NGS Bumped Live Stream Announcement

Join us this Saturday for our very first Bumped Live Stream. We'll be playing Global's PSO2 New Genesis Closed Beta with our guests [Azelyra] and [CammyCakes].

This stream will feature live commentary, open Q&A, and objectives for the guests to complete.

Stream Characters

  • lostbob117 (Host)
  • Ricardo (Dragged into this)
  • Azelyra aka Arcy (Guest)
  • CammyCakes (Guest)

Date & Time

  • Saturday (May 15th) @ 6:30 PM EDT

Youtube Link

Road To New Genesis – Campaigns




Level-Up Quests

  • +400% Experience

Item Lab

  • +20% Grind Success Rate
  • +20% Ability Success Rate
  • +25% EXP to NT Weapons
  • +25% Great Success Rate


Retweet Campaign

Retweet Official Sega Tweets with the hashtag #RoadtoNGS to earn Star Gems and the Stamp [Matoi: Come] for NGS.


1,500RT 50 Star Gems
3,000RT 50 Star Gems
5,000RT 50 Star Gems
7,500RT 50 Star Gems
10,000RT 50 Star Gems
15,000RT St [Matoi: Come]
17,000RT 50 Star Gems
19,000RT 50 Star Gems
21,000RT 50 Star Gems
23,000RT 50 Star Gems
25,000RT 50 Star Gems

Reward Date

  • Early July


Welcome Back Campaign

Login before NGS is released Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow] (x3)
+150% TRI Boost (x10)
+100% TRI Boost EX (x10)
50 Star Gems
Team with a newly Registered Player when NGS is released 50 Star Gems
67 [Kick]
Team with a Returning Player when NGS is released 50 Star Gems
204 [Hopping]

Reward Period

  • Login Rewards will be distributed immediately
  • Team related rewards will be distributed Late June


Item Get Campaign – Part 1

Until May 26th

Clear any Emergency Quest 3 Times Egg Rappy Bag
Clear any Emergency Quest 5 Times Egg Rappy Bag /B
Clear any Emergency Quest 7 Times Rabbit Headband


Item Get Campaign – Part 2

Coming Soon

PSO2 NGS Global Closed Beta Download Now Available

PSO2 New Genesis

Download the Global Closed Beta!

Invitations for the Global Closed Beta version of Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis are starting to be sent out. You may now download the game via the Microsoft Store.

Open the Microsoft Store and check your Library to see if you have the option to install the closed beta.

Alternatively you can perform the following steps:

  • Open the Xbox Insider Hub App
  • Click Previews
  • Click PSO2 New Genesis Closed Beta
  • Click Show in Store

Global Closed Beta Schedule