Become A Fighter When Dead or Alive Collides with PSO2

~ November 22nd, 2017 ~


Buster Quest Darkers

Aquatic Darkers will now appear in [Main Match] Buster Quests of Grade 3 or higher. Together, the Cyclonehda, Gu Wonda, and Bomber Dahgash form a formidable fighting force. Omega Hunar has a rare chance of appearing as well.


Buster Medal B

New weapon camos and accessories will be added to the Buster Medal Exchange Shop for a limited time! These will require the [Buster Medal B] item, now available through Free Match quests.


Soft Burst (AC Scratch)

The Dead or Alive series comes to PSO2 at last with a collaboration of cosmetic items! Round out your look and declare, "I'm a fighter!"


あやね・レプカ | Ayane Repca
かすみ・レプカ | Kasumi Repca
マリー・レプカ | Marie Repca
リュウ・レプカ | Ryu Repca
アルキ | Alki
アグリ | Agri


Next Live Broadcast

PSO2 Station Schedule

  • November 21st, 2017 @ 21:00 ~ 23:00 JST
  • Watch it LIVE on Nico Nico

PSO2 Station Topics

  • December Update (Raid Boss: Erythron Dragon)
  • Information on New Merchandise.
  • Arks X-Mas Party and Live Sympathy Concert details.
  • New Opening Movie Reveal
  • Guest Starring: Tetsuya Kakihara, the voice of Huey



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