to aid you in battle!
  • Equipping these in the Arena will boost your stats and increase your earned [Arena Coins].
  • Upgrade them to Lvl .10 to unlock potential abilities!


Idola: Phantasy Star Saga

  • Obtain Rewards from the Arena
  • Playing the Arena will net you [Arena Coins] which can be used on the [Arena Gacha].
    • Barnabas: New 5 star character!
    • All-Purpose Fragments: A new item that can grind All Symbols.
    • Lucky Chance: Boosts the acquisition rate of a specific 5 star character.
  • High Ranking Rewards cover 6 star symbols Agito and Orochi Agito.

[Translations by kurofml]




PSO2 Merchandise

Pusoni Anime Blu-ray / DVD

  • Pusoni Anime will be compiled into a Blu-Ray / DVD.
  • Festa Sales Date: July 14th at Kobe’s PS Fan Festa
  • General Sales Date: To Be Announced
  • Price: (Blu-Ray) 5,000 Yen, (DVD) 4,000 Yen
  • Item Codes are also included.


Dengeki PlayStation Vol 675 Bonus

  • Dengeki PlayStation Vol 675, which is going on sale April 27th, will contain a 16 page feature of PSO2.
  • Item Codes include: *Kazarod, EX EXP+75%, and Dengeki PS Poster D


Dengeki PlayStation Vol 675 Bonuses

  • *Kazarod and Dengeki PS Poster D


Fan Festa Lobby Actions

  • The rest of the Phantasy Star Fan Festas will release Lobby Action of local food specialties to the attendees.



PSO2 Episode 6 Start Guide Book

  • Release Date: April 24th
  • Price: 1,600 Yen
  • Item Codes: *Blackbull, Weapon Form Change Pass, 1 Mil EXP Ticket.

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Countdown to PSO2 Stars:Episode 6

Episode 6 Countdown

- Day(s) | - Hour(s) | - Minute(s) | - Second(s)


Episode 6 Story


An emergency meeting is held at the behest of the Ulc, now commander-in-chief of the ARKS. The unprecedented threat posed by Shiva must be addressed. How will the ARKS stand against a foe capable of overwhelming the Council of Six and the Guardians?


New Characters

Kyokuya | Phantom Class Trainer
(VA: Ryō Horikawa)
Ludmilla | A.I.S Research Division
(VA: Rie Takahashi)
Mitra | The False Goddess
(VA: Chika Anzai)


Chapter 1: The End Which Brings Despair

Shiva launches an incursion inside the Mothership, with the Guardian in pursuit. Standing in the way is Mitra, The False Goddess. What abilities her title suggests remain to be seen.


New Enemy Type

Luminmechs, enemies controlled by the Photoners, emerge to threaten the ARKS!


Dral Veluge, the first Luminmech boss to appear in Episode 6.



The Phantom class materializes in Episode 6, utilizing Assault Rifle, Katana, and Rod. Unlocking the class requires having two classes at Level 75+.

Read More About Phantom


Wild Easter 2019

Hit the streets of Las Vegas and duke it out against an outbreak of Phantoms and Esca Darkers in this year’s Wild Easter emergency quest! The ★14 [RA Stinger] All-Class Partisan and [Egg Rappy Suit Mini] are among the quest’s new rare drops.

[RA Stinger] will also be available in the [Special Collection].


~ RA Stinger ~
★14 All-Class Partizan


Easter 2019 Xie & Bingo

Xie hops into the lobby in bunny attire to offer up new client orders! Get cracking on clearing the [Easter 2019 Bingo] for the [*Oval Privera] weapon camo and more.


*Oval Privera


Easter Collection Files

Easter 2019 Weapon Collection

Acquire +30 weapons of the Calamity, Tridia, and Vades series from the Easter 2019 Collection!


Easter 2019 Egg Collection

A hunting we will go for ★14 Pet Eggs with the Easter Egg Collection!


Arks Missions

Arks Missions are a new system which will consist of [Main Missions], [Weekly Missions], and [Daily Missions].

Main Mission

Main Missions will be a replacement of Arks Road to teach you all about PSO2.


Daily Mission

Daily Missions will reward you with items and EXP. They will reset daily at 00:00 JST.


Weekly Mission

Weekly Missions will reward you with items, EXP, and meseta. They will reset weekly at 13:00 JST on Wednesdays.


Klotho Changes

The total amount of meseta obtainable through Klotho will be reduced. However, Weekly Missions will make up for the amount of meseta loss.

Removed Client Orders

  • A Test of Heart and Soul I
  • A Test of Heart and Soul II
  • A Test of Heart and Soul III
  • Extreme Training Test I
  • Extreme Training Test II


Group Chat

A new chat function called [Group Chat] will allow up to 100 players to communicate together. You can create / join up to 5 Group Chats. Additionally, you can see the comments from when you were logged out after you log back on.


Hero’s Crest Exchange

The [Hero’s Crest Exchange] will consist of Omega Loser and Omega Apprentice’s unique ★14 weapons along with Ares-NT Weapons. Conqueror and King’s Crests will also be obtainable. One Hero’s Crest for four Conqueror’s Crest, or one Hero’s Crest for two King’s Crest.


Game Improvements

Prologue Quest Revamp

The Tutorial has undergone a revamp to allow first timers to train in a better environment. Rockbear will be met in the middle of the quest, and the boss will be Dark Ragne.


Client Order Removal


  • Free Exploration: Forest

Forest Exploration will now be unlocked after the Tutorial


  • Uneasy Medical Center

※All Drinks will now be initially unlocked

Client Order Unlock Changes


  • Outbreak Effects
    • Unlocked after the Tutorial
  • Reviewing Weapon Switching!
    • Unlocked after the Tutorial
  • Setting Photon Arts?
    • Unlocked by completing [Reviewing Weapon Switching!]
  • How Do You Set Technics?
    • Unlocked by completing [Reviewing Weapon Switching!]
  • What Skill To Choose?
    • Unlocked by completing [Setting Photon Arts?] OR [How Do You Set Technics?]
  • The So-Called ‘PSE Burst’
    • Unlocked by completing [What Skill To Choose?]

Client Order Clear Conditions Changes


  • Hero Class Unlocking Trial
    • Obtain Title [まだ見ぬ境地へ]
  • Mag License Application
    • Completed immediately
  • Weapon Palette Exp. I
    • Completed immediately
  • Sub-Palette Exp. I
    • Completed immediately


Free Field Adjustments

Fang Banther will now replace Rockbear as the boss in Free Field: [Forest Exploration].


The amount of enemies appearing has been adjusted in each Free Field. Even with a small amount of players, you’ll encounter more enemies.


Photon Tree Changes

The Photon Tree will be adjusted so that the support effects will no longer gray out.

Removed Photon Tree Effects

  • Photon Effect Rate
  • Photon Effect Occurrence


Story Quest Integration

Omnibus Quest [EP1-3]

  • Omnibus Quest [EP1-3] will be integrated into the new Story Quest as [Episode Oracle].
  • Clear data of each Episode will be carried over.

Storyboard [EP4]

  • Storyboard [EP4] will be integrated into the new Story Quest as [Episode Earth].
  • Storyboard clear data of all characters will be merged, with the most advanced progress carried over.
  • Please be warned that rewards for Storyboard [EP4] will not be able to be received after Episode 6 release.

Main Story [EP5]

  • Main Story [EP5] will be integrated into the new Story Quest as [Episode Photoner].

Story Quest

  • Episode 6 can be viewed after clearing Episode 5.
  • NPC outfits and placement will be changed according to last viewed Episode.
  • Alma’s impression on Episode 1-3 can be viewed by playing through the beginning of Episode 5.
  • Title rewards from Omnibus Quest [EP1-3] and Storyboard [EP4] can be acquired by achieving similar conditions in Story Quests.


Palette Improvements

Players will now be able to place Technics onto any weapon palette. In addition, Photon Arts can be placed onto the sub-palette.

※Technics can only be used if the Main / Sub class has access to them.
※Pet Photon Arts will not be able to be set on the Sub Palette.


Drink Terminal

If a drink effect is currently active, you will now be able to overwrite that drink.

※If you turned off Boost Items, you will not be able drink again if the Quest has already started.


Salon LA Preview

Lobby Actions can be previewed in the Beauty Salon. Lobby actions with effects or objects will not be available.


Number Display Size

A new menu in Options allows you to set the display size for damage dealt, damage taken/healed, and other variables such as EXP. You can choose the size of the text with large, medium, small, or none, as well as individual sizing options for you, party members, and other characters.


Effect Display

Another new feature lets you reduce the effects of other players.

※This setting is unavailable on the PSVita Version.


SP Weapon Badges

[Weapon Badge SP] is a new type of badge that can be used in any of the 2015 ~ 2018 Weapon Badge Exchange Shops. This will allow you to get items from previous years.


Trinity Star (AC Scratch)

The first AC Scratch of Episode 6 naturally brings a collection of Phantom apparel. Ulc, Theodor, and newcomer Ludmilla’s outfits will also be available.

The scratch bonus includes a [+200% EX Tribooster], lasting a whopping 360 minutes!


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PSO2 AC Scratch: Pre-Episode 6! Support Item Selection

Pre-Episode 6! Support Item Selection
(Until 4.24.2019)

Attribute Changers


Special Ability Affixers


Special Ability Affixers

  • 特殊能力(打撃&PP/3) ║ Add Ability (Power & PP/3)
    • Grace Power グレース・パワー =S-ATK+50 & PP+5
  • 特殊能力(射撃&PP/3) ║ Add Ability (Shoot & PP/3)
    • Grace Shoot グレース・シュート = R-ATK+50 & PP+5
  • 特殊能力(法撃&PP/3) ║ Add Ability (Tech & PP/3)
    • Grace Technic グレース・テクニック = T-ATK+50 & PP+5
  • 特殊能力(HP&PP/3) ║ Add Ability (HP & PP/3)
    • Grace Stamina グレース・スタミナ = HP+80 & PP+5
  • 特殊能力保護(5枠以下) ║ Ability Protection (5s or Lower)
    • Applicable to Affixing Lists of 5 Slots or Below
    • This Item is untradeable.


Grinding Items

  • 属性強化+10% ║ +10% Attribute Enhance
  • 強化リスク軽減(完全) ║ Grind Risk Reducer (Full)
  • 強化大成功(100%) ║ Great Grind Success (100%)


Mag Devices

  • フードデバイス/打撃 ║ Food Device / S-ATK
  • フードデバイス/射撃 ║ Food Device / R-ATK
  • フードデバイス/法撃 ║ Food Device / T-ATK
  • フードデバイス/技量 ║ Food Device / DEX
  • マグ支援枠拡張デバイス ║ Mag Support Slot Expansion Device

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